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  1. I have a small question concerning mentalities A 4-4-1-1 with Control or Attacking mentality will put the wingers in advanced positions to have it act almost like a 4-2-3-1 Denmark but slightly less aggressive A 4-2-3-1 denmark with Defensive or Counter will allow the wingers to track back therefore acting more like a 4-4-1-1 Is that correct ? One other question concerning 4-4-1-1.. The AM needs to be on support duty in order to improve the compactness and decrease space between lines by allowing the central midfielders to drop off slightly with safe knowledge that the AM is covering space infront of them , is that correct ? Thanks in advance
  2. Well i think that's all well n good against a team like cardiff playing the 4-2-3-1. However, i suffer greatly against the big sides especially when the match is away and they play that same formation. I find their high defensive line squeezing my entire passing exchanges into my own half and at least all 6 front players (yes their two holding midfielders too) are inside my own half and regain the ball by forcing my centrebacks to play a long ball to my two wingers who lose the ball without too much of a fight. Usually my formation is same as urs altho with 2 widemidfielders on attack Edit: i play with arsenal and i am 2nd in league.
  3. maybe it's my limited knowledge about fm that is making me skeptic about how this might actually work because of : 1. You are arsenal.. no team will come out and attack u unless it's one of the bigger teams. 2. Your striker is very likely going to be isolated. Sure widemidfielders are good n all but i find the wingers much more effective at supporting a lone striker especially when u have no players in the AM strata. I might be wrong tho and it's interesting to see how u'll work it out
  4. I always wanted to know the difference between fielding an AP-S and a DLP-S when placed in the mc strata not the amc. The thing is in previous fm versions, DLP-S had no forward runs while AP-S had some forward runs. The difference in their positioning on the field was easy to spot however, I cannot seem to grasp the difference between them in this year's version.
  5. I dont know about standoff because in my experience it invites too much pressure. Also, dont use too many team instructions that might overcomplicate matters. With the right roles and shape, u can create a very direct tactic. Also do not hesitate to use play out of defence or else u will start watching some ugly hoofs from ur centerbacks.. not good. Btw, rigid philosophy has nothing to do with direct football. You can definitely play a tactic as anti-football mourinho parking the bus using fluid philosophy and vice versa. Now what you need to do is see what sort of players you have and try choosing the appropriate roles for them. For example , if u have a big slow striker, then he will be more suited as a DLF-S or CF-S etc..
  6. AP-S is the player that will play deepest of all choices in a central AM position. If you are looking for him to operate a little higher , AP-A or T might be a better choice ( Although trequartista does not close down which does not help with winning back the ball) Regarding winning the ball back, i'd suggest Hassle opponent although that might be a little too risky coupled with Control especially in away games.
  7. looks like u are getting the best out of ozil - something am struggling with using the conventional 4-2-3-1 .
  8. I am curious has any1 been able to recreate the central winger ( like ozil in rm) . Also, trequartista is a lot less involved in build up play or maybe its my 4-2-3-1 set up.
  9. if u want ur winger to essentially roam in the middle of the park ahead of ur cm's on a regular basis then it's not quite achievable in fm 13. i've always tried experimenting with wide players roaming the middle but with not quite the same way u would expect. I've also tried placing a crooked formation where i would place my RM in the AM position and man mark the left fullback but with mixed results. If i understand correctly, then you should try experimenting with something along those lines.
  10. Didn't d/l the tactic but having 3 deep lying playmakers is never a good idea. If u havent edited their individual settings then i'd say all 3 have RFD rarely. That's just not going to work. You need some movement in ur midfield and DLP won't give u that. That's not to say that u should remove them altogether. Just change one or two to a DLP and Adv. playmaker partnership. Ofcourse this wont gurantee that u get 60% possession +, it will just solve the problem of linking up the play. Another thing, having wingers on attack usually means RFD often. That means that they will take up aggressive positions on the pitch. As far as possession tactics work, you need atleast two outlets for the ball carrier and attacking wingers will provide you with more direct threats rather than passing and probing for a gap patiently. Your team instructions are fine but i have a feeling u edited them without really knowing the effect on ur players. I just suggest you drop ur strategy to counter/ fluid and edit the team instructions via the TC rather than manually changing them. Maybe you could remove long shots from all players manually and drop their passing lengths to short.
  11. b2b have roam from position ticked on. This usually means they wander off and in my experience, it usually makes them make runs into the box. I highly doubt that they would effectively cover each other and since both have RFD mixed, that would make it suicidal in a 4-2-3-1.
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