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  1. Yes, this has been there for like forever, but I just felt it's not enough. It's just, too, bland. I guess when I go Home and click on My Profile, I want to see something more shallow like having a statue built for me, or a stadium named after me, or a knighthood, or an honorary citizenship. Or maybe a wacky fun label or two: "longest serving manager at any one club in the top flight in the country" or "the only manager to win five league titles in a row" or "most emotionally loyal manager (for having always appealed his players' red cards)", and so on. I understand SI is trying to m
  2. I've been playing FM (CM) for more than 20 years now, but rarely have I ventured beyond five seasons with a club, let alone a decade or more. So this is something that I've been wondering for a while: Is there some sort of in-game personal recognition after I bring continuous, sustained glory to my club for a good long while? Or if I overachieved beyond wildest dreams? For example, I'm currently playing Liverpool, in fifth season now, and in the past four I've won four league titles and three champs league title, plus countless smaller trophies. If I keep this up for another five yea
  3. Hey Deus, enjoying my game so far with Zidane, Platini, and co. Anyway, I’ve got a few questions. I see some poster a few posts back suggesting new names to be included in your next update. My understanding was that you picked a specific outstanding team from a particular era and created its roster, and then added some more additional players whom were considered legends of the club, even though these additions came from a different era than previously picked. This would explain why Roger Hunt is in the game despite it’s Liverpool 1983-1985. Am I right so far? So, if a poster suggested Kun
  4. Deus, great work! First time playing this Legends database, having fun so far. (Y) Anyway, two things : 1) Anybody managed to sign Pele or Maradona in the first season? ;D Expensive as hell, and neither club looks like they want to part. 2) How come some of the current superstars are not in the game? I searched for David Villa (Valencia/Zaragoza/Gijon) and Dani Alves (Barca/Sevilla) and neither was in. Is this on purpose? If so, why? Cheers.
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