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  1. Why so serious? Of course players have to score their first goal of the season against someone, but that someone doesn't have to be my team, does it? And surely not every season? Hence the 'rigged' feeling.
  2. The only thing that seems blatantly 'rigged' to me is that sometimes in February/March there'll be that player who scores an equalizer, or most likely a winning goal, against you and it's his 'first goal of the season'. Back in versions like a decade ago this would happen every season, now only every few seasons.
  3. FM 16: Best 5 players to buy

    Well, for me I'm still on my first game, so yeah I'm trying to be the best at it and to do that you try to get the best players or ones with the highest potential. Usually in my next games I sign different players. Of all the names mentioned here, Barbosa I signed because my scout recommended him to me, ditto with Embolo and Hojbjerg. Zivkovic and Romero came on a free after scouting. So I guess if you're with a good club with good scouts then more than likely the names returned will not vary that much.
  4. So I've been scouting Breel Embolo for 2016 summer signing; him and a few other forwards, but I'm most confident in him (I'm playing Liverpool, btw). Came January's transfer window, Sporting/Porto/Benfica bid for him for a measly sum of 18mil. Alright, then, change of plan, I'm gonna have to snap him now instead of waiting 'till summer. So I matched the bid and got it accepted. And he refused! I talked to him and he said that he was very ambitious and that my club didn't match his ambition or some crap. I didn't even get to the negotiation stage, he flat out refused and moved to Portugal instead. My club lacking ambition? We're sitting pretty at the summit of Premiership and well on track for domestic clubs, how dare he! But anyway, his Minimum Fee Release Clause is only 48mil, so I'll come back in the summer after a trophy or two won and CL secured. He better not be bleating out about "ambition" this time
  5. FM 16: Best 5 players to buy

    So, like most of you here, I had been waiting to snap up Geronimo Rulli on a free came 2016 January. If not for the attributes (I'm playing Liverpool and Mig is acceptable for me) then for the name; can't get any more bad-ass than "Geronimo Rulli." So I scouted him a few weeks into the game, like any good manager would do, just to find out that bit more about the guy. Lo and behold, his club gave him a new contract, which he accepted. So, no Geronimo for me this summer.
  6. Hey, guys, just started my game here. Anybody else finding Sakho and Can conceding needless amount of yellow cards and, annoyingly, red cards? I'm in February of season 1 and they've both had two straight red cards and countless yellow cards resulting in suspension. Really annoying. And I didn't put them under specific more-tackling instruction or such. Sakho is always a ball-playing defender, and Can is deep-lying midfielder, not even a ball-winning one, yet they still generated needless amount of fouls that led to costly results. Is this persistent, or will I be able to get it off of their system? Major bids have been tabled for both but I refused, hoping they'll get better despite my frustration, but if this is gonna be an issue then I won't mind selling them. Thanks!
  7. The tactic is working fine for my Liverpool side, and Sterling really is explosive in this role. I've played about ten games so far, lost two narrowly (Arsenal away and MCity at home) and drew one (Chelsea away), won the rest, mainly against weaker PL and average Continental teams, as expected. It's a fun tactic so far, mainly because the roster fits. The only problem I have so far is Sturridge looks second rate in his role, hardly scores. Maybe because he's assigned as a Complete Striker on Support duty, I'm thinking of changing his role to Poacher or something else, with maybe an Attack duty (though I do see his value in Support duty). Cheers.
  8. Yes, I've heard about this, too, and I wonder if it's real. I hope that a player who has actually got this, or an official SIgames statement, will confirm this later. Like how long did it take, and how successful were they, and what else needed to happen, etc. I wish that there were rules for these rewards like in the old SimCity games: after a certain growth, you get a mayor house, and then a stadium, and then a statue, and then another landmark, and so on, and you can place them anywhere you want in your city grid.
  9. Hahahaha, seriously?? That's it. That's all I needed to make me stay =D
  10. Hi all, just a very quick question. I tried to search for a similar topic but couldn't find one. I've been very successful with Liverpool in my game, winning the league three times in the past four years and Champs League twice in a row. Now, if I keep this up for a few more years, basically becoming the most successful manager the club has ever had, is there any possibility that the club will reward me with something like a statue outside the stadium, or renaming a stadium stand in my name, or renaming the stadium altogether, etc.? The reason I'm asking for this is that if there's no such reward, then I wanna jump to another club in another league sometime in the near future. But if there is, then I would love to stay around and be a legend here. Thanks.
  11. I wonder why this tactic doesn't get more shout. So far in my game, my Liverpool is unbeaten in the league and only lost 0-1 to Barca away. Very high possession rate and numerous chances created. I hardly ever lose by halftime and even if I do lose or draw by halftime, aggressive teamtalk during the break more often than not result in victory at the end. The only downside to this tactic is that it's prone to yellow cards (and always to the usual suspects) and that it drains stamina more than any other tactic that I've seen. I guess that's the result of full pressing and very fluid play that the tactic demands. Overall, I'm a very satisfied customer =)
  12. Very good tactic so far in my game with Liverpool =) We won comfortably games that we should win, and what's more encouraging is we bullied Man City out of the park twice already, LOL. Hopefully consistency can be maintained. The only thing that makes heart your beat faster is that the tactic is very attacking and very fluid, so there's that feeling of some counter attack is inevitably gonna happen soon one of these days. Also, the goals usually come later in the game, and my strikers, Suarez and Sturridge, waste so many good early chances and it adds more to the adrenaline. Very good possession rate, very good amount of chances created. Good job!
  13. Thanks, guys, for your responses *thumbsup* I get what you're all trying to say, with the examples that you're giving. But returning back to the case that I have : Butland -- The club asks for 38, is it really realistic? I'm willing to go for 20. If IRL any club offers 20 for Butland, then Stoke will bite their hands off. ter Stegen -- Really worth 40? Really? Eriksen -- Sure, Falcao, Cavani and the likes are worth upwards of 50, but Eriksen at 48? Really?
  14. Hi guys, sorry it this has been addressed before, but I haven't been back to these forums for a long while now, just playing the game year after year, never even bothered with the forums unless to get a tactic or two. Anyway, something about this year's version is bothering me : players' transfer fees. I'm in the summer of 2014, just finished 2013/2014 doing the double with Liverpool, finally reclaiming the league and winning the Euro. Anyway, I'm trying to strengthen my squad and the transfer fees asked by my targets' clubs are so astonishingly high they're dumb and unrealistic. For example, I wanted to get Jack Butland to cover for Reina. His current value is around 4-ish million dollars. I thought that around 10-ish would be an acceptable value, I was even willing to go as high as 20 for a goalie. So I kept tabling offer after offer and they kept rejecting and rejecting until somewhere around 15, they said that they wanted 38 for Butland. Thirty-friggin’-eight! That value, to me, is just very unrealistic. This is a goalie, after all, and not even among the best goalies in the world, such as ter Stegen, Courtuis, etc. I offered 20 take-it-or-leave-it, and they left it. And this is after Butland had submitted transfer request, and still Stoke wouldn't budge. I tried for John Ruddy, and they (I don’t remember the club) asked for 26. Nope, that wouldn’t do. I tried for ter Stegen, of course, and they wanted somewhere in the 40’s for him. I gave up. Then I tried to sign Christian Eriksen from Ajax, and he finally moved to Man City for 48 million. I didn’t want to pay that much since I believed it to be too unrealistic. Somewhere in the 30s, sure, but not close to 50. I put in a cheeky bid for Neymar, who was unsettled at Santos, and Santos would let him go for 78 million. I would’ve willingly given in 50 for a player of his caliber, but not 78. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the above numbers are just too unrealistic and inflated, in my opinion. And it’s not exactly uncommon, because I see other (big) clubs signing players at seemingly high numbers : Falcao moving for 40s or 50s, M’Villa moving for 30s, basically I see a lot of fees in the 40s and above flying around, and my common sense can’t accept that. Yet. Anyway, any of you guys feeling the same way? Is it because I just won the double, my budget now in the 70s so every club hikes their prices when they deal with me? Or is it something else? Cheers.
  15. Dutch lower leagues

    Guys, somebody over at the LLM forum said that there's no promotion to the Jupiler League, is this true for this database? I've just managed to get Vitesse Delft promoted to the Topklasse, and, naturally, I would like to take them all the way up. But, if there's no chance for promotion to the Jupiler League, then I see no point in continuing the game. Thanks for any info.