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  1. Hmm, and make the team even more unbalanced than it already is...
  2. Was enjoying this season more than any I can remember of late, what a joke this club is sometimes. Will be playing in red and relocating soon enough if it makes Torres feel better. Win the Club World Cup and finish 4th and season can end tomorrow, so as long as Benitez goes (and brings Torres with him). Will be giving it to Benitez on Sunday and hope we do all season. Not welcome in the slightest, never will be. Di Matteo's LMA statement dignified as ever also. Legend.
  3. Fairly cheap and can be 3rd choice forward as well as what he offers out wide. Nice to have someone a bit more physical as an option as well. More than happy with the signing all in all.
  4. It doesn't have to be next year though that he gets a look in, could have 2-3 seasons of loans or even longer and only then be ready/get a chance.
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