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  1. So let's say I set up a league structure for a country that has one. I want to put all the teams that do not fit into the structure in a lower league division that is inactive or unplayable, and I want teams to promote and relegate between this division and my lowest proper one. I'm pretty sure this is possible, but I'm not sure how.
  2. I'm guessing that is only one team, and would probably work in Europe but would allow only one team to qualify for Europa League I guess. Canada doesn't seem to be a active competition so I really can't see anywhere I know of how teams are selected into it.
  3. Going to try to reiterate this question here again. For example I'm going to use Luxembourg. Several teams in Luxembourg would be created in another league, France for example. They would still be based in Luxembourg and have continental competition set as Luxembourg. Some sort of league in Luxembourg would compete for continental places, the teams in France would compete, either on their own or also against the national league of Luxembourg. Is this possible in any way?
  4. So I base a club on Tottenham, there is nothing in the records part for the club. Ingame however Teddy Sheringham is the clubs top goalscorer and Pat Jennings has most appearances. Where is this link and how do I get rid of it?
  5. If I create new clubs, competitions etc. Can I add logos for them somehow, could I include the logo in the workshop file even?
  6. Is there a dedicated server for this game available. I would like for players to drop in, do their turns, play their games and then just log off, game then continues when everybody has done their turn (or some set amount of time passes). I see you can mark your computer as server, but what in fact does that mean, I would think you are a server anytime you are hosting a game.
  7. In the editor I've found two ways of creating B teams and I've seen both being used as default in the database. If we look at Barcelona B, it is in the DB as a separate club and the tied to Barca through the Affiliated clubs system, set as a B team. However Bayern II only exist as a child of its parent club and is set through the Reserve team system on it's parent main page. Is there any reason there are two different methods, does it make a difference which one is used?
  8. I have had this idea in my head for some time but never properly implemented it. The idea is to create a league that would be ideal for a small multiplayer game. What I would be hoping to accomplish with this is that everyone starts on somewhat equal footing and they can both compete to be best in the league while at the same time improving it and it‘s national team by their competition and not be bogged down by prior history. So I was thinking about creating a brand new league for some European country that isn't actually big at the moment. The players would get their own teams and I would improve the (probably) small teams their by improving their rep, income etc. The backstory isn't important, we could just assume the country got richer, more interested in football or a population influx somehow, that doesn't really matter, some suspension of disbelief required. I would love to get some input from experienced editors out there, so I will list some points, targets I‘m going for and ideas I have. • I was thinking the top league would have a REP akin to perhaps France but a little bit richer with hopes it allows it to raise it‘s rep over time. I‘m guessing the rep is going to drop somewhat at first while the league gets balanced. • I think a country with a inactive league would make a good candidate, perhaps also has a bad national team, that way the players will quickly see a improvement. Luxembourg was one I initially liked, but perhaps a better country would make more sense, Wales or something. • One way to quickly increase the number of teams is to give all teams B and C teams to compete in lower competitions. I‘m thinking I can actually do this at the league/national level so it automatically applies to all teams right, instead of having to create one for each team. • One problem with starting the team empty is that there is no comparison for the scouts to apply the stars until we get a few players, perhaps each team should start with one player on a short term contract. • Stadiums would also be a problem because they would be to small for the required amount of crowd needed. Perhaps ticket prices and award money will quickly fix that. • I could require some local players, someone with the nationality to encourage players to make better local players, this would make them fight over that precious commodity, especially early on. • Allowing players to ignore all national transfer limits could give them a competitive edge over other leagues. • Now one of my big questions is if I have somewhat a shorter league season and fewer games, with the mission to quicken play time for online (get through the season in fewer games), what effect could that have on the development of players? Is it worse if the play fewer games, or does the importance of games matter more. I was perhaps thinking about the Belgian way, split the league and ensure the players compete with each other (I‘m assuming they will be competing for top places) the most. With 10 team league, first step will be 18 games and second 8. Giving us a 24 game season? Is that too short? So if anyone out there has some interest in this, or wants to give me pointers or ideas, please comment.
  9. So I took the be_a_newgen file and added a hashtag # infront of the lines already present and added 4 of my own. If I type 'faceinthegame' into the search bar I find several newgens, non of them from the newgen file but these are strange ones, newgen from Finland who's favorite club is Cambridge, I'm not seeing this scenario in real life. Anyone know what is going on here?
  10. Try to insert the name like this Dundalk F.C.
  11. UK version includes 3d models of the WAG's in the stands cheering on and regular gossip of the footballers affairs. They cut it out of RoW version because nobody there really cared about that.
  12. But you do set a birthyear, does that not factor in when they appear. I doubt someone set as being born in 1998 appears in 2020 as a 22 year old regen right?
  13. I used to mess with the editor back in the days doing stuff like this. I remember that there was some problems with adding a new nation to the European continentals. I think the Lichtenstein thing was hardcoded as well. Easiest method I could see for adding a new nation to Europe was to override another nation, I often did San Marino (Just assumed they merged with Italy) but you could try to do it with Lichtenstein and see if their hardcoded rule won't come along as well.
  14. There was a Transfer Value node under nation in FM 13 editor, I assume it is still in FM 14 editor. There you can set regular transfer value based on players reputation.
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