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  1. Strange! I've used 'utorrent' (latest version) at home today to download the FM2011 demo's and it's downloaded all 3 and is seeding.
  2. I've not long woken up after a horrible restless nights sleep. For the moments I was asleep I was talking/typing to Serps on MSN and asking him how the heck he's managing to do that while he's suppose to be deceased; I'm then warped to Hull City's Football Ground where there's a massive crowd and rememberance going on. RIP Jim (Serps) - Will miss the gaming nights with you. Condolences out to everyone that both knew and had dealing with this great character.
  3. +1 I couldn't have put that better myself!
  4. I've only just recieved this sad news and am speechless. I've gotton to know 'Serps' via our fondess of the PC gaming title 'ARMA II' (Armed Assault II) and both gamed within the same gaming squad/clan/group and I've really enjoyed his company (what a character, especially when Purefun has also been around). The gaming group we've been part of (Volcbat - pass on their condolences, as do I. RIP Jim (Serps), and condolences out to everyone that knew him. (I hope they have ARMA II where you are now. You'll be sorely missed as VCB's 3 Section Delta LMG Gunner)
  5. When opening up Steam, goto: > My games (tab) > Right-click on the game title (e.g. Football Manager 2010) and select 'Properties' (Properties window will appear) > Select 'Updates' (tab) - Here you'll have the drop-down option to either allow or disallow automatic updates for that particular selected game title.
  6. I wondered by both Paul C left the office earlier than normal today (I now have a better understanding as to the reason why) Ov's hiding in one of the office's which must be a fake FML meeting, with the rest of the FML team
  7. I like this and have just purchased it via iTunes
  8. You basically 'extract' the file to a 'location' (create a temp folder somewhere to extract the files), then look for the file 'DXsetup.exe' (if I recall correctly) and run that from the location you've extracted the files. Once it's all installed and confirmed working, you can then safely delete that 'temp' folder you created for the extracted files.
  9. Another reference to the 'd3dx9_41.dll not found'
  10. Have a read through these threads here...
  11. Ack! Messed up the URL - Now Fixed! Many thanks
  12. I've just downloaded the file from the 2nd link (the full installation package)
  13. Could try reading through the thread posted here on this.... Although I'd first try getting the 'off-line' package and try reinstalling (I'd also restart the machine before doing this) DirectX End-User Runtimes (August 2009) - Full package installation (No Internet connection required to install)
  14. DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer - Internet connection required to install or for the full package DirectX End-User Runtimes (August 2009) - No Internet required to install
  15. DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer or for the full package DirectX End-User Runtimes (August 2009)