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  1. Scratch that, just got sacked. Artur, one of my first regens was really starting to put in some good performances aswell. back to the drawing board!
  2. Really starting to hit a choke point in my game, my finances are affecting the wages i can offer now, if we dont get promoted next season at the latest, i dont know what i will do haha.
  3. Leça F.C. (Season 2) Portuguese Second Division - North --- Facilities | Finances | Transfers | League Standings --- League Review - Final Position: 6th An amazing performance this season, solidified our position in the league quite well and our tactic started to really gel nicely, some amazing defensive performances and standout performances from our young striker Carlos Spencer gives us a good platform to build on. ----------------------------------------------------- Taca da Portugal - 3rd Round A 4-1 win followed up by a 3-0 win was all in vein as we were thrown out
  4. Currently experiencing the same problem, looks like Hope is doing well though, i wonder how he'll do next season with more experience and games under his belt! How do you think making it to proper league football will affect your finances? I really have no idea how im going to fix mine at the moment.
  5. i hope so, im really stuck in two minds though, are 15 and 16 yer olds too young to play in the first team? board expect to finish top half and i cant play players out of position efficiently ( especially players with half a star for CA anf PA). Some big lineup and tactical decisions to make this season!
  6. Leça F.C. (Season 1) Portuguese Second Division - North --- Manager Profile | Facilities | Finances | Transfers | Senior Players | League Standings --- League Review - Final Position: 13th Prior to the season the media had us at an expected 6th Position, this was impossible with my inherited squad, 2 full backs (1 for each side) and 3 centre backs (two DC/Ls). I decided before i even played one friendly that i would not be able to play 4 at the back, instead i opted for a 3-1-4-2 formation, retrained my LB to play CD (for cover), and my RB to play a DM role (i want to say for co
  7. KVK Ieper (Dec 2nd, First Season) Belgium Third Division B --- Sacked! - League Table --- Managers Personal Comments One day i will hopefully be able to manage this sort of team, literally had no strengths, i cant screen shot now as i've been sacked but in all of the comparison pages i had either the worst stats in the league, or 16th/17th worst, no creativity, no pace, no good decision making skills, no crossing or passing skills in any of my midfielders, and no way to get my strikers scoring. I fear the challenge of this team is a few steps out of my league at the moment, neve
  8. KVK Ieper (June 30th, First Season) Belgium Third Division B --- Manager Information - Facilities - Finances - Staff - U19s --- Current Season Goals League Survival Hire Backroom Staff Managers Personal Comments Decided to finally start this challenge, have had it bookmarked for a while and check back daily to read the updates, originally wanted to chose Holland but there's only two leagues, so i chose Belgium to add the third. Looking forward to seeing how i go!
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