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  1. Scratch that, just got sacked. Artur, one of my first regens was really starting to put in some good performances aswell. back to the drawing board!
  2. Really starting to hit a choke point in my game, my finances are affecting the wages i can offer now, if we dont get promoted next season at the latest, i dont know what i will do haha.
  3. Leça F.C. (Season 2) Portuguese Second Division - North --- Facilities | Finances | Transfers | League Standings --- League Review - Final Position: 6th An amazing performance this season, solidified our position in the league quite well and our tactic started to really gel nicely, some amazing defensive performances and standout performances from our young striker Carlos Spencer gives us a good platform to build on. ----------------------------------------------------- Taca da Portugal - 3rd Round A 4-1 win followed up by a 3-0 win was all in vein as we were thrown out
  4. Currently experiencing the same problem, looks like Hope is doing well though, i wonder how he'll do next season with more experience and games under his belt! How do you think making it to proper league football will affect your finances? I really have no idea how im going to fix mine at the moment.
  5. i hope so, im really stuck in two minds though, are 15 and 16 yer olds too young to play in the first team? board expect to finish top half and i cant play players out of position efficiently ( especially players with half a star for CA anf PA). Some big lineup and tactical decisions to make this season!
  6. Leça F.C. (Season 1) Portuguese Second Division - North --- Manager Profile | Facilities | Finances | Transfers | Senior Players | League Standings --- League Review - Final Position: 13th Prior to the season the media had us at an expected 6th Position, this was impossible with my inherited squad, 2 full backs (1 for each side) and 3 centre backs (two DC/Ls). I decided before i even played one friendly that i would not be able to play 4 at the back, instead i opted for a 3-1-4-2 formation, retrained my LB to play CD (for cover), and my RB to play a DM role (i want to say for co
  7. KVK Ieper (Dec 2nd, First Season) Belgium Third Division B --- Sacked! - League Table --- Managers Personal Comments One day i will hopefully be able to manage this sort of team, literally had no strengths, i cant screen shot now as i've been sacked but in all of the comparison pages i had either the worst stats in the league, or 16th/17th worst, no creativity, no pace, no good decision making skills, no crossing or passing skills in any of my midfielders, and no way to get my strikers scoring. I fear the challenge of this team is a few steps out of my league at the moment, neve
  8. KVK Ieper (June 30th, First Season) Belgium Third Division B --- Manager Information - Facilities - Finances - Staff - U19s --- Current Season Goals League Survival Hire Backroom Staff Managers Personal Comments Decided to finally start this challenge, have had it bookmarked for a while and check back daily to read the updates, originally wanted to chose Holland but there's only two leagues, so i chose Belgium to add the third. Looking forward to seeing how i go!
  9. Unfortunately (well not for me ) i have been playing since i started this thread and my rolling saves have saved over the dates prior to Klopp joining as my U19s Manager, the last save i have is at 3rd August 2018 (Klopp joined 24th July). I have had a bit of a play around though and found that Georgiy Kondrat'ev (resigned from Belarus national team same date as Klopp) and Brendan Rodgers would also be willing to join as my U19s Manager. Not sure if this is considered a bug or if its supposed to happen, my Duisberg team is nothing special either, last season finishing 9th is our greatest ac
  10. No Words, just pictures. -- How long will it last haha? Legit 100% no game editing or anything, He resigned as Dortmund coach at the end of the 2015/2016 season to take over germany, failed to qualify for the 2018 world cup so he resigned from Germany, i saw a new article saying FC Bayern was after him (after their manager left to manage Germany), i approached to sign and thats the position he wanted! Any of you signed a first team manager onto your backroom staff?
  11. Lol calm down mate? A simple mistake in the learning curve of playing FM, no need to be rude.
  12. looking forward to seeing this one! perhaps afterwards you could run a 2nd experiment similar to this one, start with man united, first save create a manager that has 5 for every state, then start again with a manager that has 10 for every state, start again for 15 every stat, then 20.. Be good to see if there is a definite change in results!
  13. Haha yeah, looks like it was a lesson i had to learn the hard way like you did. It doesnt seem to have affected my game too much, Kaiserslauten and FSV Frankfurt are having particularly woeful seasons so i should be safe.
  14. Yeah i think it would work but not in this instance, because they just recently signed the new contract extensions the agent wouldnt even let me negotiate, just said his client wasnt interested as he had just signed a new contract with the club, a couple of days later, they were gone. Unlucky haha. Wow that would be so frustrating, completely destroyed the club! Surely in future versions the might have to create an accountant or financial planner staff role, the board or a financial managing staff member wouldnt let this happen in real life
  15. I am heartbroken at the moment fellow FM Players, I have lost my two first choice Wing backs in the January transfer window in the middle of a relegation struggle. Started my game at Everton, eventually sacked, decided not to quit for the 100th time and stick it out and learn to master the game, offered the job at Duisburg in the German Second division. When i was hired they were sitting second to bottom, avoided relegation (by a POINT!), 2nd season finished 9th, 3rd season finished 2nd (my first ever promotion!!), 4th season i finished 14th in the Bundesliga. Along the way my scouting tea
  16. I do use windows 7, I've moved on from that game, with motivation from your Ajax thread i started with Hoffenheim in Germany, Top youth and Training facilities with some good young prospects in the first team! If its not too much trouble can you post how to recover from what happened to my Everton game anyway? Just for future reference! Thanks!
  17. Hey guys, thanks so much for the replies, unfortunately my save game got corrupted, so freaking annoyed cos i really put effort into that save, my laptop ran out of power mid save. FML. I did however learn a few things, i got Leon Osman to tutor Kose, BIG MISTAKE, i'm not sure what Leon Osmans Determination is off the top of my head but his tutoring caused Kose determination to sharply decrease down to 16, and probably further had i got further in the game. I was extremely annoyed at this but hoped that Kose professionalism would rise from the tutoring enough to make him get the Professional
  18. Hey Everyone, After reading the Ajax thread from Cleon and the Stuttgart thread from Madminister i decided to sit down and do my own version, with my favourite club Everton. I'm doing quite well with the tactics side of my game, finished 5th in the first season, sitting 9th in the 2nd season but i have 3 games in hand and were only 11 games in so. However i really need to work on my youth development abilities, I have Ross Barkley coming along very nicely, actually in his last 5 games his from is at 7.62 and he's scored 3 goals. Definitely got my centre midfield sorted. However I bought t
  19. After reading the 12 step guide and all that I'm happy to say I'm finally truly enjoying FM, i always usually played as Everton on previous versions, set up a 4-5-1 and results were always on the better side of average, i never delved deep into the tactical side of the game like I've had to on FM13, but it's so much more fun winning with your tactics and seeing them work! That being said, i started the Unemployment challenge and was offered the Havant and Waterlooville job before the first season started, i studied my players and decided this formation was best for the players i had at my di
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