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  1. Thanks for the advices. I haven't tried yet from a new start, so I guess that's why. gonna try it from a new start. Thanks.
  2. Sorry guys but i'm gonna have to calm the enthousiasm down... 4 games with it, I'm playing PSG. PSG 0-3 Saint-Étienne DEFEAT Milan AC 1-1 PSG DRAW Montpellier 3-0 PSG DEFEAT PSG 1-3 Rennes DEFEAT Ibrahimovic : 0 goal Team plays very bad, very few CCC (Almost none) and a lot of CCC for the opponents... Do you always play "control" ? EDIT : Played also 5 games with Liverpool : Liverpool 0-0 Academica DRAW Liverpool 0-2 Reading LOST Genk 1-0 Liverpool LOST West Ham 3-2 Liverpool LOST Liverpool 0-4 Man City LOST Really don't know what to do....
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