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  1. Sorry for the stupid question guys, but how do I transform this fil in .fmf ?? Or where can i find this .tac ?
  2. The tweak from Summerboy77 still works very very good for me. Lot of CCC and beautiful play. But after the corner bug on patch 14.2, the "strikers can't score alone in front of goals" bug on this patch is aweful...
  3. Mr U Rosler, Thanks for all the work ! Do you use OI and what's your match prep for this V3 ?
  4. Be patient guys. It's not an obligation for Mr Hough to post something.. If he thinks the tactic is not good enough, there is a possibility he never post it
  5. 7 games using this tactic, playing QPR. 0W - 1D - 6L Conceeding a lot and almost never score...
  6. I love the tactic mate but god, way too much long shots ! Having good results with Dortmund but the long shots annoys me
  7. So feedback after hours and hours playing, or should I say suffering... I really think this is the worst patch in the FM saga. Defenders are totally stupid and GK make unrealistic mistakes. I have to admit there are wonferful action sometimes, but everything is ruined when your defenders tackle in your own goals with no one pressing them. As every one knows, the amount of corners is ridiculous. I can't understand why players when they are alone in front of goals, have time to go closer to the goal, but shot from very far instead. With no results of course. The consistancy are not very good either. Disapointed for now, hope SI'll fix it very soon, it's christmas after all !
  8. 3 games with Dortmund. 3 wins : 3-2 away, 5-4 away and 3-2 at home. Pretty amazing playing, but so dangerous in defence IMO
  9. Mr U Rosler, Sorry if it was asked before, but do you use OI ? Didn't find the info on OP
  10. When will you upload this Galatasaray UEFA Cup 2000 formation/tactic ?
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