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  1. I have problem with the Player Instruction "Mark specific position". Whatever position I select for my players, I dont see any difference in the game. Someone has my same problem?
  2. I have a question: Is every roles different from the others? For example, is there a difference from using a Central midfielder - support with PI "roam from position" and a Box to box midfielder- support? (CM has the same PI of BBM less than "roam from position", if I select use CM with roam from position active, does my player playing like BBM or he does different movements?) So, are there a different/unique movements for every role?
  3. What happens If I select close down less to a player that have close down more already active? which prevails?
  4. I understand, so if I want more pressing for all my players except CBs and DM what is the best setting to give?
  5. I have a problem, i use TI : more more pressing and for my CBs : less pressing.... If TI overwrites PI, why my CBs press so much?
  6. so players istruction overwrites team instruction?
  7. and what happens if I select "less pressing" in player instruction and "more pressing" in team instruction ?
  8. I have a doubt.... For example, if I select anything about pressing in team instruction and select to ALL player instruction "more more pressing" is it the same thing to directly select "more more pressing" in team instruction?? Same reasoning with pass or tackle....
  9. it's only unplayble and inchoerent: Counterattacking mentality says "all players behind the line of the ball", but in M.E forwards stay ahead the line of the ball. This is a wrong option.
  10. The problem of Shadow strikers is the start position, too low
  11. glad not to be the only... Someone that speak english better than me can report the problem? It's unplayble football manager right now
  12. I want that strikers help team in defesive phase, instead now the stay too high on the pitch and they are disinterested For me it's unplayble because my tactic idea is a team that defend in in 11 or 10 not in 9 players...like atletico madrid i use control - flexibility
  13. i have found the problem... this is a fix with new patch 15.3 "- Improved defensive positioning of support duty strikers and attack duty AMCs" I use support strikers, and now they not come back, i have tried with False 9, and other support roles... i have tried to change in counterattacking or control...but nothing, strikers don't come back now this is not a fix in my opinion... It's unplayble now
  14. Since new patch out, strikers don't come back in defensive phase...have you the same problem?
  15. Hi is it possible use tactics that cpu use? for example in my career simeone went to A.S Rome and facing him I noticed that plays very well and I would use the tactics he uses, is there a way to know how to set the instructions of team and individual?
  16. I have always had a doubt Play wider/narrower refers to the offensive or the defensive phase? I would like to have tight players in the defensive phase to create a wall, but wide players in attack to spread out the opposing defense. What should I select?
  17. But aren't there two opposing options? "Retain possession" requires a slow and organized playing, a construction of the game slow "Higher time" is the opposite, a construction of the game fast. O am I wrong?
  18. And how does the M.E with instructions in conflicts? If I select "retain possession" and "higher tempo" which will be the real tempo at which my team play?
  19. I have a doubt about player and team instruction For example, if I select Hassle Opponents from team instruction, all of my players is as if they have actived automatically "close down more"? And if I select either "Hassle Opponents" and "close down more 'my players make a higher pressure or is it the same thing?
  20. In your opinion, to emulate bayern munchen's tactic, what kind of fluidity would you use? Very Fluid?
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