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  1. Wallys update

    Wally are there any CA/PA changes
  2. Lack of Goals

    Thanks Nottingham Forest
  3. Lack of Goals

    Looks like it is just me then. I will have to change things about then
  4. Lack of Goals

    What formation have you used forzautd?
  5. Is it just me or is it really hard to score on the new patch. All my strikers cant hit a cows arse with a banjo. Higuain, Rooney you name it.
  6. Hello, not sure if this is the place to post. Hope it is Well I have been doing alot of saves with Real Madrid, however I am getting bored at just using the usual 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 formations. I was wondering if anyone could give me a challenging tactic to get working that is a very attacking one I will post results of this if I am challenged
  7. Thanks Tafse will look at this
  8. Im currently Real Madrid, with Pastore, Kaka, Canales, Granero, and Ozil. What would be the best way to play 3 AMC's. e.g. would it be something like Adv Playmaker Attack --- Adv Playmaker Support --- Adv Playmaker Attack Thanks for any help
  9. Could I join in crouchaldinho? I think I helped last time
  10. Help with Training Schedules This is a thread for anyone who would like to know how to improve their players via the Training Schedules in FM11. I am hoping that memebers of the community will help others here, and that this will help clean up T&T abit. This is what you should do. 1) Get a screenshot of the player in question 2) State the personality of the Player 3) State what attributes you want the main increase in, or what sort of player you want by the end An example This as you can see is Andy Carroll. He has a Fairly Determined Attitude A striker who is physically strong and good in the air. His Finishing (14) is good but could be better, and his Acceleration (9) leaves alot to be desired So what do I want? I want Andy to keep his Physical and Aerial ability however, I want his Finishing to slightly increase and his Acceleration to get a boost. This needs to be reflected in a schedule So what categorys should I look to have the most work done in? Well, the three main categories that I am going to want to have the most focus on are Aerobic, Strength, Ball Control and Shooting This needs to be reflected in the schedule, but we must make sure that there is still training going on in the other areas of his game. What may the schedule look like? Here we can see the schedule has an emphasis on Ball Control and Shooting whilst also keeping in mind that we want to keep his Physical side to the game. Lastly there is also an empahsis on the Aerobic category where I am looking for his Acceleration to increase. I hope this thread will help many people and that people will try to help others with schedules Last but not least, credit must go to JenkoEFC who came up with the idea. He said he was doing a similar one at www.theawaystand.co.uk so i decided to do one here.
  11. Albrighton could do with a few extra points to his PA, but not too much. CA may be increased
  12. Should I post it there Cougar2010, sorry if I have put it in the wrong area
  13. What players do you think will get a PA/CA increase? I will say Andy Carroll and Jordan Henderson