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  1. Stamina attribute should be more obvious in the game. Players with less stamina get tired faster in the game and have troubles to play all 90 minutes. Now we can see that player with a low stamina ("2-5" for exaple) can withstand physically whole match and in the end has the overall physical conditions like the other players with high stamina even cover a long distance.
  2. It would be nice to see country/region map with the distance between the cities of teams who will play between each other. (or simply show the distance between the cities). it will give understanding where will be the next game (geographically) (distance to the Training Camp place or tournament)... It will make affect on the transport costs and maybe players conditions.
  3. Great Idea! Pre Season period have to get some improvements. All metioned above sounds good! Also Pre Season/Training Camp trainings have to be more notable: everyday feedbacks from coaches, team doctors about players form, medical conditions... Physical and tactical practices with more evaluation. Detailed Report from coaching staff at the end of Training camp about changing player's skills.
  4. Not every head coach/manager is responsible for spending transfer funds. We have a Sports Director position who should do this part of business. But sometimes the Board can give the Head coach more trust. In the real life this is a important point which affects on the work of the manager. Question should be anounced during interview and this option must be sealed before the manager's appointment. (Not to turn on/off manually in the game settings). This will make the game more difficult, realistic and interesting.
  5. Coaching license affects on the ability to work in a particular club. For exaple, the holder of the "C" license category has permission to work as a coach/assistant coach in the second division or the head coach in Amateur or Semi-professional football or the head coach of the youth team. The "B" license category allows to work as coach/assistant coach in first division teams and head coach of the second division teams. Coach with the "A" license permitted to hold the post of the head coach of the first division, and also to work as an assistant coach in the Premier Division. The holder of "PRO" license has the right to work as a head coach of the highest qualification level in the Premier Division teams and national teams without restrictions. Would be great to see it in the game.
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