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  1. I can't do that - the current game is always "my other world" - too many of those and you turn schizo
  2. both will be moving house on the 1st - will be moving my arse in 43 hours
  3. I will be attempting to break my 42 hour session record before I move
  4. lotta has been a real word since Led Zep used it
  5. .... and you haven't even mentioned Steam yet it's what killed the FM series for some of us and why we went back to 08
  6. Went back to 08 a few weeks ago - found 09 very slow and boring Never played for more than 5 seasons in any save Prefer 08 where I still play after 30-40 seasons - currently starting season 8
  7. changed both current and new position
  8. I can't seem to change player positions - changing an MRC to an MC doesn't change player in game Using Vista x64
  9. Like when you have two players with the same surname and you offer one to clubs - the sneaky buggers bid for the good one
  10. A better argument would be if you had said Winners Ter Thank god for the away goals rule eh?
  11. An improvement on the medical side of things Facilities ranging from local hospital to state of the art medical/rehabilitation centre at the club - the better the facilities the quicker a player returns from injury Also employing a club doctor to oversee treatment or recommend sending to a specialist (which would cost money)
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