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  1. I love this tactic (Aston Villa, 2010, Top of Prem, Semi-final CL etc etc). I have Kompany (legend) and Zat Knight/Lescott in central defence and they always seem to be out of position when crosses come in so that is my main way of conceding goals. Any ideas on fixing this?
  2. Hi there, Thanks for the tactic. I have been using this tactic with Villa during my second and third season (5th and currently 7th respectively). The one thing I noticed which may explain why you tend to concede a lot from corners is that you have your target man marking their tallest player and since strikers aren't the best at marking that could be the problem. The other thing is that for some reason on offensive corners you seem to have your target man set to outside the box. I've got him attacking the far post and it works fairly well. I agree with the other tweakers - reduce tacklin
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