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  1. Thanks Luke. Let me know if I can help more.
  2. My chief is not 5 stars. Let's assume that the report says to hire a chief scout with higher rep. If it is so, Ass. Man. also suggests me to fire him It doesn't make sense. Here are my staffs:
  3. We can't sign coaches or scouts except ass. man. and chief sct on fm touch. However I get the feedback for staff improvement for coaching and scout staff on team report. I also can't make any board suggesttion for more staff. What should I do for this feedback?
  4. Thanks looping. I don't want to say that I am getting older for this game, but I am almost 40. I grew up with this game, and at the beginning we didn't have instructions but the arows. I think I am not paying enough attention to team and individual player instructions; eventhough I didn't skip many versions of the game. I am not saying that the instructions are bad, but I am a little bid old school I guess.
  5. love ya guys Here are the changes I made and the results Thank you very much for the help
  6. Thanks a lot for the feedbacks. I'll give it a try and let you guys know.
  7. I am not sure what am I doing wrong, but for some reason I am conceding too many goals. It is like every 1 out of 2 opposition attacks ends up with a goal. I don't have problems about scoring, but conceding is my problem. Any ideas? I play with the mentality during the matches, but even if I choose defensive mentality I can't stop concedings.
  8. Hello Luke, There is another example in the attached picture. At this point I saved the game. I can upload this one as well, if needed. with regards Ahmet
  9. Never mind. Did the search and upload the file under "wolves2" name. I am not sure whether I process the game after I post the problem or not, but still the same player's contract due in 6 months and I still can't make an offer. There are some more examples on the attached pictures. I know these are rubbish players. I didn't have the my pre-season save game since I proceded, but there were some good players I wanted to sign with the same problem. Thnaks for the help in advance.
  10. I have been away from the forums for some time. Luke could you please remind me where to upload the save game and how?
  11. I am playing with Wolves on 17.2. For some reason I can offer contract to some players whose contacts will due in 6 months; but I can't offer some of them. I only have option to make an offer to his club. Any ideas why? There is a file attached as an example.
  12. Not to you Joel, but wait the next version again arghhhh (
  13. My assistant were used to make subs and use as much players as possible in friendlies. However recently in friendlies my assistant barelly make subs. Is there a way to ask assistant use the whole squad as much as possible in frienlies?
  14. Thanks for the info Flashman. As far as I am concerned not only there is a nationatilty problem for Russia, but also there is not enough good players coming up from regens. So I had to play with 33 years old Russian DRL(Yanbaev). I hope I will have a good regen for GK once my GK will retire. It is really hard to play in Russia with these rules and inadequate regens...
  15. Wow... Then there is no point gainin Russian citizenship; if you are not going to be Russian International. And as managers we should leave it to our luck for a young players not to count as foreigners. Then there is no point signing a potentially good young player by thinking that they will become Russian one day...