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  1. Ukrainian update with the latest transfers. Original topic Ukraine D5 1.2.fmfUkraine transfers 18-19 2.3.fmf
  2. Kolos and Balkany now has a new logo, and Sumy IRL sent off all players and stuff. Can u show table of UPL?
  3. SC Dnipro-1 is a "new" FC Dnipro, accroding to the rumours, ex president Kolomoyskiy support the club (not oficially). Fans of Dnipro hate SC, and last year was a couple of clashes during the matches (like here) in second league (both clubs take part on that league, at the end SC go in first league, Dnipro for the debts relegated to the amateurs) Currently SC is the main power in the city, Dnipro plays in amateur league, and the fans created a Dnipro 1918, fan club, that take part in the city league (https://ffgd.org.ua/vyisshaya-liga-tablitsa/) P.S. SC took the personal, players, base, stadium, almost all.
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