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  1. Steam Easter sales will soon be upon us...just hold the line until then. I won't be paying $76 for a FM19 update. If it doesn't reduce enough, or at all I'll stick with the previous version.
  2. Bit confused by the tactic, using Klopps tactics you win the league? thats better than real life. Do the IF's play as wingers or Inside Forwards?
  3. You would think in 11 years though I might have more, I'll keep a track over my next ten years and post.
  4. Dependant on the type of loan, you can select the player and under 'transfer' there maybe a cancel option for the loan.
  5. So, been playing over 10 seasons and keep thinking to myself I don't get that many easier cup games than I should, so I went back over my history and picked out the teams I get in the first round I am in, in both the EFL and FA cups. Now the red teams are in the top flight, but anyone else get a bit fed up with getting harder games every season rather than playing the plucky bottom/non league type teams who make it through to the big boys round? Even the non PL teams are all Championship teams apart from my 18/19 season. Maybe I am just paranoid !
  6. https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/internationalfootball/kazuyoshi-miura-the-worlds-oldest-active-footballer-signs-new-deal-at-50-a3737456.html
  7. Im in 2029, so my team mostly regen's apart from Angus Gunn, Filip Benkovic, Josh Tymon & James Ward Prowse. I play 5212 tika taka setting with not much adjustments, change to cautious for hard away games :
  8. It seems hard this version to even get half decent youth team players through, I get one half decent guy every 5 years or so, no real superstars yet I have top facilities etc. This guy is my HOYD : Is he just plain rubbish?
  9. anyone got this 451 SUS tactic?...or one that works? thanks xx
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