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  1. Libero (Attack)

    Javi Martinez would fit the bill as well. Tried to get a Libero going but can't get it playing in the style of Lothar Matthaus for example. Bringing the ball out and creating havoc. Shame really.
  2. Skints Tactical Nightmare

    Home tactic: http://www.sendspace.com/file/vmrfcm Away Tactic: http://www.sendspace.com/file/8textw Incase anyone wants to try them out and better them.
  3. Skints Tactical Nightmare

    One thing that hits me with the Spurs heat thingy, Lahm is basically holding Alabas hand.
  4. Skints Tactical Nightmare

    Ah yeah, good call on the width thing something I have overlooked. Now you mention it that all makes sense, the WBs being on Attack as well. Here are the two heatmaps: Spurs: Dortmund: Tactics: I'm thinking of this for away games:
  5. Skints Tactical Nightmare

    so, again same line up against Spurs. Took man marking off the two centreback as they played just Soldado up front. We start off brightly pinging the ball about and Thiago finishes from the edge of the box after a decent through ball from Lahm. Straight after I don't think I touched the ball for the rest of the half, not sure what happened, Eriksen was sitting in the hole and just running amok with Soldado getting in the gaps of my three defenders easily, first time he does though he scores (yawn) but he then procedes for the next 15mins to have 3 or 4 decent chances. At half time, I give man marking to Schweinsteiger on Eriksen and immediately the game switched back to my favour. Eriksen disappeared in an attacking sense and I was on the front foot for most of the 2nd half restricting Spurs to hitting from distance. Schweinsteiger hit a freekick in and also Alaba hit another one in from distance to give us a 3-1 win. Amazing that one small instruction can change the game like that really. Stats: http://i.imgur.com/Cp6Pf0W.jpg I brought in Khedira for 20m for the BWM role and push Alaba back into the left wingback role. Tough game next, Dortmund away in the Supercup. We start badly, Dortmund straight onto us pressuring and creating chances, Neuer earning his money with some great saves. Reus and Grosskreutz and getting put through continuously in the space between the wingback and centrebacks and somehow I survive about 10 chances in the first 20mins. Out the blue I go up the other end and a freekick falls to Khedira to rifle in. Totally undeserved. Well the lead lasted 10mins, usual corner where my bloke heads it right into the dangerzone with no one near him...1-1. Dortmund smash me for the rest of the half and somehow I get in at 1-1. I make a few changes. Wingbacks man mark their wingers in a hope to stop them running riot and also taking off our team pushing up to close the gap behind our defence. Well all this seem to do is invite their team on even more, their midfield roaming free around my box smashing shots in every 5mins it seems, Neuer on top form though for once. Last 15mins I change to counter and immediately Robben plays in Muller 2-1! Not sure how. Anyway...same story again, I survive pretty well, stemmed their chances a lot until the last kick of the game where my guy tackles and the ball literally rolls 3 yards from goal and my keeper just stands and looks at it, their striker goes thanks very much runs in and scores!! Off to penalties and I win! Stats make horrible reading: http://i.imgur.com/TrIBNgf.jpg Unreal thing is last 10mins or so they had one shot...so for 80mins they were having a shot every 2mins. That aint good. I need to know how to stop advanced wingers from getting in behind my wingbacks easily, thinking of dropping them back into FB positions maybe next time while sitting the team deeper. Would that work or just invite them in more?
  6. Skints Tactical Nightmare

    My throw deep near my corner flag. Went up the line, they won the header and came back to their striker. My two centrebacks and sweeper had pushed up but the left back was still near where he took the throw, their striker was left on his own in the middle, received the pass and again finished with aplomb. I'm putting that one down to lack of fitness and due to my tactics not being fulled trained up yet. If it keeps happening I will look into it a bit more. Also my centrebacks were stoppers so pushed towards the guy with the ball, so as above changed to defend now to see if it means they man mark better.
  7. Skints Tactical Nightmare

    Next up, AKA Tirol, should be a nice easy test. Stuck with the same team, they played 442 so used my 2 CD to mark them to leave my sweeper free. Left all other settings like the first game. Started well, creating chances and Robben raced through from a Muller through ball to tuck it away. Muller then finished a nice move with Robben to put me two up. They had an attack so 2-1 as usual. Half time, changed to attacking and put two more past them with Muller and Kroos scoring. Game stats: http://i.imgur.com/FY0i3Jx.jpg Again happy with the possesion but more CCC created albeit against poorer opponants. Things I am doing to change the tactic: Taking off shorter passing, changing my CDs to defend rather than be stoppers. Tougher friendly v Spurs next so should give me more to look at and think about.
  8. Hola all, After my rants and infraction(!) I'm going to create a tactic, and rather than wallow through tons of material I have looked through more times than my adult mag I'm going to ask the FM community to try and see where I am going wrong as generally I can't see why. I'm starting as Bayern (mainly due to not wanting to struggle too much) and have a set way I want to play with them. With the default squad I have set my formation as such with individual instructions, I tend not to give many team instructions: SK (Support) - Pass to Sweeper, tackler harder. SW (Def) - Fewer risky passes, Ease off tackles. CD (Stopper) - Mark Tighter CD (Stopper) - Mark Tighter WBL (Att) - Run Wide with Ball, Stay Wider, Mark Tighter WBR (Att) - Run Wide with Ball, Stay Wider, Mark Tighter BWM (S) - Dribble Less DLP (D) - Close down more, Mark Tighter AP (A) - Roam from Position, Close Down, Tackler Harder, Mark Tighter DLF(S) - Tackle Harder, Mark Tighter AF(A) - Move into channels, Tackle Harder, Mark Tighter Team Instructions: Short Passing Work Ball into Box Push Higher Up Play Wider I'm having to do some retraining of positions as Bayern have stacks of players that are great in other positions, like Robben as an AF, Martinez as SW, Kroos as DLF etc. So, first up a trip to one of the European giants, namely FC Wacker Innsbruck. Lined up as such: GK: Neuer SW: Martinez CD: Van Buyten CD: Dante LWB: Contento RWB: Lahm BWM: Alaba DLP: Schweinsteiger AP: Thiago DLF: Muller AF: Robben We start really well, push from the start and Muller scores the opener. Schweinsteiger to Thiago : http://i.imgur.com/s4RUSGj.jpg Thiago to Muller: http://i.imgur.com/uEdS6Y5.jpg Muller to Thiago for the one two..and through on goal: http://i.imgur.com/3iWaI1a.jpg?1 & http://i.imgur.com/8lowG9v.jpg?1 So a nice start, and was expecting more. But to be honest it went really flat, I kept the ball well and they didn't do anything, any attack they had worked as I wanted, my midfield and attack hassling them forcing them to play long which either my centrebacks headed clear, or the Sweeper cleaned up if it went over them...that was until, their first chance (****ing game).... Where to start..Muller loses it on the halfway line, Alaba already made the run past him so he out of position, ball played forward now my CD comes out and closes the midfielder, he slots in the striker who takes advantage of Martinez slow accelaration and slots it in like Henry in his prime. Food for thought on the setup of the defence. Muller loses it: http://i.imgur.com/GH6S2rJ.jpg Schmidt picks it up: http://i.imgur.com/XpViS2k.jpg Plays the ball through: http://i.imgur.com/juvlVBe.jpg Too late: http://i.imgur.com/z0SLHIx.jpg The rest of the half is keep ball for me with half chances here and there, keeping the ball nice but tbh not doing much. 2nd half I change the Mentality to attacking and take off 'shorter passing'. Already the team working the ball around much quicker and still keeping hold of it well. We fashion two CCC's in the 2nd half but we waste them (as usual) as well as numerous half chances. Stats finished: http://i.imgur.com/EuFlQ3N.jpg My main concern is their goal, a few times in the 2nd half it nearly happened again, it was left for my sweeper to mark their centre forward, how would i combat this? Normally I would set to man mark with one of my CD but cant see how now. Any ideas?
  9. 3 Reasons why this game is rubbish. 1) Always concede a goal in the last 5mins whoever you are playing, no matter what you do (i.e go on the counter etc) 2) Your strikers, even if the best in the world can't score regularly in many situations where the AI **** strikers never miss. 3) At home, AI scores first chance and then you have 30-50 shots and not score, regulary with 5 CCCS +
  10. [FM14]Total Domination!

    Well I've got to December and am miles behind Celtic in the league, already losing and drawing more games than I have ever done so going to stop using this. Going forwards it seems good, lots of goals, but get raped to **** at the back, even against the minnows of the league. Tactic has potential if the defence was tighter.
  11. [FM14]Total Domination!

    Gunna give this an extended run, downloaded as bored of my 4141, although winning it was a bit stale...lots of 1-0 wins! Switched to last 3 games of the season and won all three although tactics only trained about 50%..3-1, 4-0 and 4-2. Last two games v Celtic. I'm Rangers btw. Will update on full season when done.
  12. 4-1-3-2 oh my gosh

    will post two versions of my tactics tactics and consists of 4 defenders, with two full backs who must attack given the lack of wings, a median that helps defend the classic steals balls, a record backlog that directs the game but also very present in front of goal, two central midfielders that have freedom of movement must press help on the wings craersi chances with many entries. and two strikers who will of course score goals and create spaces and to assist the banks and for the midfielders. instructions on opponents: (goalkeeper pressure = always) (central defenders = pressure constrigilo always-on weak foot) (= marking backs closely constrigilo on weak foot) (midfielders = pressure on the foot-constrigilo weak) (= marking wings = narrow pressure = always on foot constrigilo weak) (attackers = tight marking always)
  13. Not exactly difficult..I won every league game using a default 442 and doing nothing lol
  14. I got heavy training preseason till the first game of the season with a combo of tactics/cohestion and fitness. Then balanced/light for the rest of it.
  15. Five games played, five shots.

    Also use shouts if things aren't going your way: Press More Hassle Push Up