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  1. Are u planing to add the instant result button?
  2. Congratulations, super skin... the best one around I just try it, look's amazing. The colors you choose are great, keep up the good work man !!!
  3. Is this skin gonna be compatible with screen resolution 1280 X 800 ?
  4. If some one has the problem like mine, he should check in preferences does he use size for pictures and text zoom out 95%. If u are using zoom out, change back to standard 100 % and the problem with ads board will be fix
  5. Everything is working now Re-install the game and steam for the second time, remove all the cache file in users account in C. Restart the game without extra graphics, leave settings in preferences default and i see now the default board sigames. Then I add the extra graphics and ads board, made my settings in preferences (use very low graphics) and now i see the new ads boards I put again my files in E:\Games\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\graphics\pictures\ads and everything is working OK. No need using the default folder C:\My documents Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. This black board in game.. could be a hardware problem (conflict with integrated video card) or windows 8.1? I try using very high detail and hardware rendering, also very low detail and software rendering. In both case i see black board in game
  7. I try to install the version Fm 2014 Ad Board Patch 14.02. All the folder in Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\graphics\pictures\ads are with lower case. I don't what is wrong... i remove the ads pack, and still not seeing the game default ads board, still showing black boards.
  8. Not working here... i try everything, even re-install the game, remove all the graphics and still can't see default boards (i see black boards). Anyone?
  9. Good job man, your's Steklo skin make the game even more beautiful... enjoying using in Fm 2013.
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