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  1. I've played long ball with a TM numerous times with Villa, i got a TM on loan called James Hanson. Technically he's lacking, actually technically he has the attributes of a League Two player. However he is awesome in the air and beats almost all CB's in the Championship. As a TM the only attributes that are lacking are the two technical ones, first touch and passing however for me the idea of the target man is to just win the ball in the air from long balls for him to nod into the path of a poacher or advanced forward, or shadow striker...also an inside forward on attack but i agree with what someone mentioned about playing 2 other strikers up front with the TM in a narrow 433 i feel that would work best and is something i want to try. However i have had some success with a 442 and a 4123 DM wide so i'm confident a narrow 433 would be even more successful, however i'm only looking to play the long ball with the TM if nothing else is working in games as i am predominantly looking to play shorter passing with the technical players that i have. Below is the player in question, considered an influential player despite his poor technical attributes and he's joint top goalscorer on 3 goals with two other players. Imo all you need for a good TM is heading, jumping, strength, bravery, aggression, team work, work rate and anticipation. All the attributes that are highlighted for the role in the game, obviously first touch and passing will help a lot if the TM finds the ball at his feet but the idea is to feed him in the air, and i see it as a last 10 or 15 min strategy in a game when you need a goal...going forward this is probably going to be the only time i play this way, unless the scout report on the opposition reports that they have poor jumping reach which is something to surely exploit using a TM and playing a starting 11 that has your tallest players to make the most of set pieces.
  2. Interesting comments i bought in three players on loan during the transfer window (and theres' a number of players already in the squad that only recently joined, the likes of Snodgrass) and i am looking to bring in another striker on a free transfer as i need a decent deep lying forward. Guess the cohesion will eventually come naturally, once i get the forward i need, that'll be it, no more players till next season (as long as i dont get sacked).
  3. Hi i seem to have a problem with my match (or team) cohesion with my team. So far played 5 league games and 2 cup games and my match cohesion in dynamics although it says the team are blending well together, it then lists three negatives that impact the team during matches. Like players reacting slow to events unfolding, lacking vision, having a poor collective mental state, and i have been focusing on team cohesion in general training every week since the start of the season to get this to a good standard but it still lists these negatives, does anyone else have this? and have anyone noticed their team visibly performing better as a unit when this match cohesion improves? It just seems like i will never get this to a good standard and i dont want to be focusing on team cohesion for the whole season!
  4. I have since been thinking, and have decided to go with a defend-defend partnership with Terry and Chester. Mainly so that there is no obvious gap for the opposition to exploit behind Tery when he is pressing, and i have Whelan who will close down more in midfield just in front of them as he is playing as a center mid on defend. I'll see how that goes and think i'll also change to a flexible system rather than structured going into the game. EDIT; So game has been played, and it was a great first half, easily the best yet in a league game and should have been 2 or 3-0 up by half time...but somehow they get one half chance, one shot on goal, on target, and they score...so somehow i'm trailing 1-0 at half time. Keinan Davis could have scored one or two and Josh Onomah could have had one. Second half was poor in comparison to the first but i didnt watch much of it, leaving it on comprehensive highlights. Bristol were getting more of the ball in the second half and they had plugged the gaps that were there in the first half. If i had watched the game properly i would have seen what was going on and could have made changes to counter what they had done and stuck to the 4411. Instead i left it on comprehensive highlights and with 20 mins left made the change to 442 and put Hanson on up front. Not much seemed to improve but then came the equalizer from a throw in in stoppage time and then straight after could have won the game, but in the end i was just relieved to get at least a point, and going by the first half deserved to have got all 3 but thats how it can be. Just a better performance overall and possession was good in the first half along with the chances, just couldnt put them away. There were mistakes by my young right back Bree who was the weak link in an otherwise solid team performance which we hadnt really had since the 4-1 Gillingham win. It was also interesting to see that the fans were impressed how good we looked in the final third, something that hadnt impressed them since the Gillingham game. So just goes to show the changes i made, the tactics for the match worked at least for the first half and i feel like i can kick on now and start an assault on the playoff positions (where we need to be come end of the season).
  5. Well i dont whole heartedly think that a playmaker aids to play a possession style tactic due to the fact that he plays more risky passes which in turn can mean losing the ball more often unless every single ball he plays finds its target which is possible with a playmaker like Andres Iniesta but not Henri Lansbury or anyone that i have...maybe Wes Hoolahan but still he's no Iniesta. I understand there is that need to create chances, i just dont think its necessary to play someone in that playmaker role who might lose the ball more often than not. I dont think any of the roles that those players have in that 4411 i showed you above have an instruction which says to make fewer risky passes so at the end of the day there will still be attempts at killer balls and of course crosses especially from my attacking left back....there just wont be an excessive amount of attempts with killer balls made by someone who would be in that playmaker role. I think that formation, roles and duties are a good solid platform to build from, there will be a need for tweaks especially when changes to personnel are made, but i feel those roles and duties dont leave my team over exposed in any area of the pitch in defensive transitions and the structured shape helps my team to transition from offence to defence better than flexible or fluid etc (conceding goals has been a massive problem so far)....but again thats something that can be changed in game if i feel the need to, for example if we're not creating enough. But i must say your observation with the covering CB is a very good one, and something i did not pick up on, so i'll be swapping Terry and Chester around, but i do feel that Terry is best suited to a stopper duty as it best suits his high aggression and bravery. Again this could be changed in game but with Bree to Terry's right who will be on a defend duty, he can help cover any gaps left in behind Terry especially if i were to switch to a narrow shape or i instruct Bree to sit narrower...not forgetting there is the covering CB in Chester...i feel and i have seen others comment that they find the stopper cover partnership compliments each other in a zonal marking system where as a defend defend partnership compliments each other especially in a man marking system or when playing the offside trap, that is advice i picked up off others. I do have Elmohamady who is a natural winger and who i'll play on the right, but in the winger role it'll mean he'll run with the ball often, and i do find that when players run with the ball often, they can tend to lose the ball more often that not just like with a playmaker making a lot of killer ball attempts. For sure the rewards are there when a skillful winger beats the full back as he then has time and space to put a good cross in or run at goal, but i find he can tend to lose the ball more often unless he's Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, and that isnt good when playing a possession style tactic, wingers are great for direct and counter attacking football though. Bear in mind that i'm focusing my attacks down the left and i have my LB attacking and who will look to put in crosses...with Elmohamady attacking down the right, he'll be looking to attack the far post with those crosses...but if he were to receive the ball when building an attack, as a wide midfielder role and with the team instructions he'll look to just play a simple ball with the emphasis of building an attack down the left unless if he's in the final third where he could put a cross in. Anyway i'll see how it goes and let you know what happens. Thanks for pointing out the lack of cover for the attacking LB.
  6. Thanks for your advice and observations and i have implemented in the past some of the things you raised, such as overloading down one flank where you're focusing your attacks down there and balancing the roles/duties more. I have been thinking the gap between the FB's and wide forwards is the real main weakness of this formation and has contributed to numerous goals, with getting done on crosses, balls in behind and even set pieces. It is a real issue when looking to close down more as a team, as well as playing with a more forward thinking risky mentality not only with those gaps in wide areas for opponents to exploit, but also John Terry has acceleration and pace both 5. He's a stopper however which he is very well suited to but then the covering defender Chester has his work cut out and has both acceleration and pace of 13 with anticipation of 15. For me i think its best i approach the Bristol City game with a defensive mindset in a 442 formation, but also will try to control possession and work to create chances. But its difficult when the strikers you have available have the technical attributes of league one standard so then i'm thinking back to route one style up to Hanson with Keinan Davis playing off him as a poacher or maybe an advanced forward. Oh...but then i'm like well i have good midfielders and i have them in numbers so really i should only play Davis up front, leaving Hanson on the bench for that route one option if i feel theres a need for it. I actually switched to a 4411 for the second half of the West Ham game bringing Onomah on in AMC as a shadow striker replacing Hanson who was up front with Davis, playing in a 442. How many shots on goal did we have in the first half......1 How many shots on goal did we have in the second half......16!!! All goals scored by my side and theirs were scored in the second half....first half was awful for both teams, although West Ham did keep hold of possession well because their midfield 4 were playing very narrow passing side to side and backwards at times...going nowhere but still keeping the ball. They were allowed this because they outnumbered us in that central midfield area, but also because i was playing counter mentality with highly structured shape, the idea was to hit them on the break and i had my two wide men Bjarnason (left) and Elmohamady on attack duties, also using the clear ball to flanks TI. But oh well....there were pretty much zero threatening attacks made by my side in that first half, but after that second half i think i may have found a sweet spot with the 4411....this is what i plan for the Bristol City game and i'll let you know how i get on after. Johnstone GK-D Bree FB-D Chester CB-C Terry CB-S De Laet FB-A Elmohamady WM-A Whelan CM-D Hourihane BBM-S Bjarnason WM-S Onomah SS-A Davis DLF-A I think those roles and duties are well balanced defensively and offensively with concentrating attacks down the left flank. If the opposition are playing a DM, i'll allow Onomah to roam from his position....or i could instruct him to run wide with the ball, and instruct Bjarnason to sit narrower. Mentality- Standard Team shape- Structured TI's- Shorter passing, play out of defence, exploit the left flank and possibly could add work ball into box and look for overlap or one or the other. GK instructions roll ball out to Terry if opposition playing with wide forwards (like in a 4231 wide) or roll ball out to De Laet if opposition playing 2 up front. So not a lot of instructions, no additional instructions to the players but the dilemma then is opposition instructions...if i feel i need to target a player to be closed down always because he's a big danger that can easily disrupt my structured shape, so maybe i could leave out closing any specific players down and instead for opposition instructions just focus on certain players being shown on a specific foot or weaker foot. Attacking set pieces will be mainly focused on playing it short to keep possession and building attacks that way except for corners where i could opt for a corner to be directed at the penalty spot for a player lurking outside area or attacking ball from deep. If i had more big men on the pitch especially Hanson then i'd go direct for crosses in the box all the time, for free kicks i'd target the best header with Hanson being on the pitch for example. So any thoughts on those tactics and formation setup? dont know if i'll bother playing the match now, will probably be tomorrow night in which case anymore input from yourself in the meantime can be taken on board before the game, cheers.
  7. I would say in terms of overall play with possession and shots on goal, the Norwich game was better than the Cardiff or Reading games but....still lost, at home, and conceded 3 goals. We're leaking goals badly.
  8. Ok well i'm showing the formations, heat map and match stats of my recent 3-2 loss to Norwich as i have forgot what my team instructions were and exact roles and duties for the players...however from what i remember it was Johnstone- GK-D Bree- FB-S Chester- CB-C Terry-CB-S Taylor- FB-S Whelan- DM-D Bjarnason- CM-A Lansbury- AP-A Elmohamady- W-S Snodgrass- IF-S Davis- DLF-A Mentality i think was standard or control Team shape i think flexible Team instructions i think were shorter passing, close down more, play out of defence not sure what else. I know you might say that i should at least have one of those CM's on a support duty but i checked the instructions for a AP-A and it doesnt have "gets further forward" like the role i gave Bjarnason. The only real difference between a AP-S and AP-A is with attack it means the player runs with the ball often, but doesnt make a lot of forward runs when the team has the ball which would be no good for a short passing game considering the gap that would open up between the CM's and the DM. I've been trying some very contrasting styles, and in this game i was 3-1 down till i went 442 and got Hanson on up front who scored from an Elmohamady cross from a header within minutes of coming on. Just seems like nothing is working at least not anywhere near as well as it should be, either due to loss of possession too easily or lack of chances. Just drew 2-2 with West Ham but they played mostly reserves, managed to get through to the 3rd round of the league cup on pens but its just not good enough. Went ahead twice in that game, twice lost a lead. My biggest problem would have to be conceding goals, i'm thinking of just focusing on defending for at least the next game and try to build on that (Bristol City away) working on defensive positioning in match prep and as the team cohesion is still lacking i'm working on that in team training. How long did it take for your team to gain a good enough team cohesion? even though it says the team is blending well together, it then lists 3 negatives which is wrong with the cohesion such as reactions to events and vision. Thanks for looking into this with me...i managed Villa in FM17 and got sacked by January! however i carried on that game and got a job at Notts County and took them from 6 points off relegation to a playoff place and lost the playoff final to Colchester 1-0. I think in FM18 managing Villa i'll most likely get sacked by November by the way its going....maybe Notts County will have another job.
  9. Hi thanks for your reply, how do i post a screenshot? thanks.
  10. Hi so as it says in the title i'm managing Villa and i'm struggling. So far i've only played 3 league games and a league cup game. Lost opening game to Hull 5-2 at home which was probably the worst start i've ever had in any previous FM save. I then got a nice 4-1 win over Gillingham in the league cup (but no big deal still obviously, it was just Gillingham) followed by a totally undeserved 2-1 win away at Cardiff which we won with two penalties! had like 31% possession and created just one or two chances in open play. Then i got battered by Reading 3-1 away and in this game seemed to create even less with the only goal a long range effort from Conor Hourihane and possession was about the same as against Cardiff. The way i see it is, possession is only good if you're creating and scoring, but most notably against Reading there was very little in chances, the defending was very poor and we gave the ball away too easily. The last two games have really come down to the style i feel i've been forced to play due to injuries to all my first team strikers Kodjia, Hogan and my loan signing Lys Mousset from Bournemouth who got injured straight away in an u23's match. After Mousset got injured i felt i just had to get another striker on loan, so i decided to go with a big tall strong aerially dominant target man in James Hanson from Sheff Utd. Bear in mind that my first choice striker i wanted to sign was Peter Crouch- but the deal fell through due to lack of transfer funds (tried to push through the deal again after adjusting the transfer budget but the agent wouldnt negotiate again) so i decided to get Mousset on loan, but as i said he got injured straight away...just what i needed. With the only options up front being the young Keinan Davis and Gabby Agbonlahor i needed another option so i bought in Hanson as kind of an emergency loan but also so that he could give me a totally different option that could work, at least for the short term till the likes of Kodjia and Mousset were back from injury. So Hanson made a great impact in that Gillingham game getting two goals, and from what i remember he came on as a sub and just turned the game around (think it was 1-1 till he came on) just played attacking mentality, closing down more and route one with narrow formation in a 4-1-2-3 DM wide, worked an absolute treat. But then after the Cardiff and Reading games reality hit home and i realised i cannot play route one with Hanson up front, at least not from the off...i think it has to be a tactic employed only in the last 10 or so mins when chasing a game. Very narrow formation, all out attacking, structured team shape, pressing all over the pitch, high D line, route one, pump ball into box, GK distribution long kicks and to target man...as i said good for last 10 or so mins, throwing Hanson up front. I decided to change my style for the upcoming home game with Norwich, playing my most technical players with the likes of Lansbury and Snodgrass (although Snodgrass has been playing crap) and look to play more of a passing game with Keinan Davis up front as a deep lying forward on attack duty. Probably my main concern for the last game was how poorly we defended and the defence isnt bad at all..John Terry and James Chester at CB, Neil Taylor and Alan Hutton at FB. I have put this down to lack of team cohesion so i am concentrating now on team cohesion in general training along with teamwork in match prep until i see the team cohesion improve in the dynamics section. I can visibly see watching back on highlights bad mistakes what some of my players are making, most notably Hutton who made the most mistakes in both those last two games....4 against Cardiff and 8 against Reading so i have now dropped him for James Bree. I feel i am recognizing the faults in my team in both attacking and defending, though for attacking i feel i am struggling mainly with the striker options but i think this passing style with the good midfielders i have will be more beneficial (something i noticed in recent matches analysis was that most of the goals my team scored came when we had possession of the ball for 60-70 seconds as opposed to the most common amount of time i'd have possession for, 20-30 seconds). Has anyone else had problems with team cohesion? i feel this is why players are sometimes out of position and making bad mistakes. For example watching one highlight, Hutton tried to play Zohore of Reading offside when i wasnt even instructing to play the offside trap and the other 3 of the back 4 werent pushing up with Hutton which allowed Zohore a 1 on 1 with the keeper but he somehow fluffed the chance. So any advice on this is welcome, i'd imagine there will be some of you who has been managing Villa too so you'll know about the striker predicament you start with.
  11. I have noticed others have reported what i've reported i'm pretty sure its the same problem, not sure how i can find crash dumps just did a search in my windows and i just found some files from 2015 and thats it. I think the error message said something like staging when it came up. I feel like now i'm wasting my time playing the game as i know this could happen any minute.
  12. Played my first league match the other day and after the match the game crashed when loading up a players' analysis. Just attempted to play the match again and this time at half time all of a sudden screen went black and a message pops up saying the game is crashed and i'm back on my Steam library page.Never had these problems with FM before, please sort them out. I've attached my dxdiag for your viewing. DxDiag.txt
  13. If this is the case then i find it odd that man management isnt included in the highlighted attributes for a coach. Those highlighted are just Attacking, Defending, Technical, Mental, fitness, tactical, motivating, level of discipline and determination.
  14. I have played a 4231 same as you with my Notts County team in League 2 since i signed a quality AM on a free, a Brazilian by the name of Rafael Bondi, i discovered him after i signed a scout with knowledge of Italy where Bondi was playing...unbelievably for an amateur club so i didnt have to pay a transfer fee or compensation. Won every game since with this formation and playing a possession style, possession has ranged from a minimum of 56% to up to 73% in all the games. I've read on here that theres' no magic tactic in FM, but now i'm starting to think that isnt true, and that the 4231 possession is maybe somewhat a "cheat" lol.
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