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  1. Thanks for that much appreciated
  2. Got a refund until this is implemented
  3. When I process the game sometimes my game crashes? I have attached the crash dump. FM 2018 v18.2.0.1050224 (2017.12.16 19.50.43).dmp
  4. Whats the benefits of playing FM Touch over the full simulation?
  5. What would you says are good values? For example I've changed the first value to 190 but the scouting panel has also changed size! See the screenshot
  6. Say if you have a powerful computer what's optimal? In order to still get transfers rather quick but still be able to find top players etc from around the world?
  7. At 2440p the profile pic looks like a spec on the monitor how can I increase the size of it like in other skins? Whats the panels code etc?
  8. I reinstalled it but it didn't work Then I disabled crossfire and then it got fixed!
  9. Yeah I've tried to no luck, no one else encountered this?
  10. I'm having a problem every time I start a match in the preloading screens the 3d graphics such as the kits and ball flash/flicker on the screen and only disappear once I have started the actual match, I have a feeling its one of the mods I have installed but occasionally the graphic of the ball flashes up too. I've done the usual already to no avail lad, unchecked caching/reload skin, cleared cache, deleted preferences and verified game cache etc.
  11. I attempted all of those methods but it didnt work I have realised that its the 3d graphics flickering just as the match engine loads itself
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