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  1. I have had the game for a few days now, players around with lower league/middle and higher league teams and the one thing I find in common is the Match Engine is absolute garbage, I cant put my finger on 1 big aspect about it but feels like hundreads of little things that just make its feel like trash, exmaple: the speed of players (my own and ops) seem to have super speed, like upward of running at 30+ MPH, running from box to box in about 3 seconds even if they have 10 pace/acceleration it doesnt seem to matter. Another thing, a ball coming towards a player, player doesnt move, no Opposition player near him, still that player doesnt go for the ball and just stand there, there from 40 yards away an opp player starts to go to the ball and gets it, still that player doesnt move. Also the vast amount of red cards is mind boggling. i think in the 3 teams I manager for 1 season each I got around 25 red cards, and its not just my teams, looking at other games its just a flurry of red cards! It just feels like a total let down this year, there seems to be less quality in the product in a declining fashion each year now, with the price getting higher too.
  2. Dont know if its already been mentioned or is already in the game somehow, but a new gameplay idea like: choose your nations but every single player is random generated, and every staff/officials, So that there is no "real" people in the game at all, even a bit more could do a shake up of teams, put teams in random leagues (in their own nations) and things like this, I know you can change all real players names when your setting up but you can tell still who is who...
  3. Nah It makes alot of sense now, ive never really bought outside the EU before because they seem to flop as soon as they come to the prem..
  4. I've just had my 20th~ or so work permit for a player turned down and I don't know why they are constantly being turned down... This last transfer was for a player called Jorge Correa a 28 year old Argentinia playing for Corinthlans, got him for £11m he plays in the national team and the contract I offered him was for a key player and would of been played every time he was fit to play. its just getting annoying now that its pointless even having any other continents loaded.
  5. For me Fm2015 has been my least favourite in the whole series so far, I cant put my finger on why exactly it feels like a lot of small things, the whole experience seems like a step backwards and although I only paid £17 for it I still feel I overpaid...did they hire new people to make this years edition or something?
  6. I know and nearly all the signings i made at the beginning of 2nd season were free
  7. 99% of the "personal chats" i have end in the same bizzare exchange, I am currently sitting at top of the table with stoke in the second season, doing amazing, 6 points clear, great team work and everything going well, and a player comes to me saying he wants to leave to play better calibre of football, (wants me to accept a big from newcastle who are currently 18th, I tell him to stick around and if we dont get qualify for champs league I will let him go and his reaction is "my team mates wont like to hear about this" the little bitch is can rot in the under 21s now, even if he is the BPL top scorer and blasting them, he can get stuffed... but my main point of this post is this happens nearly every single time during these 1 to 1s with players, the whole exchange his crap and just totally unrealistic and the responses are just bizzare...
  8. Overall its a good patch but im noticing im hitting the woodwork ALOT and there is alot of penalties too, I think i the 20 games ive played on new patch theres been about 17 penalties which i feel is a little high
  9. 1 thing I hate is fixtures, a save I was playing I had a game every other day so 1 day rest between games for about 2 weeks, I tried looking for a reschedule option but it didnt excist and my save was just ruined by that run, like 8 key players injured for 2 months+ each so I had to delete the save and start again
  10. is this a thing or did i dream it? if its real where is it in the game?
  11. forget this post, tried a game with a defender in goal, aftr 5 mins 2 of my players had been sent off and 1 injured, so I give up with that save its cursed.
  12. 22 Played / 2 Lost / 3 draws / 17 wins http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/8241/04q9.png Been tweaking this all week and think I finally found a winning formula! How I train: -Fill all 3 Tactic spots with the tactic -Team Cohesion in pre-season and tactics match prep When the season starts I gave all training to my Assistant Manager. My assistant set all Opposition instructions, every game. I apply all changes my assistant recommends during the game. Please some feedback would be welcome Download in this Thread: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm-14-tactics/144092-royal-doulton-4321-great-results-stoke-so-far.html
  13. Thanks for that, I tried the Custom and They arent even listed in there, So just loaded what I could, ty for reply.
  14. I'm starting a new save as a LLM and I see people talking about these 2 countrys but I cant seem to find them anywhere in the game?
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