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  1. The Enganche role fits best with all of the other roles in this tactic. You have two attacking players making runs into the box, you don't need a third trying to dribble behind them. Your player happens to fit the role well, which is rare on lower league teams. His Teamwork attribute is pretty good for this level, but the Shoots From Distance PPM is not ideal for an Enganche, who should really look to pass instead of shoot. You might think about changing the DLP-S to CM-S, to make sure the Enganche gets the ball as much as possible.
  2. In FM15 I used a narrow 4-1-2-2-1 with Arsenal. Giroud played as a Poacher up front, Sanchez was an Attacking Midfielder who would cut inside from the left, and Ozil was an Enganche. Wilshire was a very good backup for Ozil as an Enganche because of his Teamwork and technical skills. If you want Wilshire to do well in a playmaker role, he needs the ball often, and he needs support from his other midfielders. Right now you have two playmakers in your tactic, so when will Wilshire get the ball? Change the DM-D to DLP-D or Regista, and change one of the playmaker roles.
  3. With a 4-1-4-1 I like using a DLF/S at striker and CM/A instead of a BBM. The striker still makes forward runs, but also drops deep so he isn't so isolated. A CM/A will make more forward runs so that the winger has two targets instead of one. If the winger isn't that great at dribbling, but is good at crossing, you might consider changing to a W/S. Wingers with a support role will cross earlier, which looks more like a through ball. All of those suggestions assume that you have players that fit these roles. You can look at your Team Report Comparison to see how your team compares to the rest of the league. In general in lower league saves I value Pace, Stamina, Natural Fitness and Bravery for all of my field players.
  4. I have two suggestions that might help with crosses: 1) Use the team instruction "Close Down More". You need to challenge those crosses before they come into the box. 2) Change the fullback roles to FB-S. FB-A is a very aggressive role, especially with an aggressive team mentality. To protect the hole between midfield and defense, you have at least two options: 1) Change formation from 4-4-1-1, to 4-1-4-1. This will require a couple of adjustments in roles. Giroud will need to change to a support role such as DLF-S. 2) Find a better ball winner than Ramsey in the CM-S position. He is a good tackler but has poor positioning. Buying a good ball winning midfielder is something almost everybody does when they manage Arsenal.
  5. It's tough to make suggestions when we don't know what's going wrong. Are you giving up too many goals? Do you find it tough to create chances or keep possession? I'm just guessing here, but your tactic looks very attacking, do you have the right players to make this work? Are your defenders good enough to leave them isolated when you invite counter attacks? Can your striker and inside forward win balls in the air, or are they fast enough to beat defenders to the six yard box? Can your attacking wingback dribble and cross the ball? How well does your supporting wingback pass the ball? When you have the ball, you will at times look like a 3-4-3. You might want to switch one of your wingbacks to a fullback role to help out your defence. Is your striker isolated at AF? I like to use DLF-S as a lone striker. He will link up well with the rest of the team and still make runs into the box.
  6. I play the same tactic home and away. I make small adjustments to my 4-1-4-1 possession tactic depending on how the opposition plays and how my team reacts. If we have plenty of possession but don't create chances against a 4-4-2, I'll add the shout Exploit the Middle. Against a 3-5-2 I will Exploit the Flanks, as long as I have Keep Possession on as well. If we are up against a much bigger team that is pinning me back, I have recently went strikerless with a 4-1-4-1-0. The strikerless tactic creates fewer chances, but is better for possession. In big matches I try to watch the first 5 minutes just to get a feel for the game. After that I switch to Comprehensive.
  7. There are several MLS custom databases that add promotion/relegation. I use [FM15] USA World Class MLS (8 levels), which also adds a worldwide Champions League and Club World Championship. No one has updated this database for FM16, however someone has added a world Champions League update.
  8. Enganche is a static role, but if a player has good off the ball movement he can find more space in crowded areas. Just like in real life, Ozil has a natural ability to find that hole between the center backs and midfielders. He doesn't run past defenders, but he does drift within zone 14 to find room.
  9. Ozil is an ideal Enganche. If he has room he will gladly dribble forward, but his first instinct is to play forward passes and keep the ball moving. His off the ball movement will make it very difficult to mark him out of the game. Wingback Support is a good role is you want to keep the ball and reduce the number of crosses. Debuchy likes to take on defenders, so don't think that this role will just lead to endless side to side passing. I like the TI Work Ball Into Box because it fits into the patient style that my teams play. You get fewer shots, but better chances, often closer to goal. I normally played a lower tempo but would raise the tempo against better teams.
  10. I played a very similar tactic with Arsenal, a narrow 4-1-2-2-1. Looking back, I would have chosen the same 4-3-2-1 formation you use. My DM (Anchor/DLP, depending on the player) tended to have solid, but anonymous games, and my center midfielders would play a little too close to the attacking midfielders. Like you, I had to experiment with the roles of the front three to get them just right. I ended up with Ozil as an Enganche, Sanchez as AM-A, and Welbeck at False 9. Sanchez dribbled too much as SS, and was too close to the striker. Since Welbeck wants to beat the offsides trap, he really only played like a False 9 during the buildup phase. Once the ball was in the final third he played like an Advanced Forward. When I played Giroud, I used him as a Poacher. In the midfield I had Ramsey at AP-A, Oxlade-Chamberlain at CM-S, and Nkoulou at Anchor.
  11. Work Ball Into Box should help with possession and creating better chances. Against better defences I will use Higher Tempo to have higher possession, but this will usually lead to fewer CCCs. Most of the time Lower Tempo should work to create better shots. One thing to keep in mind is that Complete Wingbacks will cross the ball quite often. This should lead to some good chances, but is not good for possession. Wingback (Support) is better for possession. You can even add Cross Less Often as a PI, but this can lead to a stagnant offense.
  12. What is your formation and team instructions? If you play a 4-2-3-1 the center midfielders need to cover a lot of ground and can make mistakes if they are too far upfield. Poor Decisions, Composure, Consistency (hidden attribute), and Pressure (hidden attribute) can lead to mistakes. I prefer players with mental skills. It is easier to train for Passing, than Bravery or Composure.
  13. Do your Fullbacks have better Passing skills? You can instruct your GK to "Distribute to Fullbacks", or "Distribute to AP/S". Your playmaker should drop deep to receive the ball if the GK rolls the ball to him. If your GK has high Eccentricity or low Composure he might not always follow your instructions. You'll have to watch the game to see who is open and how your GK reacts to pressure. I would keep my center backs on CD-D even in lower leagues, unless you see that they cannot pass the ball 10 yards to an open fullback or midfielder.
  14. You can check this Strikerless tactic here: http://strikerless.com/2014/12/27/fm15-strikerless-2-0-a-download/ I have adjusted this tactic to add a striker to make it a narrow 4-1-2-2-1. When I used a higher tempo I had more possession and more shots, but fewer CCCs. The higher tempo is a good way to kill a game off since you keep possession well, assuming your team has the stamina for it. For high tempo tactics I like to use Retain Possession, Shorter Passing, Play Out Of Defense, and Work Ball Into Box. You need to watch your team play a few games and adjust your tactics. Friendlies can be misleading, so don't overreact and start adding lots of instructions early in preseason.
  15. Most MLS teams do not win consistently from year to year. Because of the salary cap many successful teams will lose a few good players and will find it difficult to replace them. CONCACAF Champions League matches can leave teams exhausted. Most teams don't bother to really compete in the U.S. Open Cup. If MLS teams had great academy programs they could afford to sell players every year. While they have improved, none of the MLS club academies has produced starting players with the regularity of Southampton or Anderlecht. In American sports, teams need to understand their place in "The Success Cycle". They need to build their roster with young and cheap players, find the right veteran leadership, and know when to stretch the budget for a star player. Equally important, they need to know when their stars have started to decline, and when to tear down a roster to rebuild again. While this might not sound so different from the challenges of any other football club, the unique MLS structure (no promotion/relegation, draft, etc.) changes the way teams manage their teams.
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