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  1. I also do this. Would be nice if in the next FM it became a feature. So you could let your Assistant Manager take control of all games (using the same team and tactics that you select), not just friendlies.
  2. Real player season is over. Liverpool finished 8th. The top 5 was: Man City Chelsea Spurs Fulham Man U Will post a screenshot later.
  3. I would if I saw any extra benefit in that. Plus, it would take longer to save and load games.
  4. I used fake (generated) players because this is my genuine game. I always use fake players and always go on holiday for one year so I get some decent match stats etc and to give entropy a chance! Just to confirm, Liverpool got relegated, in 18th place, along with West Brom and Wigan. Man U won the league. I'm running a game now on manager holiday with real players. I'll report back later.
  5. Here's the Premier League table on Jan 2nd 2013 on my FM 2013 beta game (I am an unattached manager on holiday): Not good reading for Liverpool fans! However, this is with fake players, but still.
  6. As others have mentioned, when I start my game with fake players, I always holiday for the first season, then take over a club on June 1st. Then I have at least one season for things to settle and for players to gain match stats.
  7. Same for me. I only ever really have one game going and I always use fake players as my prejudices against real players affect my decisions. You do sometimes get an incredible 16 year old from San Marino who you can snap up from Al Ahli for £500k. Making it less easy to spot which fake player was generated from whom (as stated above) would be better though.
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