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  1. what about a negotiating stat for Director of Football/Head of youth development/managers etc. Seems like an easy thing to implement and seems logical to me
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, I will play a few games and see what happens. I will drop them back to fb line and see. about the BWM/BBM. I really only chose those roles as they suit my players best. I dont really have a hugely creative player to have in the middle. Rolfes and Bender are more mobile runners than creators I feel. thanks for the help
  3. I finished the season in 5th place, on goal difference alone so ideally I would like to score more goals. I have bought batshuayi as Son Heung-Min was not succeeding in either AML or ST. I have tweaked the tactic abit to try and make it more secure at the back as I have conceded too many goals for my liking. (See below for breakdown of goals) the tweaks I made were to change the dm to a half back.the thinking behind that would be I would have around 3 defenders so I could keep the wingbacks attacking. I also changed my CM (A) to a BBM as i felt it suited my players more. Here is it now ignore the injuries, this is what I believe my strongest team to be. Player instructions: GK-Nothing CB-Nothing CWB- Cross Aim Target Man, Get Further Forward, Shoot Less often HB- Pass shorter BBM- nothing BWM- nothing AP- Nothing TM-Hold Position AF- Moves into channels. Another question, I wanted to have my TM as my main goalscorer hence the hold position so he would always be in the goalscoring position. But as I have the AF on moves into channels (to try and draw defenders away) does this give more space for the TM or reduce it? Does the Hold position PI make the TM more static? Apologies for all the questions Here is my breakdown of goals scored and conceded. . this suggests to me that my right flank is weak. I think that could be down to my weak players, so I have invested in aurier. If I still encounter problems down my right I will change the role. A question: If I do change my CWB to a WB(A)/(S), will that massivley impact on their getting forward? I would like to keep them as a CWB as I dont have wingers. what does everyone think about it?
  4. what do you think of this? or maybe without the run at defence? as that may contradict the run at defence. i dont massively want to do a 4-4-2 as i can never get them to work, whereas this formation has a dm and an am. which i feel would be more stable. also RTHerringbone, I have taken in what you said about the mentality and I have had some more success. thanks also Hand of God, I have put Kiessling up top with a mate and since that he has started scoring more. so thanks for that too
  5. I have just updated it to be standard and rigid. as I have been reading what you have been saying. it seems to be working abit better. i think that I will stick to a control or standard now as i think it suits my team. i have changed my away to counter too as i tried defensive but couldnt get it to work, wish i had cleons knowledge.
  6. what you say makes sense, i have changed my set pieces so hopefully I will see an improvement. with my striker, I want my tactic to utilise kiesslings strengths, i toyed with the idea of having two up top, but then couldnt work out where id sacrifice a player, as i like the 4-3-3 formation because i think its stable. alternatively I could change kiesslings role to a complete forward maybe
  7. hey guys, I started at Leverkusen. here is the tactic: i am doing ok, playing ok football, id like a way to maximise kiessling as he can get a bit isolated. I thought about playing two wingers, but thought that that might be abit one-dimensional and easy to defend against. my defense is abit shaky especially from corners and crosses. I have conceded a few goals from crosses. here is my away effort what do you all think? any glaring errors? i concede goals from corners so was wondering if anyone knows any decent defensive corner set ups? here is mine PI instructions are: GK-distribute to defenders dr-cross to target man, run wide with ball cb-nothing dl- cross aim target man, dm- nothing bwm- hold position cm- nothing if-cross target man w-cross target man st-nothing apologies if I have missed anything out, I will add more info if needed cheers guys Cheers
  8. dunno if this has been said, or can already do, but getting your director of football search for a specific type of player. and possibly a more detailed training, e.g. getting defenders to train on one schedule and attackers on another.
  9. I have done, but no interest or replies. also do you know how to upload screenshots onto the website?
  10. there are no outgoing transfers, the players just disappear from the game completely, its bizarre, also they all had contracts. I have searched for them in the search bar and it says no results found. I would upload screenshots but it doesnt let me for some reason
  11. hey everyone, Basically I get to 25 June and I get a youth intake in, and most of my squad disappear. I have tried searching for a number of them but they have gone from the game. Can anyone help me please? Thanks
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