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  1. Like the sound of most of the changes. Only negative is I'll have to give it a miss as the minimum spec is above what I have!
  2. I can't provide a screenshot as I'm at work, but though I don't recall seeing goals in the same minute since the franchise became FM rather than CM, last night on CM2, as Huddersfield, I played Grimsby, and in the 78th minute (I think) the score went from 1-0, to 2-0, to 2-1, to 3-1, all in the same minute (thankfully in my favour). I used to occasionally see 2 goals scored in the same minute on there (although sadly there's no way to see which was scored first) but until last night I'd never seen 3 goals being registered as being scored in exactly the same minute. It was utterly bonkers!
  3. As far as the internationals go, I kind of do but kind of don't, if that makes sense. In effect I want 2 World Cups, 2 European Championships, keep the Copa America, the African Cup of Nations etc, but I want to in effect change the way they're done, so 4 different qualification processes for the 4 World Cup/European Championships and the teams for the qualifying groups for each tournament sorted by ranking on a certain date, as obviously teams will change ranking positions throughout the year. I appreciate that the way I worded it up there may sound pretty complicated (it is to me as well if I'm honest) but I'd love to be able to in effect get rid of the current World Cup, and create 2 new World Cups with qualification done in the way I want it, and the rankings to determine whether a country takes part in qualifying for the Major World Cup or the Minor World Cup (plus I guess i'd have to sort out hosts etc as well), but also have it so that if say Oman were ranked 73 now, but in say 2022 they were ranked 43, they'd move from the Minor World Cup qualifying section to the Major World Cup qualifying section.
  4. So if I do that, the other leagues around the world will still carry on, but it'd get rid of every continental competition except for the competitions I chose to create? If so, that's just what I want to hear. I'd presumably need to do the same if I wanted to do similar for a World Cup, African Cup of Nations, European Championship, Copa America, or would I have to go about that in a different way? You can obviously get a rough idea as to what I want to do with them in my previous post, but it wouldn't be based on continent, it'd be a case of literally the top 64 teams in the world, wherever they are, trying to qualify for the Major World Cup.
  5. Yup, without being able to get rid of every other continental competition, I'm going to find it basically impossible to do it without giving some of the best teams a ridiculous number of games a season. Thinking of doing similar for the international teams, eg a Major World Cup (the 64 teams ranked highest with qualification to get to the MaWC itself with 8 groups of 8 and the top 3 in each group automatically qualifying and the teams in 4th and 5th in each group going through to the playoffs so 16 teams, with 8 winners of the playoffs also qualifying, giving 32 teams) A Minor World Cup (the rest of the countries qualifying to get to the MiWC itself but would have to come up with something different for them). Also the same for the European Championship with a Major European Championship (32 highest ranked European teams qualifying to get to the MaEC with 8 groups of 4 and the winners of each group qualifying automatically and then positions 2 and 3 in each group going through to the playoffs giving 16 teams, with the 8 winners of the playoffs also qualifying, giving 16 teams) A Minor European Championship (the rest of the European countries qualifying to get to the MiEC but would have to come up with something different for them) Doing that might be even more awkward though due to the issue of teams moving in the rankings throughout the year, but it might be possible somehow, but I doubt it sadly (again I'd have to get rid of the current World Cup and European Championship).
  6. Right, that's fine. I just need to make sure I can get rid of the current competitions though, otherwise the top teams could end up playing a daft number of games in a season. If someone knows how to get rid of every other countries continental competitions, please let me know (African Champions League, Club World Cup, Europa League, Copa Libatadores etc).
  7. Not asking anyone to create anything for me, merely wondering before I try and create it, if it's possible to (for example) get rid of the UEL and UCL, the Copa Libertadores, and African Champions League etc and instead have a World Champions League with just the champions from around the world taking part in a large tournament (maybe the top 32 or 64 countries champions) and a World Something Or Other League for teams coming in positions 2-4 for example (apologies for the name of the lesser competition, that's until I can come up with a sort of sensible name, if anyone has any ideas, let me know please), and maybe even a 3rd similar competition for clubs coming 5th and 6th. Any ideas if it's possible or not, while getting rid of the various club continental competitions? If so, would I need to go to every country I want to use and go into the Nation Rules for them too? Sorry if it sounds complicated, just wondering if it's possible before I begin making a start on it, assuming it's possible of course.
  8. Don't get why it can't be talked about if I'm honest.
  9. I switch everyone, so those that start 1 game, are on the bench or not in the squad for the next, those not in the squad or on the bench in the previous game start, subject to fitness/injuries/suspensions.
  10. This is the 1 problem with Steam, if you buy a game (whether it's this 1 or another game in whatever genre) and then decide you don't want it anymore, your only 2 realistic options are keep it but not play it, or bin it basically, you can't just pass it on to a mate or sell it online.
  11. Read the first post. I'm in the PL (it even says Premier Division at the top where you can see the league of the relevant team). Nothing to do with being in League 1. I have no restrictions placed on scouting by my chairman.
  12. Very puzzled by this. I'm in the PL, not in debt, have plenty of money, yet it says (when I right click a player) that I can't afford to scout. This wasn't an issue in the season before. Sorry if it's not very big (and therefore not very clear), I don't really know how to make the pics any bigger.
  13. This has to be 1 of the most unrealistic things I've seen. Avram Grant as England manager in 2014? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  14. I would rather be able to get rid of them (specifically those from the youth intake), rather than them potentially taking up places on the pitch/on the bench that could be filled with better players, rather than having some absolute dross that'll never amount to anything more than a decent BSP player taking any of the places.
  15. Not seen this before. As you know, players/coaches etc can go for a various qualification, eg the continental pro licence. What I didn't expect though was to get the following message: Huddersfield coach Ian Miller has so far failed to gain a Continental Pro Licence. He has been given extra time to try to complete the course.
  16. Happened to a player during 1 of my matches it may have been (can't remember), and thought "that seems extraordinarily harsh, it's near my penalty box so he's not denying a clear goalscoring opportunity as he's trying to score himself"
  17. I know this is very much a minor thing, but player of the match? Really? Nobody ever calls it player of the match, it's always been man of the match, be that in games or in real life. I would say maybe it's been changed due to female footballers in the game, but obviously that's not the case.
  18. Find it strange that playing as Huddersfield, I'm about to play my 2nd round Capital One Cup game against Ipswich, yet it says in the press conference I've defied the odds to get that far. Why? I'm a Championship club, who beat a L2 club in round 1. How exactly is reaching round 2 defying the odds? Just as daft as having an answer in the press conference (which I didn't choose) saying basically every team that reaches this stage has a chance of winning. Well, yes, as every team that's in the competition has a chance of winning it. However it's only the sort of thing you'd say if you got to maybe the quarter finals.
  19. But it allowed me to reject some offers for the same player at the same time. Is it a case of if they're on the loan list it's automatically accepted unless you decide otherwise?
  20. I'm puzzled, very puzzled. Put someone down as on the loan list, got a load of offers, but the only thing it's letting me do with the offers for the player is reject them. Not accept, not delay, just reject. What's going on?
  21. Why exactly if I click on say Leeds 1-1 Brighton, do it go on saying generating match report, and then leaves me to click on overview to (for example) find out when the goals were scored etc? On FM12 if you clicked on any score, it went straight to the overview.
  22. Don't usually have my staff asking for big rises unless I've gone say from the Championship to the PL. He compromised, you compromised, but when he said no to £650 and you then offered the same again, he was likely to say "you just offered me that and I said no, so either offer me more or there's no point carrying on".
  23. Random question, but are goals still being scored where say a cross is put in and a player is basically just standing there facing the other way and it hits him on the heel/the back? Saw quite alot of those on FM12, just wondering if the same happens in FM13, because obviously a player standing there facing the other way and the ball just hitting his back and going in is completely unrealistic.
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