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  1. I'm playing with AFC Wimbledon on FM08 and moved into my new stadium this year. http://img26.imageshack.us/my.php?image=stadium.png
  2. tbh lads, I'd be surprised if there was a "kimz" tactic for FM09. For the first time ever in the FM series they've taken the arrows away which could exploit the ME by having a position playing another in attack and defence. kudos to anyone who does come up with an exploitative tactic but I'll keep my optimism very low.
  3. I have two tips here which have helped me greatly in producing draws into wins. They are two tips on each end of the scale and I hope it helps those that might struggle sometimes. I keep loosing points against inferior teams!! ARGH!!! Oh yes indeed it is annoying when you've assembled a world class team, you're playing out of your skins in the last 38 matches and come up against the 20th placed team in the league and can't seem to break the barrier or even loose due to a counter attack. The tactic is indeed a good one when it comes to goalscoring opportunities but needs a little tweaking from time to time. Kimz has already handed a few tips to tweak the tactic, which you still need to do with any tactic, even this one. However I would like to elaborate a little on his tips. So first I would like to discuss when the opposition play ultra defensive, time-wasting football to try and grind out results. Kimz already said that against lower opposition you should play slow tempo. He's half-right. I think he evn meant that against defensive opposition you should play slow tempo. When you see the opposition play a flat 4-4-2, flat 4-5-1 or even the 3-3-2-1-1 formation you should consider these options. - Switch to slow tempo (4). The reason why users loose against inferior teams who have only one shot on target is sometimes because of the tempo. If you play a slow build up you'll a) tire out the opposition who're chasing the ball around and b) not rush players into create opportunities which could lead to a quick break for the opposition. - High D-line (15) Kimz said play a high D-line away from home. I admit I don't do that at all unless I do actually have fast defenders. Hard to come by unfortunatly. However against ultra defensive teams you have to dominate and you can do so by playing the game in their half to put constant pressure. - Offside Trap. Obvious here because you're playing a high line. - Lower timewasting (8) I belive the tactic uses 11 so lower it a few notches but not into the low category. - Mixed FWRD Runs on Fullbacks. Reason being is because they ultimately play as MC's in this tactic and they can control the play more and ultimately be the platform when controlling the play. - TTB Often on AMC's and FC. I know this seems contradictory but it's not because you're playing a slow build up game. - Up the DMC's closing down one notch to Often Closing Down. Because you're having a high d-line you have to win the ball higher up field so up the closing down on DMC's. Extra Tweaks - Haven't tested it extensively but worth a shot. When up against an ultra defensive formation then close the strikers down often using OI, unless they are quicker then your defenders. Even close down the AMC in the 3-3-2-1-1 formation because they look to hold onto the ball in your half to waste time. Don't let them, close them down!! So that covers the "hard to break down teams". How about shutting up shop? A lot of posts here where users loose points due to the AI going 4-2-4 at the end of matches. It is a difficult thing to do, defend that one goal at the end but hopefully this'll help. Kimz already stated that going to a 4-3-2-1 formation with three DMC's and two MC's with forward arrows to the AMC positions helps stability. It's a great tip too and I would use it However I would add these few things.. Team Instructions - High time-wasting (20) and narrowest formation (1) are a must for compact defence. Tick tight marking (but make sure your FC is not) and lower the D-line by one (10) Player Instructions - FWRD Runs and RWB should be rarely for GK, Back Four and DMC's. The DMC's closing down should be often (15) and the FC should be given FWRD Runs often, RWB Often and Hold Up Ball Often to hold up the ball in the opposition half. Set Peices - Make sure the Fullbacks and 2 DMC's stay back on the Set Peices to make sure the opposition doesn't counter in a goal. Happy Gaming
  4. I wouldn't call it a cheat per say because the only way it works consistantly is if your defender (who attacks the goalkeeper) is superior then his marker in height, jumping and heading and that your cornor taker is decent. If you have neither then it won't work as well. However with the right players it does work really well
  5. Your first season up and you're complaining about 12th place? tbh I would be happy with that and just work on making your defence a little better for next season. But beware though, don't buy too many players in your second season or else you'll hit second season slump and could see yourself not winning any.
  6. Were you at home? I would say "I want to see more from you" if it's an opponent that has a 10-1 odds.
  7. If I might just pop my two pennece worth about the team talks. I don't use Kimz tactic but noticed the last few posts were about team talks. What I seem to find that works is that "For the fans" is like a default setting which won't see morale drop or rise (on a rare occausion somtimes but not often.) "I expect a win" works really well when playing at home against teams you know you can beat, it'll motivate a lot of the players and you'll see a lot of "motivated, looked delighted" feedback. "You can win" is not as good as before 8.0.2 and should be used sparingly. The only times I sometimes use it is away in tight matches where I cross my fingers and hope it inspires a few players. It is really a role of the dice team talk because if you pull it off players are motivated, if not you get a few demotivated ones.
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