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  1. That may be a bit too many TIs. A lot of the stuff you're using like higher tempo, higher d-line, play wider, close down more etc. is already done by the Attacking / Fluid setup. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong. I think it'd be best to test it out without so many TIs at first. Then move from there.
  2. How important are coaches when it comes to player development? I intend to give a lot of games to my prospects, and the club I'm currently managing has excellent facilities. But I don't like the idea of coming in, firing everyone, and just searching for 4-5* staff. It feels like a chore to do that every save. Of course, it's not big deal, but I'd rather avoid it if it doesn't have a big impact.
  3. BMW: D and DM: S is actually not a good combination. I don't fully agree with everything the site says, but please take a look at this: http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/tactics/player-instructions/roles-and-duties/central-midfielders BMW: D counts as an "aggressor" and DM: S counts as aggressor/runner. As of now, your team has no midfielder that will look to hold position and protect the backline. Your BMW will wanna win the ball aggressively and your DM: S is looking to make runs from deep and support the attack. This also means you'll be out of passing options when holding the ball as you'll not really have anyone to pass it backwards to. In that kind of formation I actually like the idea of using two holding midfielders and just freeing up both of the fullbacks to go forward. But if you don't want to do that, I would at least set one of your midfielders to a role that will hold position. Namely: DLP(D) DLP(S) Anchorman DM(D) Halfback I'm not a huge fan of unless you're telling both FBs to get forward, but you could try it out. Experiment a bit with the duties on your front 4 as well.
  4. I also find it pretty damn rough when the AI goes all gegenpressen on you. Even with players of a high quality standard, keeping the ball and setting your tempo is a nightmare. Choose to pass it shorter and slower and you get pushed back and pressed out of the game; pass it direct and you just keep giving them the ball. I'm not sure at all how to deal with high pressing.
  5. How are your two box to box midfielders working? I feel like the BBM isn't a role that's as aggressive or gets forward as advertised. It seems to be a more possession oriented player in my experience. They'll do lots of sideways passes and kinda just hang out deep, which can be good if that's what you're looking for, but pretty terrible otherwise. BWM also seems to be a little too aggressive for a holding role perhaps? To be honest I'd do something like this: Wanyama: CM (D). BMW(D) won't hold position enough which isn't really that helpful to keep possession. I think the reason why you're still keeping the ball well is because as mentioned, BBMs like to hang out deep for some reason, but do not really provide a good attacking option or a goalscoring threat. They're kinda similar to the CM(S) role. Cork: CM (A). Romero: Leave as BBM. Or move him to the left side and Cork to the right if he's got better stats for putting chances away and attacking in general. But you want your CM(A) on the left IMO because that's where your support striker is so they'll combine better. Lambert: F9 or DLF(S) would work fine. This would generate some better movement between the lines I think. Experiment a bit with mentality too. Control, Counter or Standard might be better for the style you want to play. I find that combining Counter with Hassle Opponents and Push Higher Up makes my team be eager to win the ball but pass it around more carefully when they have it. If all else fails, go for a 4-1-3-2 instead of 4-3-1-2. I find that it can be pretty tricky to get players in the AMC position to work. It can work but you probably need a brilliant player and very good support. EDIT: I noticed that, with my suggestions, you'd end up with perhaps too many players on an attacking duty, rushing to try and get forward. Consider an AM (S), AP(S) or a Trequartista (he's more of a support player) in the AMC position if you notice that behaviour.
  6. What you say can also work if you go even more adventurous. Much higher def line, hassle opponents, Overload mentality etc. will likely result in mistakes from an opposing team that doesn't want to attack and eventually end up in a goal. One of the issues with that right now is that long shots just plain don't work so building from deeper is almost unarguably a better option, but come 14.3 that will be another way to score goals.
  7. CWBs get a lot of creative freedom, especially in a Fluid system. So if yours have poor Decisions then Wingback would probably be a better role. I would take a look at their stats. DLP(S) also counts as a holding midfielder and will probably be more adventurous with his passing. I have two questions 1) How's your AP(S) at CM doing? It seems like he might get a bit isolated to me with your current setup, but maybe he gets enough support from the IF(S), CWB and the DLP(D). 2) Is there a reason why you instructed your team to Play Wider?
  8. It sounds like you've decided to go for more of a possession-based approach. With those shouts what probably happens is that your team tries to win the ball back fairly quickly when out of possession, but play a rather patient game when they have it. One fourth of your shots being on target might be a bit worrying. But I would give the tactic a few games first to see if it's a one-off or actually a concern. If it continues to happen then you'll probably want to figure whatever the issue is and try to address it. For starters, I'd try "Work Ball Into Box" as a shout. As far as I know, all it does is reduce long shots, and in 14.2 long shots pretty much just don't work, so it can't hurt to give it a try.
  9. Have you tried moving your AMC back to the MC strata? So you'd have a 4-1-3-2 with 3 MCs. You could try setting him up as an AP(A) or AP(S) to make up for the lack of an IF role in the MC strata. Just a thought.
  10. I think BMW/Regista are far too adventurous roles for this kind of formation. In my experience you'd be better off with two more holding-like roles in order to protect the defense. DLP-S can probably replace your Regista well while still being a holding midfielder, as they don't go forward so much. However, if you really want to use a Regista, you could try an Anchorman or a DM(D) next to him (perhaps a HB, but I haven't used one in a 4-2-3-1, though I'd imagine it works decently). And in that case you'll probably want to set one of your fullbacks to support, preferably the one on the side where the Regista is . Moreover, the main reason to use two holding-type midfielders is that it would also allow you to let both of your fullbacks to get forward (as you have them set up right now) without as much worry of being caught on the break. In my experience, when you lose the ball, they either go a bit wide and cover until the fullbacks return, or the CB on the side where the attack is happening goes wider and one of the def mids covers for them. What problems do you see in your front four? How do your attacks usually play out?
  11. I'm with bababooey. I think Drop Deeper should probably give you something similar to the style you want. I've used Play Wider for more counterattacking style tactics with some success too... I'm no tactical genius by any stretch of imagination but it allows players to be in more space and therefore they'll be able to pass and get the ball easier when they lanch a counter. I wouldn't concern myself too much with the position of the IF/A on the heat map over there. I think if you move the CM-A to the left, it might leave a fairly large gap on the left side of your defense, which for now the AP-S is helping cover as he's not quite as adventurous. Try it out, but do keep that in mind in case you find your opposition constantly exploiting that zone.
  12. I like FMC. I have two saves; one in FMC which I use to "test" my tactics as I can quickly cycle through different options and tweak around without worrying about tactical familiarity and such things. Once I'm happy with how I have my team playing under a given tactic, I move it to my main save on full FM. I've yet to go for a full fledged FMC game but it is definitely fun.
  13. One thing I always do is watch a game with the roles/strategy/philosophy I've set up before using any shouts. I take shouts more as modifiers so before I even use them, I wanna see how things are working. Then according to what I see from the team, I can use shouts or change roles and the like if they're not doing what I wanted them to do. For people who are better at the game in general, they can probably start out with shouts because they know exactly what effect this or that has on the game. But in my case I prefer to watch things raw first then figure out what modifiers I want.
  14. An issue I find when I try to play deeper in order to build the play slower from further back is that my players do not seem to want to win the ball back, and then play too direct when we actually have it and end up giving it away easily. I think this could be tweaked by using the right shouts but so far I've not had any success with it.
  15. It's just your coach's opinion. I'd watch the guy closely and see if he often wastes chances due to weak finishes before going for it.
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