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  1. Can I ask where you got the image for your manager profile?
  2. Good Evening! I've been trying for the last hour or so for Lancaster (home town), however no luck! So I begin with Hereford, hopefully I'll start well and can keep you posted on my progress!
  3. Spent the last hour reading this, unbelievable save! Well done!
  4. I'd like to see some more control and flex on the loan system - at present, you offer a player out on loan, set his wages and loan fee, then clubs come back with offers - this may not match any of the requested wage, fee or squad status required. If you could set non-negotiable areas on % of wages or fee's this would make it a lot easier and less tedious. I think there could also be more focus on youth development as this is a key part of the game once you are 3-4 seasons in and the scouting system could be utilised further also.
  5. Maidstone United FC I started last night with Maidstone - didn't post as I haven't have much luck with BETA, but since the new release, I've been enjoying it much more! Started well - will post an end of season update! Javlon Campbell is on fire for me though!!
  6. Going to have a go at this will post a screenshot later! exciting times ahead
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