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  1. What did you set your manager status to when you started the game? ie Sunday footballer and coaching badge etc
  2. Pre-season has not gone very well at all. The board have only allowed us to have 1 coach (currently have 3) and none are any good in the fitness department so after 9 friendlies we have a squad that are still severely lacking match sharpness. To top it off, our results have been abysmal, however after some adjustments to our tactic the past 3 results have been better. Our 2 new young recruits for the season Osei certainly has a big future in the game and I think we will struggle to hold on to him. He goes straight in to the starting 11 and will be a commanding midfielder for us. I usually only sign high determined players, however I have made an exception with Armani given that he has exceptional pace, crossing and dribbling I am expecting him to terrorise our opponents. Title Odds
  3. Am following the journey you both take and looking forward to how it ll pans out. Any chance you both could post your tactics?
  4. Squad We have a squad of 24 players and no youth or U23 team, so hopefully we can find a couple of decent youths who have no club and have an influx of youth players on intake day. The best player we have
  5. He's the most famous football fan in the world, he became an internet sensation after his outburst versus rival fans during an away match between his beloved Wealdstone and Whitehawk. Now the Wealdstone Raider has taken over the reigns, much to the delight of the fans and will do it his way in order to get the mighty Wealdstone who play in the Vanorama South in to the football league! Do ya want some? I'll give it ya! You got no ground, you've got no fans.... Rules: Youth players and free transfers aged 15-18 only (2 per season) Medium Database, English league only Sunday League Footballer (National B Licence) Famous ex Wealdstone players: Vinnie Jones & Stuart Pearce
  6. It was always going to be tough to keep ahold of Danny boy although you have a nice replacement for him in 'Ronnie' Corbett although it seems the sharks have come knocking again! Awesome setup for the youth recruitment and coaching, looking forward to seeing a few more top youths entering the foray during this season. Will you try to sign any youth players on loan and/or perhaps a good idea would be to try to loan in or free sign a few old heads with high determination and professional personality for the sole purpose of tuitoring.
  7. Enjoying the read, so will follow and see how Danny and Grimshaw materialise. You're gonna have your work cut out trying to keep ahold of Danny boy! Oh love how he only has 4 for heading yet has already scored 2 headers
  8. It's okay I had more than one installation of fm14 and had updated the wrong one. All working fine here. Thanks.
  9. Suarez still at Liverpool, no Lovern, Markovic, Lallana etc and hardly any changes at Bristol City or have I done something wrong?
  10. Sorry I just assumed that you wanted to be solid and absorb pressure then hit back with quick fire attacks. As this is not the case then ignore my team shouts however I would say by defending so deep you'll just be inviting them on and eventually they will score either from a corner (they will have lots especially if they're attacking down the wings), a long shot (unless you can get it spot-on with the defending from your midfield). You said you have small, pacey strikers, could any of them play the DLF role? failing that, how about playing with no striker and perhaps playing with an AP/AM and shadow striker?
  11. With the counter mentality your team are already deep so choosing a much deeper line will have your team defending so far back that you're just inviting the opposition on and will struggle to have any chance of ever getting out. I'm no tactical expert on FM, but what if you were to try and play Counter, Narrow(we might already be narrow enough to not need to use this), pass into space, High/much higher Tempo, Stand Off and perhaps stay on feet (unsure whether to use fluid or very fluid). You could try a DLF or CF if you find your AF is somewhat isolated. I wouldn't have a stopper at the back as we want to keep shape so I would opt with 2xCDd. I would go for something like this: GK-D FB-A - stay wider, run wide, mark tight CD-D - CD-D - short passing FB-S - run wide, mark tight W-S - mark tight DLP-D/CM-D - close down less B2B - short passing, mark tight W-A - mark tight AMC-S - mark tight DLF-A/AF-A/CF-A - (move into channels?)
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