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  1. Something new here? I’m a supporter of statistics and an excel spreadsheet-fanatic. hopefully you find some time to update this.
  2. I like this concept and will follow it. In my opinion it is Even more interesting to See his Development in a half-year-period, and not his performance at every game. Hopefully you keep this Thread alive. and obviously...Good Luck Martin. 😁
  3. Finally read through this thread and I absolutely love it. congrats. I do not understand how you can play so fast and so detailled, do 15+ years in 2 months, but this is not my problem. 😂 do you use instant result button and then look at the stats or do you watch every single game? Keep up your work.
  4. I’ve started an Azeri career 2 weeks ago after reading your thread. Thanks for that. Which tactic do you use?
  5. I really like the 4-3-1-2 Narrow Formation. Hopefully it fits perfeclty to the squad.
  6. Congratulations for your start in Serie C. Like your approach and will follow this
  7. One of my players in the Under 19 national team of Gibraltar got injured, and I have to confirm my squad, and eventually pick a replacement for him. I have 22 players in my squad, but i must have no more than 20 players. The problem is, that I can't remove any of my players, because he has been confirmed earlier. To go on I have to confirm the squad, but I don't know how. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance.
  8. Other Teams Summary Wacker Innsbruck were again able to avoid relegation. And this is the most important thing for this season. After 22 games the league was split into the Champions Playoff and the Relegation Playoff. Wacker Innsbruck as 9th qualified for Relegation and finished in 10th place in the overall table. WSG Wattens finished in 11th place in Austrian Second Tier. It doesnt seem Austrian Teams get better. After 2 years we cant see an positive impact for our club.
  9. April/May 2020 - End of the Season Nothing to do. With only two wins in the last seven games we could't avoid Relegation and after only one year in Serie B we go back where we belong (at the moment) Player Statistics None of our players were able to get an average rating of 7.00 and above. Our best players, sorted by average rating are our midfielders Morosini T. and our captain Fink H. (respectivly 6.84 and 6.84). Our best Goalscorer was Costantino R. with 8 goals in 35 games. This shows how bad we were this season. In my opinion, the player to the year award goes to Scaramazza A. (19a). He scored 5 times in 21 games. Not bad for a 17 year old guy. End of Season Awards:
  10. March 2020 5 out of 16 points this month. After 4 scoreless games, we beat Cremonese at home and draw at Perugia 2-2. Until the 87th minute we were up by two, than we lost our mind and conceed two late goals. What a mess. Positive note btw...our Youngster Scaramazza A. (19a) scored his first goals for the first team. With only 6 games to go, i think our time in Serie B is over. We are 9 points behind Crotone, who sits in 16th position. This month the club offered me to sign a new contract, and I didn't hesitate. I accepted immediatly and am happy that they give me the opportunity to stay at the club. Youth Intake 2020: I forgot to take the screenshot of the Youth Intake Candidates. It was a modest Youth Intake and I decided to sign only 4 of the available players. Here they are.
  11. February 2020 Really good month in comparison to what we are used to see. A great win at home against Benevento, who fights for promotion. At Venezia we were able to bring home an important point. We were one man down from the 37th minute, because our captain Fink H. was sent off after a hard tackling. Our Home game against Cittadella was postponed, because of heavy snow. We are still in last position, because Venezia, Juve Stabia and Frosinone won a couple of games. Lets see what march brings. I am starting to think if its positive or negative to go down again. I have a couple of interesting young players, who maybe can get more game time in Serie C. Of course for our finances its much better to stay in Serie B.
  12. @Joey Numbaz Thank you for posting the spreadsheet. I'm trying to put my data into the file correctly and to understand everything.
  13. Love your excel Spreadsheets. I’m a fan of them to. Will follow this
  14. January 2020 Scoreless month for our guys. We lost against Empoli and draw at home to Salernitana. I really don't know what to do. We do not suffer a lot in defense, but we are not able to score. I have to take a look at my corners and indirect freekicks. Have a lot of good defenders, who can head the ball. Maybe this is the right way to score. ...no comment...
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