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  1. Other Teams Summary Wacker Innsbruck were again able to avoid relegation. And this is the most important thing for this season. After 22 games the league was split into the Champions Playoff and the Relegation Playoff. Wacker Innsbruck as 9th qualified for Relegation and finished in 10th place in the overall table. WSG Wattens finished in 11th place in Austrian Second Tier. It doesnt seem Austrian Teams get better. After 2 years we cant see an positive impact for our club.
  2. April/May 2020 - End of the Season Nothing to do. With only two wins in the last seven games we could't avoid Relegation and after only one year in Serie B we go back where we belong (at the moment) Player Statistics None of our players were able to get an average rating of 7.00 and above. Our best players, sorted by average rating are our midfielders Morosini T. and our captain Fink H. (respectivly 6.84 and 6.84). Our best Goalscorer was Costantino R. with 8 goals in 35 games. This shows how bad we were this season. In my opinion, the player to the year award goes to Scaramazza A. (19a). He scored 5 times in 21 games. Not bad for a 17 year old guy. End of Season Awards:
  3. March 2020 5 out of 16 points this month. After 4 scoreless games, we beat Cremonese at home and draw at Perugia 2-2. Until the 87th minute we were up by two, than we lost our mind and conceed two late goals. What a mess. Positive note btw...our Youngster Scaramazza A. (19a) scored his first goals for the first team. With only 6 games to go, i think our time in Serie B is over. We are 9 points behind Crotone, who sits in 16th position. This month the club offered me to sign a new contract, and I didn't hesitate. I accepted immediatly and am happy that they give me the opportunity to stay at the club. Youth Intake 2020: I forgot to take the screenshot of the Youth Intake Candidates. It was a modest Youth Intake and I decided to sign only 4 of the available players. Here they are.
  4. February 2020 Really good month in comparison to what we are used to see. A great win at home against Benevento, who fights for promotion. At Venezia we were able to bring home an important point. We were one man down from the 37th minute, because our captain Fink H. was sent off after a hard tackling. Our Home game against Cittadella was postponed, because of heavy snow. We are still in last position, because Venezia, Juve Stabia and Frosinone won a couple of games. Lets see what march brings. I am starting to think if its positive or negative to go down again. I have a couple of interesting young players, who maybe can get more game time in Serie C. Of course for our finances its much better to stay in Serie B.
  5. @Joey Numbaz Thank you for posting the spreadsheet. I'm trying to put my data into the file correctly and to understand everything.
  6. Love your excel Spreadsheets. I’m a fan of them to. Will follow this
  7. January 2020 Scoreless month for our guys. We lost against Empoli and draw at home to Salernitana. I really don't know what to do. We do not suffer a lot in defense, but we are not able to score. I have to take a look at my corners and indirect freekicks. Have a lot of good defenders, who can head the ball. Maybe this is the right way to score. ...no comment...
  8. Winter Break - Transfer IN: I was not able to bring in some good players, and have to start the second stage of the season mainly with the same team. On Winter Break Training, our Starting Goalkeeper Offredi D. suffered a broken Lower Arm injury and will be out for 2 months. With only young Goalies as backup, we had to bring in someone who can play at Serie B level. Wackerle L. is austrian nationality born in Innsbruck and not that bad. Kofler T. is an austrian offensive Winger. He is a backup option, I brought him in in case we have to win a game. OUT: Most of this players I sent on loan, because they will leave the club after this season. They don't have the potential to play for our club, and I don't want that they occupy space for our hot prospects. Di Cenco C. went on loan to Bari. He wasn't doing well this season, scoring only 2 goals in 16 matches. I wasn't able to sell him, but Bari pays his whole salary until June, so its not that bad.
  9. December 2019 Another bad month for our team. We were able to win only 1 of our games. We beat Frosinone at Stadio Druso 3-2, draw at home 0-0 against Virtus Entella, but lost our other three matches against Parma, Cosenza and Ascoli. In the last two games of this 2019 i saw a little improvement. So i hope to step up the table in new year and avoid relegation. We are in last place. Not the best starting position for the new year, but thanks to the improvements I saw in the last weeks, I am optimistic. So my plans for this upcoming Winter Transfers are: Trying to sell one of our "foreign" players. I have in mind of selling one of our strikers. Send back players I loant out and didn't find enough space in the starting line up. And of course, Balance our Books. Austrian Winter Update: Wacker Innsbruck sits on 9th place. Their goal is to avoid relegation also this year, and if they move on like this, they'll reach their goal easily. WSG Wattens are only 1 point out of relegation zone. Hopefully they can avoid relegation to.
  10. November 2019 Three games, Zero points. What a poor month with a poor performence. We lost to Juve Stabia, because of two goals froms indirekt free kick, we lost to Perugia, because of two goals from indirect free kicks. I have to look at this and understand, if its my fault, or its a lack of concentracion from my defensive players. Technically we are not the best team, but a team that want avoid relegation has to do more in terms of physical and mental. We need to wake up...quikckly. We dropped into relegation zone. With 24 goals against we are dead last in this table. So I think i will change tactic for the third time this season and go for a flat 5 defensive line. We will see if I can turn the tide.
  11. October 2019 i think we can call it a positive month. We lost the two first games against Brescia and Carpi, but won against Crotone and draw away at Cremonese, who were top of the table. After 10 games, We sit on 16th position. Our aim is to avoid relegation, so we have to keep this form and have to strenght the team in the Winter Transfer Window.
  12. Pre-Season Friendlies At the whole I played 11 friendlies in this pre-season. It was all about match sharpness, moral boosting and tactic tweaking, because I really don't know with which formation i should go into this new Season. I tried the succesfull tactic from last year. A really offensive 3-5-2, but I think I will go for a more defensive 4-5-1. In midfield I have my best players and I have one of the worst squads of the League, so I think its only a logical idea. I won all of the matches againts weaker teams, and struggle against Empoli, Venezia and Virtus Entella. I have to face all of them in Serie B. Coppa Italia I won against Fano and lost to Bologna (Serie A team) only in extra time. It was a really even match. Nobody deserved the win, but at the end Bologna qualified for the next stage, because of their quality in attack. Start of Serie B (August/September 2019) It was a really poor start in the Season. In the first two games against Empoli and Salernitana we opted for our succesfull tactic from last year, but couldnt bring points back home. Than we started to play with a more defensive 4-5-1 and this will be our tactic until Winter break. Thanks to this little change, we draw against Pro Vercelli and Venezia at home and lost at Benevento. Our first victory in Serie B was against Cittadella on 28. September 2019. Remember this date. History was written. After 6 games we sit on 13th place. We have to avoid relegation. Everything else is a bonus.
  13. Thanks for your replies. OFFICIAL NEW RULE: I can have a maximum of 4 players not born in our Region or not coming trough our youth academy. I think 4 is a good equilibrum for our team. It means, that if i can't get enough good tirolian players , I can have at least 1 goalkeeper, 1 defender, 1 midfielder and 1 striker to complete our squad.
  14. Season Preview The media predicted i'll get relegated. I know this will be a hard and very long season. I have the worst team of the entire league, so hopefully we can avoid relegation. The squad Goalkeepers: Also for this year Offredi D. will be our number one. Tononi S. (back from his loan at Inter) and Ricci L. (19b) will fight for the starting line up on cup games and play for our reserve teams. Defenders: Della Giovana F. , Vinetot K. and Lamp L. are candidates for our Starting Line Up. Procopio M. is our best player for our Left Side and with Dal Cortivo E. , D'Errico M. (19c) and Brunialti L. we have three young guys who are ready to step in in case of injuries. Midfield: Our Midfield is clearly the best part of the squad. With Scavone M, Tait F., De Rose F., Berardocco L., Morosini T. and of course our captain Fink H. we have six players who can play without problems in Serie B. I will probably play with a 5 man midfield, so we'll need all of them. Satin M., Zuelli E., and Hamzic A. are our back up players. Attack: Costantino R. and De Cenco C. were our best players last season, so I didn't want to bring in some new superstar. The other three young guys will fight for game time. Last year we had 20,8 % of our players born in our Region. This year 15 of 24 players were born in our Region or came trough our Youth Academy. This is 62,5% of our first Team. We are already in line with our project. What do you think guys? Should I play ONLY with players from our region, or can I have 2-3 non Regional players?
  15. Altogether i'm spending 802.000,00€ for Staff Wages. I know its a lot, but most of them are at the club from the begining. Usually in pre-season I play 10-12 friendlies. Some of them against Serie A teams to bring in some extra money, most of them against weaker teams, to give a moral boost. In contract negotiations I try to cancel additional bonuses. Thank you.
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