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  1. It says now when i try to install it...that it can install on usb storage and on sd memory card. I really want this game to work!!
  2. Ive tried to install it again and it wont even let me install it now. What you have asked me to do makes no sense to me at all. Is there anywere i can take the phone to get it sorted? Still very dissapointed with this.
  3. Ive tried to install it again and it wont even install now. Im just fed up with it. I dont understand anythink you have just asked it doesnt make sense to me, is there anywere that i can take the phone for someone to do it for me?
  4. Ive trired all you have said and still no look. I have 11.50GB on usb storage and havent got a sd memory card. Ive deleted the app again and now it wont even let me install it! Very dissapointed, can i just get a refund please?
  5. Hi, thanks for getting back to me, when i start the app it says... FMH 2012 unable to start reasons... 1. Previous instance is still active. 2. Device is being used as storage medium for a personal computer. 3. Device has insufficient disk space to run or install the game. Please rectify this issue before restarting the app. Can you please help me out and tell me were im actually going wrong? Storer.
  6. Hi, ive brought this game on my Android phone Samsung GalaxyS2 and the game wont even load?? Can someone please help me out?? Thanks Storer