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  1. Just got to March in my first season at Chelsea, top of the table 3 points ahead of Liverpool and 4 points ahead of Man Utd. Timo Werner is topping the goal scoring charts in the league, scored 28 league goals already, 10 more than the next closest player. Managed to sell Jorginho (36mil), Alonso (15mil), and Zouma (48mil) and loaned out Emerson because I bought Alphonso Davies in the first window. Also brought in Odegaard in the first window and Isak in January because all the forwards but Timo were on medium length injuries. Tammy for 3 months and Giroud for 2 months. Now
  2. First time posting an issue in the bugs forum so apologies if the formatting is weird. Just had a weird sequence of play from my two central defenders after an attacking corner set piece. In the screenshot below my two central defenders are circled, this is a good 30 seconds after the corner was taken. Hayden played Wilson through and he was off to the races to score a one on one against my keeper. I'm posting this as a bug because there were several sequences of play after the corner had been taken where my team had control of the ball and there was plenty of opportunity for my central defend
  3. So I’ve been playing strikerless for most of FM18 with a 4-5-1-0 setup. Mezzalas and Inverted Wingers on attack to both sides of a DLP on defend. Up top is a shadow striker in amc. Ive been really surprised and pleased with how the Mezzalas and Inverted Wingers interact moving into the final third. Lots of times I’ll see the inverted winger start with the ball out wide,then cut inside and the mezzala will overlap to the outside. Been really effective at overloading retreating fullbacks especially if the shadow striker has dropped deep and dragged the Centre back with him. No idea how to take o
  4. Hi all, quick question regarding the team instruction for tempo. Will increasing tempo also increase the amount of risk players assume when passing the ball around? My personal assumption is yes due to having less time to assess options when on the ball but wanted some clarification from those more savvy with the tactical side and team instructions.
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