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  1. Thanks, I was thinking of trying Ozil in the CM role and now you have mentioned that it works I might also give it a go. I think I am obsessed with trying to get Ozil the highest assists possible like how some are with getting their striker to score as many but I input your advice and watch my games closely to see how Ozil plays a part in my goals even if its not the final pass.
  2. I play Suarez with Giroud and Welbeck as back up. The thing about Suarez is that he creates his own chances and it feels like he takes the Ozil role sometimes in terms of creating chances for others as well. Whereas Giroud is a stick that gets a few goals when needed and Welbeck is a work machine with no end product. Ozil in my first season got assists and went missing in a lot of games like his first season at Arsenal. Also in terms of watching the matches fully I notice Ozil always getting marked out of the game leading my team to play it down the wing more than they should. So it might just be my system and I guess I will just trial and error till I get it right but if you have any other suggests where or how Ozil can be a little be more involved in the game would be very welcomed. Thanks.
  3. Hi guys, I am a big Arsenal Fan and since the arrival of Özil I have loved him as a footballer making him my favourite to watch currently. After his amazing seasons of 20 assists as an AMC I want to try and replicate his role. I have tried AP (A) AP (S) and AM (A & S) so far with different PI's but I can't seem to get him to be an Assist machine and normally my Wingers would get the assists charts. I have also noticed that the Wenger AI manager seems to turn Özil into an Assist machine with very high match ratings each game. So I have come here to ask for some advice on what sort of role and system I could make Özil my main man for Assists? Also I would prefer him playing down the middle as I find getting wingers to assist is very easy on this years FM. The System I play right now: Control, Very Fluid, TI, Close down much more, Short Passing, Pass into Space, Get stuck in, Tight Marking SK (S) FB (S) CD (D) CD(D) WB (S) CM (S) BWM(D) W (A) AP (A) IF (S) CF(A) Only PI so far is CM(S) to hold position. Also the formation is done Right to left so FB (S) is my right back and so on. Thanks in advance for the help.
  4. What if the opposing strike force is quick but my CBs and quicker? Push higher?
  5. Hi, I just am sorted of confused after seeing your tactic. You mention your wing backs as "Keep Possession" but if I look at the mentality ladder full backs are meant to "Keep Possession" and wing backs are meant to "Shuttle Ball Into Space" not sure if I am reading it wrong or there's been a mistake.
  6. I am always unsure if I should use mark tighter on certain roles like the defense and defensive midfielder. I'm not quite sure what it really does and if no one in my team marks tighter does my team become easy to go past when defending?
  7. Do you keep the same mentality and TI or change them depending on your next match?
  8. I always seem to have attacking problems when playing a DM. Defense is all solid but my attack is very poor. I am doing a save with Liverpool I play 4-1-4-1: GK(D), FB(S), CB(D), CB©, FB(A), A(D), W(A), CM(S), CM(A), W(A), CF(S) Attacking/Balanced. TI Short passing, be more disciplined, stick to position. I was thinking of moving the wingers to AMR and AML but then they don't help the defense as much.
  9. Just a general question as weather having a DM helps a team become better in defense instead of playing like two CM and only one on defend. For example 4411 vs 4141.
  10. Yes, I have noticed that against the big teams I am forced to add hassle opponents or I won't be able to win back the ball. Also be more expressive has led to a lot of long shots from my team.
  11. So if I play with two specialist roles in a rigid system; it will be fine?
  12. I think I might try a A(D) DLP(S) and keep the AM (S). Don't think it will work great with Ramires and Luiz but could help my defence.
  13. I think I might try to change the BWM to DMS and the AMS to APS and see how that goes. Reason I don't want to play a DLPS is because of Luiz and Ramires not having the stats to be play a role of a playermaker.
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