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  1. Especially after the WC in 2006. Serie A is an incredibly interesting league and SI needs to pay more attention to the way it operates. Corruption is everywhere in football (hello Qatar) and to pretend that it only exists in Italy is naive.
  2. Stating that "this has been one of the best releases so far" sounds kinda like defending to me. Also doubting him that he's been playing the game since '92 isn't a great way to start an 'informative' post. I'd have let it go but that 'gee' didn't sit well...
  3. No, I mean people are right to complain because they play the game today and encounter the problem today. It's ruining their current game and a promise of future fixes doesn't change much about the present. It's become a waiting game with FM nowadays. If your mum was supposed to have dinner on the table 10 minutes ago and is now telling you to wait for yet another 10 minutes then that's 20 minutes too late and I believe you wouldn't be too happy with her. When and if it is fixed properly that will be the day people stop complaining and rightly so. If they don't I promise to come back and bash them.
  4. When this happens please come back and defend the game. Until then the system is broken and people are right to complain.
  5. This is the best thread in quite a while. Good points, well written and funny as hell. I agree with pretty much all of it. I've been trying to start a career since the game came out but the thought of the huge amount of work that's awaiting me before I even play the summer friendlies just puts me off. I never wanted to be a real-life manager. I have a different profession. All this extra work is taking us away from the fun side of football.
  6. Javier Pastore of Palermo. He's the next big thing in world football.
  7. It made me laugh how Evra went to Man Utd for 5m pounds IIRC. Just before that you coudn't buy him for under 20m in FM.
  8. Never seen anything similar, not even close. And from a Serie C2 side? I've never claimed this before for anyone but this one seems very edited indeed. Please come clear Mr. Lavezzi.
  9. As long as all teams get the same groundsman level I'm ok with that. But if some teams have better groundsmen than mine I'd like to be able to hire the best one around if I can afford him. Is it an even playing field? Any info on this?
  10. Go to the National Team's screen and you'll see the "Season Summary" button next to the "Overview". I don't know why it's there. Seems illogical to me. Should be in the League screens.
  11. Diego Buonanotte. First player I bought for Palermo when I took over and he's still with me in 2021 after many cups, leagues etc. He's still quality at 32. I'm hoping he becomes a coach or scout so I can keep him forever
  12. My hatred is too great to unleash! Ok, just one or two then...Catania, Juventus, PAOK, Chelsea
  13. Is 1-20 enough?

    It's more than enough. The game is already extremely complicated for casual or new gamers.