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  1. I want to make a brand new youtube channel and I was wondering if i could get some suggestions of a name for a new football manager youtube channel
  2. I have removed the background selector due to it crashing. Thank you i will have a look Michael murray thread.
  3. I was wounding how to make my back ground image brighter
  4. I found a fix for it. I edited these 2 files fonts/main menu, fonts/main menu subtitle. I changed the font sizes
  5. The first worked great thank you. But the second one didn't, it just made more of a space between them and didn't change the font
  6. Hello I have added a new fonts and im getting a issue with the font sizes. How would i resize to fix this issue Thank you in advance
  7. Hello I was wondering if someone could help me it would be much appreciated. I am trying to make my own skin a Premier League FM 17. I want to change the start screen image background.jpg. I added a new image to Premier League FM 17\graphics\main menu but nothing happened. I also had a look in Premier League FM 17\panels\game but couldnt see where it is calling it in the script
  8. Hello. I was wondering if someone could help me? I am trying to change the color of the text on the start screen to black how would i do this?
  9. i found the problem it was client object browser.xml file i added to make the side title bar smaller
  10. Im having a little trouble with where my text is, there is a back border around my text and it doesnt match the titlebar colour above it.
  11. i have tried to change the values but i keep getting green im trying to get red bars
  12. i have tried to change the values but i keep getting green im trying to get red bars
  13. thank you gavo01 I have another question if someone could help me again i have resized the image in Photoshop but it doesnt resize in game it stays the same size. plus how do i get rid of the guy
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