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  1. Hi, Currently playing as Pompey, i have had a few games now with different teams and i have noticed for teams that have been relegated in real life in previous season, the in game 'club history' is still stating there old division?! eg; portsmouth is still saying for the 12/13 campaign they are competeing in Npower Championship when they're in League One now? Surely a bug!!
  2. Hi, just curious when will these guides be made? Obviously I like to play with a team with a thread for info etc and the game is out this week I assume? (Beta release) thanks
  3. Hi all, I want to per order fm 2013, I want to use the beta version 2 weeks prior to release, were will I buy it cheapest?
  4. Hi, Hopefully someone can help me with this; decided to start a new save with Everton, wanted to get them into Europe and managed to do so by finishing 6th, (europa league), but the new season has started and theres no europa league??
  5. Not sure if anyone is still reading this thread but il post anyway; i was born in liverpool but live in hull, i support liverpool but really wanted to have a game with everton, strange ino lol but wanted to try and get them into europe before fm 13 comes out; Pre season went well, results; vs under 18's 5-0, vs everton chile 1-1, vs aldershot 6-0, vs preston 3-1, vs juventus 2-1, vs chelsea 5-2, vs liverpool 2-0. Overall very happy with how pre season went.. The players i brought in; Oguzhan Ozyakup on loan from arsenal (currently have a lot of cm out injured so needed cover), Jordan Bowery 130k (young prospect), Wilfried Zaha 7mil (expensive signing but hopefully will be a future star, scored on his premier league debut). Players out; Joao Silva, Junior, James Wallace, Shane Duffy, Victor Anichebe, Ty Browning, Conor McAleny. All Loaned out no one sold. Currently sit 7th in the league after 4 games
  6. Just started a new save and a hour in it went off?! then steam says it was updating fm 2012?? anyone else had this??
  7. Nation: Any at all Division: Not fussed European Competition: Preferably at least Europa League Media Prediction: Any Board Expectation(s):- Any Transfer Budget: - I'm looking for a massive budget Wage Budget: - Again a big budget Finances: Rich Other: Looking for a rich team anywhere, that dosent have player restrictions, or many, also I am using the weegie update
  8. Hi, Not sure if i am posting in the correct place but i am starting a game with Anji, having not been able to get into a save on this years FM im going to give it one last shot with them! I was just after tips from people that have managed them? What leagues to load for players? Rules of the league? Possible players? Any help is much appreciated!
  9. Hi, This might not be possible but il fire away.. I use the camera angle TV, the fault tv seems abit far away, is there anyway I can zoom in?
  10. Does anyone know were I can download the weegie update? Will it have all deadline day signings? Cheers
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