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  1. for you perhaps. Yet alot of people want it, and there is a football chairman mobile game that is hugely popular. I know its been debated many times on here, but regardless as if you would find it fun or not, that is a big new feature they could do
  2. Chairman mode. alot of poeple want it, miles wont do it
  3. press conferences were revolutionary as it was a completely new feature. Whilst tactics have been given some TLC this year, in previous years they have always been chopped and changed without any real progress being made. Ever noticed why the most successful tactics on the forums every single year are either with 3 forwards or 5 at the back with attacking full backs? its because the match engine suffers from the same exploits. until the match engine is changed, the tactics will always revert back to the wide game exploit.
  4. its still the same engine from 2005. Its even got code from the CM2 day. Yes its been improved and yes its been fantastic over the years, but its showing its age in a lot of ways
  5. where did you pull $100m from? who said thats how much it would cost.
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