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  1. There are two cases that are paradigmatic: - Robben, who only 18 years had a PA of 190 at PSV; - Zlatan that was a world-class striker in potential when he played in modest.
  2. The SI has to resolve this matter urgently, because the players do not recognize this problem, do not want to play Football Manager, in essence, but a game in which they are indifferent to the fact that the players are based on real or not. For them the researchers could all be dismissed. The FM is a game in which up to very recently was used by real coaches to find real talents, and especially for players who believe that certain players with the right opportunity and the right hands could reach another level. Robben and Zlatan were world class players in FM before they are in reality. Or create an option for those who want to play another game in the future, not the actual football, basically those who believe in a revolution in the short term. I want to continue to believe that the essence of this game, with all faults and risks that obviously will always succeed, it is reality.
  3. The problem is the revolution begin immediately in 2012. From that magical year, the level doubles, then triples and so on. It is absurd that for over a decade of this game, there has been only one player with a fixed PA 200 and my last save at the end of the fourth season two already exist with this maximum. I believe to be no nonsense to say that all of us squeamish to find a sporadically Galactic hidden in a dark club, but not 20 or 30 all the years, from 2012. It's not worth investing in young real promises. There are things that make no sense, for example, does not exist in the starting database a single player with less than 18 years, with tackling greater or equal than to 16 and from 2012 there are four, with these values, and only with 15 years old (This is an example of several). The evolution / revolution that many people proclaim that it will give in the world football is not gradual, it is rather a blast (in FM 12)! And they are born in all corners of the world, often in places where the change is stagnant in terms of football. For me the argument that football is constantly undergoing a qualitative, also makes no sense, the story is not that it shows us. The quality of football depends on the individual talent of players and talent do not choose generations or evolve over the years. Football evolves above the tactical and physical level, but there are now more players with talent and potential than that which existed 20 years ago.
  4. I've tried to reduce all the rankings by 40% but the volume remains the same, no point, the individual level decreases slightly but remains a plague.
  5. I just used the genie, because as I mentioned in my fifth season, had nine newgens on my eleven all described as wonderkids. So I decided to check what was happening. That's when I checked the numbers absurdities that have been more than unmasked. That is, from 2012 the potential duplicates, then triples and so on. The problem is the volume of newgens incredibly good that comes out every year, which respects no logic and do not even have time for young players to develop real, they are quickly outdated. I also was pleased to find newgens in dark clubs, with the potential to be world class players, but now on FM 2012, is too easy, because they are a pest and are everywhere. They reproduce like rabbits, from 2012.
  6. After reading your posts, I'm still more disappointed. Especially after learning that after all others before me, had raised this issue for much longer, until they have even presented evidence and SI have done nothing. As I mentioned in my initial post, the decision to dramatically increase the level of generated players from 2012 was a conscious decision by the SI. But why? - It was not based on any historical fact, this is obviously not happened in the history of world football a boom of players from a certain date, we all already knew that, this is too absurd to even take into account; - Perhaps to compensate for deficiencies in the AI of the game and to maintain high competitiveness in the long term; - Or, and worst of all, to increase the volume of sales in the most populous nations, even if this is necessary to completely misrepresent the essence of this game (reality), this is obviously only result in immediate and may spell the end of this game in medium term. Other issues discussed suits: "Don't be blinded by high CA/PA numbers" Those who understand this, argue that the defects of newgens have in hidden attributes, which determines that in the future do not reach the potential and are not as good as they appear (very high PA) and as such, the ideal is to create many to save a few. This argument makes no sense, because first, you make a mistake with another, then, is to deny the obvious, that is, unless you are a nonentity in this game, given the volume of Galacticos that arrives each year, several of them will fall into your hands and replace the short term the real players. GAME BREAKING! This is exactly what I feel ... The first two years, you can restrict yourself to handle, because you know what the future will be brighter! The gap between the CA and PA of the newgens is so great that you can mold these players the way they see fit. And if you still want to add a tutor in one of those newgens, with 15, 16 or 17 years when they have 20 years has easily four, five or more 20 in key attributes. It is a complete and utter nonsense. I just want to stress again that for the first time in my life I will not buy the next FM, because the SI cheated their customers, as admitted a bug, that bug was not even the essential and even that was not corrected. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/300961-12.2-regens-from-inactive-nations-how-is-the-situation-now/page2
  7. I took the initiative to register on this forum, because as a player of CM/FM for over a decade, I detected a problem that originated that I completely lost interest in playing this game. It's the worst bug that ever existed in all versions of this game. The problem is that the SI does not recognize it as such, but seems to be a decision made consciously. That is, from the year 2012, football will undergo a global revolution that will trigger the potential of football players around the world, as if a new scientific discovery they were. I also find it amazing that there is virtually no debate on this matter and everyone is glad to have at least three Iniestas, two Ronaldos and one Messi in their team. This has always been the dream of any player in FM, but that dream until now, was only achievable in the long run and happened sporadically, even training the giants of European football. In FM 2012 this dream is within reach of anyone, in the short to medium term, even coaching teams little more than reasonable, and this happens even need to be surrounded by bright scouts due to abundance of young Cyborgs scattered all over the world. Just give a kick a stone. Although you had not noticed? If the answer is no, then sorry to tell you but you are a leading zero in this game. Never mind being here to debate whether you like it or not, because apparently the majority did not complain and seems to enjoy themselves with the power to control these young machines. In this respect just wanted to mention that this was never the essence of this game over time, but, closer to reality as possible, but maybe I'm getting old, I admit that yes ... But I wanted to question SI, why and what explanation has, on the concrete fact in 2011 there are only 25 players less than 21 years with a PA greater than or equal to 175 and immediately the next year there are 50 and after three there are 120? Why the boom from year 2012? You guys can answer many of these youth will not reach the PA because defects in the distribution of attributes, but this, too can succeed with the real players, and yes, most of these cyborgs are well trained, at least for me, they will achieve is PA, and the problem is that every year there comes a truck full of them. It is completely absurd! At the end of my five season my eleven base is composed of nine newgens, all described as wonderkids, no longer be worth it to develop promising youngsters that there are real because they are too human compared with newgens that arise annually. It's another dimension! One of the things that gave me most pleasure was to take on real kids today have less than 21 years and develops them until they reach the top, but 99% no matter how good they were would never be any Messi, Ronaldo or Iniesta. In the background is the reality of the world of football. But the problem is that now these kids are too common after only 2 or 3 years, not worth it, hang on, because there comes a new shipment of newgens and 5 of them can reach the level of Ronaldo or Messi. This was done to increase the competitiveness of the game in the long run and even the teams above, but completely changes the reality of the game. I have tried to reduce the youth ranking of all nations in the editor by 40%, but even so! Every year there is a truck of Cyborgs ready to dominate the world in four or five years. Most of you, apparently, is happy, I simply stopped playing, this game is over. It makes no sense open topics about Verratti, Bertollacci, Neymar, Zouma, Fierro, Sanogo, Niang, etc., my boys (robots) are 10 times better. I've been researching and saw that the SI acknowledged the existence of a bug with newgens unplayable nations, apparently been fixed in last patch, although the United States has three cyborgs with a PA greater than 175 only in the 4th season, but the problem is not only that, the underlying problem is the rise of the machines. Before when talking about the FM with my friends there were always players fetish that everyone hired and developed for 5 or 6 years now, the answer is always the same: - "You have to see the regen I have! I'm an American 18 years that makes Iniesta blush ..." Until now the secret was to develop real young players with less than 21 years, with this FM the secret is to wait two years and then conquer all, with the small robot. I know many people have fun with it, and that's okay, is that I have more respect, but please, then create an option for those whose essence of FM is still based on reality, not just to sell more copies in the United States and they have two wonderkids a year in its draft. The point is that, in this version of FM did not even have time for real kids to develop and become superstars, they are quickly overtaken by robots that AI creates annually. And please do not come with the argument for me to ignore the newgens, because the fact of ignoring the problem does not mean it does not exist. If I just need to wait two years to have 20 players available much better for me left to make sense... It is true that every year come potential superstars but in due proportion of that history shows us. Sorry for my english (basic), even with the precious help of a translator. I hope that at least one general, my view has been shown, whether or not agree with it
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