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  1. can anyone else help with this?
  2. yeah it seems a shame, i wondered if the patch does anything to it
  3. having trouble with the ability searches, it brings up refs, and when i select players too, it doesnt bring anything up
  4. i have tried to use this search in the filter but it just brings up refs, i tried to search 160 - 200 and players it doesnt bring anything up i searched 160 and 200 on its own and brings up refs, even the potential ability doesnt work anyone help please
  5. thank you mate, much appreciated!
  6. Hey, was wondering do i need to install the other patches for them updates to take effect also, or does the 9.3 include these? Thanks
  7. well you can use an in gam editor or the pre-game editor as to try it out i put morten pedersen as a duo natonality but makes no difference as he has played for his other country, so unless you just take them off there oriinal nationality there aint much point to it, what do you think? so Almunia is eligable to play for england and wants to, i dont support arsenal but he is an alirght keeper isnt he? better than robbo carson etc?
  8. ah i see what you mean thanks, so pretty much no hope in the good players gaining the english natioanlity and having them play then? lol oh well i stick with the good old english
  9. hello, firstly what is IRL? am wondering cause it seems to be confusing, i am in feb 2008 and i have noticed C. Ronaldo is 190 days away from considering citezenship, what does that actually mean? i am the manager of England also so if he accepts it would that mean he is eligable to play for england and can be selected etc or that is not poss cause he is capped for Portugal? So then what would be the point in him accepting citizenship if it doesnt actually really make a difference?