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  1. Playing as Espanyol in Spanish Second Division, league rules allow for 5 subs (max) using at most 3 stoppages. I made 8 across 3 stoppages, see attached. Let me know if you need the pkm file too
  2. I think Mikel Merino's finishing stat is too high. I know the attribute itself doesn't define a good finisher in all situations, but it defines "players ability to put the ball in the back of the net". With a career league goal tally of 18 (174 apps), according to understat.com he is overperforming xG by 1.84 since 2016/2017. When you compare to a similar player by position in Pjanic (finishing attribute = 12) with a career league goal tally of 56 (407 apps) who exceeds his xG by 7.91 since 2014/2015, i think Merino has been given a very generous attribute. It is the same as Rashford, Gab
  3. Thank you for explaining, I wasn't aware of that competition.
  4. Portuguese Third Division shown as rank 61 on screenshot but contains 0 clubs and comes in above Portuguese Championship (the actual 3rd div) which is ranked 69th. I THINK* there should be no "Portuguese Third Division", but i am not too sure. I do believe that it should be lower in the rankings than the Championship division though.
  5. I was having a browse through my club history with Peterborough and i wanted to know how many goals Ivan Toney had managed to score (in various competitions) before i had sold him. But I could only find the player who had scored the most league goals, and the corresponding value (Jim Hall - 122, for anyone interested). It would be good to see how close Toney (and others before/after him) got to that total without manually calculating. I would like to be able to see the top 10/20 leaderboards, for each club, for the following categories (to also be filtered by competition e.g. league, cup,
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