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  1. Van der vaart or Luis Jimenez?

    Really? I've never noticed. Shocking.. I've changed my mind </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I think Jimenez also has two feet... That reminds me of a conversation between the commentator and host on the WC 2006 competition: Something like this "Nedved is a great player because he has two feet" "Really? The others don't?" "No, I mean he can use both feet equally well" "Well, that's a relief, otherwise it would be the paraolympics or something..."
  2. Alex Or Piatti

    How did you make him this good in 1 year???
  3. Nomis07, did you notice the at the end of the post? SWaRFeGa, he only scored 17 so far
  4. I meant if I would stop exploiting the bug. Also I have been playing with a near post flick on and challenge GK CBs since FM 06 iirc and I didn't learn about the bug here on the forums...
  5. I'd bet my house that the answer to that question is yes. So without the corner cheat being used this game would have been a 2-0 victory. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> NO! One of them was from a free kick I'll come to pick up your house soon... Also the other two were scored by Kallstrom, and no, he wasn't an AMC, I play him as a classic MC with FR, TTB and LS often, he scored a screamer and a rebound after a corner from the edge of the box. And I would feel sad I stop exploiting it now, besides I have 2 CBs who have 20 Jumping (Vidal and Sakho) and Barzagli who has 18 iirc, Zapata, who left a season ago had 18 so it's really no wonder we score alot
  6. Regen Theory

    I wish I had Amouya in my Ivory Coast squad... We are leaking stupid goals...
  7. ...but please, SI, make me stop winning like this: I was Lyon and the final score was set in the 44th minute and I can only guess it could have only gotten worse for poor Lens if I haven't changed a lot around
  8. 2011 and still in charge
  9. Your most important goal?

    I posted this a million times before but with Wigan I scored in the 90+th minute of the last game of the season to stay in the Premier League (FM06 iirc) Taylor crossed from the half way line and Cardozo scored
  10. I swear if I see his Penalty taking and composure over 16 I will walk into the Man Utd researcher's room and beat the living hell out of him
  11. Rate this keeper!

    His reflexes improved by 7 in 4 seasons. great job mate, great keeper
  12. Best Keeper?

    Bouzanis is a great prospect but Lloris is probably the best!
  13. The Unmentionables II

    I mentioned him And started a thread on him a while ago
  14. Do NOT sell Chakmakh or Saivet under any circumstances