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  1. I'll add a player report as well once my game is done spending 2 hours uploading my save game to the steam cloud. Disappointing that the pre match reports are the same. The SI Pessimist in me is expecting this to be a broken feature and the levels make no difference.
  2. I don't disagree that a baseline contribution from a data editing user would be good, but having a spattering of actual staff levels to compare with at the various facility levels wouldn't hurt either (and none vs. poor with comparable chiefs, and not enough of a sample size, I see no difference)
  3. I'm also in the let the assistant do them camp. The screen made no sense to me the first time I tried it and seemed to be more of a hassle than it's worth
  4. Assuming the feature isn't bolted on like last year that should be true, I included the staff stats on my submission. If someone wants to do it via the editor they can, this way allows anyone to contribute (and see the differences staff make as well)
  5. They're about to buy Dybala in my Palermo game (for $130mil ish). I support the dismantling of Juventus
  6. So I've seen a few threads and the consensus is that it makes the reports more detailed. Does anyone actually have screenshots of the differences between detail levels? Before I go demanding we invest in it would be nice to see the differences. Post screenshots of reports here and I'll update this first post. Palermo has a level none so I've posted that (and included my staff details, not sure how much those effect it) Level - None With a 13/13/13 Chief and a 12/12/12 Analyst Level - Poor With a 11/8/14 Chief (XaW)
  7. As the title implies I'm watching my team give up a ton of goals on crosses when we outnumber them in the box yet players are left completely unmarked. I use the tight marking team instruction and have my 4 defenders and my DM all with the individual instruction set as well. Maybe I'm just not used to the ME (haven't played since FM16) but defenders just seem incompetent.
  8. They said something like they aren't pleased with the string of results, I said it wasn't that bad (losing 1 goal to top teams), they fired back with they didn't agree which left me with begging for my job resigning and something else. I resigned which should be the most amicable of the options I had and got this,
  9. Avoid Relegation, was sitting in 18th after losing to Arsenal away 1-0. Which isn't great, but 15 matches in and still relatively close to the set target. It was mostly the verbiage used that struck me as broken, managers getting sacked in that position isn't completely unbelievable. Ha, actually started him a fair share of the matches on my promotion run. Had to make sure his partner had the speed to cover for him. He retired when I wouldn't renew him.
  10. I mean.. I got Villa promoted, brought in a talented young squad, kept finances in check.. Lose a few matches to top tier premier teams and 15 games into the second season I get this.
  11. Obviously not for everyone, but an option to auto save at the end of games would be great
  12. this I'm pretty sure is the intended use of this feature. Although it definitely should have an option to knock you out of holiday while employed if something urgent pops
  13. Well I'm leading the championship in scoring after ~20 matches with one of the mezzalas leading the team in goals. The central guy doesn't really do much offensively to begin with so could probably drop him back with a instruction to get forward when on offence without losing much on the attacking side and gaining a decent amount on the defensive. Only issue is as villa I cant afford losses, damn team is so butthurt about being down in championship that any type of slipup they get antsy real quick.
  14. TI's as requested, about as vanilla as it comes. Switched the BWM to CM/D but would I be better off moving him back to a DM spot with DLP to fill that gap a bit?
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