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  1. Please if you're going to release a tactic don't use a team that is head and shoulders better than the rest of the league.
  2. [FM15] Skins don't show up

    Doh -_- thanks
  3. [FM15] Skins don't show up

    I've been playing FM for years and never had an issue installing skins or graphics before. Currently my logos and facepack work fine but skins dont show up in the drop down box regardless of what I do. Skins folder screenshot - https://www.dropbox.com/s/jracu6ytv1t6pzf/Screenshot%202014-11-17%2017.21.51.png?dl=0 Cache is disabled, I've tried restarting the game multiple times, tried manually clearing cache.. nothing works
  4. cant for the life of me get this to show up in game... have it extracted correctly and the directory is "C:\Users\Bob\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\graphics\skins\helveticalite_rc1_normal_sidebar" But all I see is the default skin in preferences.
  5. Corners - Tips & Tricks

    I switched the attacking players to closing down, mark the box, and edge of the area.. will see how it goes.
  6. Corners - Tips & Tricks

    Defending is my main concern. I currently run a 3-4-3 so I have my 3 DC's mark tall players, my 2 ST's and 1 AM mark small, my ML/MR mark posts, and my 2 MC's on man mark. Seems like the near post flick on is what kills me
  7. What are they? I leak goals from corners like it's my job.. IF I don't give up 2 goals from corners a game it's a rare occasion. Also any tricks to scoring on corners?
  8. FM14 Sales Figures

    Coulda swore it could still be bought standalone, my mistake.. just makes the graphs even better representations of players compared to last years. FM14 brought nothing new to the table, FM13 was similar and probably left alot of people feeling as if FM was turning into the madden series. Where games are released yearly with updated rosters. SI may be better off switching to a 2 year development cycle so as the games actually provide a noticeable improvement.. Issue with that is I'm sure SEGA won't approve as FM has turned into a quiet cash cow for them.
  9. Discussion Point: Difficulty of FM

    A fixed ME that doesn't wildly change every patch would fix most difficulty problems.
  10. FM14 Sales Figures

    See link for active gamers on steam. http://i.imgur.com/B7giw88.png Clearly FM13 was the most played, but FM14 wasn't far behind. No steam isn't the only way the game is played, but it is a good barometer on how a game compares to it's predecessors.
  11. How do you get them? I'm currently palermo in my second year in the Serie A, finished 7th last season (Named overachievers of the year), and I have the lowest sponsorship amount out of everyone. Juventus is top with $335M Average is $16.75M I'm at $2M My away kit and youth deals both dropped by nearly half? My home kit 4 year deal ends at the end of the season so I'm hoping that goes way up. I have noticed that we rent our stadium, but is that really the main sponsorship deal that I'm missing out on?
  12. Theirs no thread where SI confirms what's broken and what isn't.. So I'm curious.. Are keepers broken? I've noticed regardless of my formation or who I have in net that my keepers give up some really really soft goals. ALOT of goals where the seem to hit the keeper and deflect in, and other shots directly at him at seem to find their way in. Basically looking for confirmation that they're broken and this isn't some flukey thing I manage to do in every tactic I make. O and a sticky that lists all the known bugs would be AWESOME.. But that would mean SI would have to admit that they released another bugged game.. eh
  13. [FM14] Shib Ball 3-1-3-1-2

    Post updated http://tinyurl.com/lruvfcs
  14. [FM14] Shib Ball 3-1-3-1-2

    updated the op Training - I typically focus on tactics til theirs 75%+ then switch to fitness. But this is manager preference. - Match day training is always Def. Positioning.