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  1. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    @Muttley84 Go Poland no Kappa the best facilities you can get are in LKS Lódź i think for start. Im backing to it and in first try I got them
  2. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Nice to see a lot of succesfull runs! Keep going all!:) I didn't have a lot of time (I actually got probation in scouting centre at one of club :D) but mby I will try back to Poland with this challenge so gl @charlo116 !
  3. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Idk 71 is not 100 wierd shied going on even in normal football unlucky Darren. I found a little bug when you get penalty and you score a goal assist is going to player on a bench who left the game mostly a lot time before
  4. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Season 2019/2020 Squad - League - Transfers - Finances Season start with takeover. New chairman was happy about everything so I could keep cool and prepare team for the season. Compare to last year I wanted to go with new tactic but all my atempts were not enough for me. To be honest I tried one tactic from forum and I played with it all friendlies and few matches in league (tactic compare to league faield hard). After losing in 2nd Quali round in FA Cup I said "Damit I can do it by my self!" and I took my oldschool 4-1-2-1-2 Diamond tactic from FM11on workbench and I think i don't need speak a lot about results you can just see it by yourself Only 3 loses and semi-final of FA Trophy with Carlisle (2-1, 3-5) worth to mention we eleminate for example Chester 1-0 playing as 10 half match. 91 points in league total rekt for everyone I think I won the league 5 or 6 rounds before it ends so a lot of youth had theyr time. If we speaking about young guns Fenton is probably best prospect from my intake and he used hes chances in first team very well. Our finanes are bad but I don't care so much right now. After wining the league we got some improvments and after my request we turning professional. I did only few transfer for players on positions i didnt have. James was very impactfull and with Faal they carried us very hard. Ofc James got title transfer of the season, goal of the seasons and many many more. Target of next season is ofc survive in new league or reach playoffs. Cheers! Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy Training Facilities Youth Facilities Junior Coaching Youth Recruitment Achievements/Notes Top Scorer Most Assists Highest Avg Rating ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2018/19 Vanarama South 6th 4st Q Round 1st Round Basic Basic Adequate Fairly Basic Play-off Final Faal (19) Faal (13) Rees (7.61) 2018/19 Vanarama South 1st 2nd Q Round Semi-Final Basic Basic Adequate Fairly Basic Promotion Faal (35) Faal (14) Faal (7.56)
  5. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Agree If you want go like that you should start your own Challenge on your rules
  6. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Can someone explain me why in FM18 there are only 5 subs in England Im missing something?
  7. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    There are two ways you can write (YP01a) where nuber is your intake so far and a is rank for example or you can write (YP15a) where number is the year its up to you
  8. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Season 2018/2019 Squad - League - Transfers - Finances - Manager First touch with FM18 to be honest I didn't want to make a move to challenge allready but im not sure what or who move me to that but here we go. So basicly I wanted to test how new FM18 works, new scouting, tactical system, dynamic so no high expectation about results or in game so far. Scouting looks very promising (but sure everyone are happy about that), with dynamic I didn't have any problems so far but it's interesting mechanic in game and at the end tactic. I started season with 3-5-2 something like Tottenham is playing now friendlies were very cool wining over 3-0 but with better teams didnt work so well and league gave me right punch very fast. Then I switch to 4-3-3 with one striker in back and one more wide we score a lot of goals but in the same time we lose a lot of possesion and goals in fact. Season I ended with 6th place and tactic 4-1-2-2-1 with 2 wingers playing as striker it work less or more but still I didnt like it. In cup we reach 4th round and in FA we got knockout in 1 round. I couldnt do anything with facilities I only improved youth budget. If we talk about young my intake was pretty cool I think Cheney is definitly our best prospect. Im probably first Dulwich manager in history of fm18 that didnt get promotion in first season we lost in play-off finals 1-2 unlucky. I should mention 3 best players in this season I guess Faal, Rees and Ferguson. I've got licence but I'ts seems that bug with determination and youth working skill is still in game idk mby just didn't move with first grade. In the next season I want to ofc be promoted and find my own tactic. Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy Training Facilities Youth Facilities Junior Coaching Youth Recruitment Achievements/Notes Top Scorer Most Assists Highest Avg Rating ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2018/19 Vanarama South 6th 4st Round 1st Round Basic Basic Adequate Fairly Basic Play-off Final Faal (19) Faal (13) Rees (7.61)
  9. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    @fairsy If you have more then 1 picture try add by links its better for everyone trust me
  10. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    This is not a bug they didnt sing any intake or rather didnt have one becouse of facilities
  11. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Only one good scout if needed HOYD is doing all stuff to singing new players ofc. Scouts help you get more knowledge about countires so you can get yout from other countries mainly but that depends of your facilities anyway
  12. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    That intake tho xD Would be amazign for academy challenge but should work in this one
  13. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    You dont signing anyone but AI works same way so basicly if you have better talent they need only fast scout report to get full knowledge so thats mean you affect world transfers You can ask in dafuge challenge for Dorking file the base are literraly the same loading more nation is making just your experience in game worst in few wrods
  14. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Just joined be kind for me please boys This guy is insane for our lvl unlucky he is 33yo tho
  15. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    @MikaelS Im trying dafue's challenge first in this year but that im know so far if you need tips for tactic new positions for MF are very cool in lower leagues you can compare it in 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 with 2 very offensive wingers where you sending balls on the wings sectors with fast player. Faster player you got even if he is poor technical is easy destruction for opponent defence