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  1. Good luck m8 I have wonderful journey with GKS Jastrzębie 2 years ago fun times but Polish league is hard to keep players in team and dominate it! Waiting for updates
  2. Like boss XaW said you need feeder club with option that juniors can traing between teams. Second option is club rep or country position in rank I think. In Polish challenge 2 years ago maximum I had 6 foreign youngster all from feeder clubs in best intake but sometimes it just randomed me some guys from England or France but I guess thats thx to my progress in Champions League and and European League.
  3. I really like the fact that there is no so much multi nation players in English League at last in the lowest league. That was a really helpful for small teams to sell players with some national caps in np. Kenya or Trinidad and the NT experience give them good boost to improve skills. I guess this time English challenge will be very hard.
  4. @OrToDaRy282 its never same date for youth intake in Poland. GL I will looking for your updates:)
  5. Mega Update Season 2020/2021 Squad - League - Transfers - Finances - Facilities Youth intake Matt Collins 03a Jan Szalek 03c Maciej Witek 03b Michal Malkowski 03d Pawel Kalinowski 03e Slawomir Czerwinski 03f Mateusz Dubas 02d - extra player tag Season 2021/2022 Squad - League - Transfers - Finances - Facilities Youth intake Andrzej Szewczyk 04a Marek Szubert 04b Artur Letniowski 04c Jozef Byrtek 04d Season 2022/2023 Squad - League - Transfers - Finances - Facilities Lost screens from intake golden generation 2x DC MR 2x MC FC Season 2023/2024 Squad - League - Transfers - Finances - Facilities Youth intake Michal Pomorski 06a Antoine Le Goff 06b Dawid Muzylowski 06c Bartlomiej Kowalski 06d Overall im doing great, some European runs ended before group stage but all is good. Some great prospects here and there. We manage to win Polish Cup once and all the time we ending seasons in best 8 so im happy:)
  6. Well I think mostly that when you load more countries there is more development in teams in other countries I mean that there are more clubs that can product more players (better quality in national team) and there is bigger chance to buy your players coz of more scouts. Perhaps its just for comfort of playing becouse its long term challenge so after few yers the save is to big with few leagues and its quicker to progress with loading screens.
  7. GZ @dkouv Great attempt! Im still in im after 5 seasons so I have 3 to post:) mby I will do one massive compilation when I get some free time
  8. In my save im not able to get foreign fedders club so far funny becouse on other I could ahaha
  9. @XaW Than in Earth is that intake how you manage that xd?
  10. @KyleHyde I don't have good personalities aswell more even if I have they are randomly alone change without tutoring. The thing is you neeed keep your staff personalities in good shape aswell as someone said me
  11. That moment when your player is scouted by PSG and Man City and he has only 600k transfer in contract ...
  12. Season 2019/2020 Squad - League - Transfers - Finances - Facilities - Manager First season in Polish Premiership It went suprisly good. We end first stage of league in upper 8 so we get instant survival better money and few extra matches in master group. We have few things going around team. First of all im improving facilities like crazy and my chairman agree on everything. Also I suggested to buy a stadium not new but aswell chairman after small talk agreed with me. Nest season ofc again surivve my team is preety poor in quality players so I dont think we can do something more. Youth intake Bartosz Czajkowski 02a Marcin Grabowski 02b Arkadiusz Szewczyk 02c Czajkowski one of best prospects of young Polish generation media connect him to one of legendary players. Unlucky :spoilers: 600k minimal offer in hes proffesional contract ;(( Hoply he will stay
  13. Season 2018/2019 Squad - League - Transfers - Finances - Facilities - Manager First season in Poland and with weak squad somehow I manage to get promotion at first atempt. I tried this challenge in Poland and I know that promoting in Poland at first season or even 2 is like suicidal. You can ask why? Its simple, becouse player lvl between Polish first league and Polish premier league is like heaven and hell. If you add to this that in Poland you have lower chance to get good players compare to England, Spain and other top leagues its like RIP for manager who will get sacked for not geting enough points and then losing players after relegation but we are promoted so were going in. So basicly manager screen is after first licence Ive reached (i forgot to took it at start of the game) hope noone will get angry on me for that . Like I said before in comments I managed get Stadion Slaski as feeder club and this is something like I never had in this challenge. Local partnershim for training fields and how you can see here some talented (hoply) young players gives me best facilities in Poland I ever had in this challenge even after 10 years of trying this in Stal Mielec in FM17 or 16 I had same I guess. Unlucky at start of my journey with GKS 3 contract was singed before my arrival to team Nowak and Czerkas 2 old boys 32/33 yo without any good personality to utility and only Kaminski is enoug to get for my DR. Youth intake Mateusz Malecki 01a Marcin Jodlowiec 01b Michal Wlodyka 01c Malecki sounds like best prospect from this if he develope in some speed to get into my tactic for survive in Polish premiership xD
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