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  1. Im positive that my players cant be so bad to lose with so **** teams in that case my tactic are garbage and I cant complete this challenge anywhere so I thinking of giving up I lost fun playing my save totaly... In Poland is like to play club from National League in England and straight vs league 1 league 2 teams and try to get into Championship
  2. @XaW Such money for my club are just impossible from transfers so far
  3. @Virtual Male I had so far 2 great players from 6 intakes I have (few with good phisical stats but nothing more) also I have like i think 4 decent mby 5 players that can turn in to good league players so if I will able to keep them I can back to the game
  4. Polonia Warszawa 2022/2023 League - Squad - Transfers - Finances Relegation time... It's nothing I can say right now im disappointed we had great last season but now we are backing down... I would say most impact that make us die in league was offer from NAC Breda for Sauczek(200k couldnt do anything he wanted it in hes contract) that was our only striker and we just start losing after that. We lost with cup with Legia but in good style so im happy about that but anyway ONLY good thing that we reach in this season is youth facilities upgreat so I hope I will generate better talents! And ofc new main sponsor contract is great. There is no way we are able to back in next season on top we have no playmaker, striker and DR and DL. We losing Olesinski to Watford for 650k and Sajdak for 250K to Gornik Leczna so 2 best players so next season will be exciting xD Youth intake 3 new boys inc. Kesek will be great talent after losing Sajdak... Grzegorz Kesek (YP23a) Grzegorz Koncki (YP23b) Dawid Jarzebowski (YP23c) Season League Position Achievments 2017/18 PFD 11th Survived 2018/19 PFD 5th 2019/20 PFD 9th 2020/21 PFD 2nd Promotion 2021/22 LE 8th Survived 2022/23 LE 15th Relegated
  5. @Virtual Male You can go everywhere in Europe if you manage unplayable team before and you go with the rules of this topic
  6. Just got relegated IDK if I want continue this save must think about it ... I mean I didnt get sacked but I have no power in my team since start i Have like 3 players that might be in Top league lvl and 2 of them probably will leave so... PS. Fun fact one of lowest clubs from lower league changed chairman for Belgium one and Blekitni are now worth 58mln EUROs - the best Polish club is worth 32mln Legia
  7. Polonia Warszawa 2021/2022 League - Squad - Transfers - Finances Fast update from Lotto Ekstraklasa... Great season 8th place in league and at the end of split we joining champions split where we losing everything but we are safe in this season and get extra money that give us possible youth lvl up. We COULD AND Shoul win National Cup in the final we were wining 2-1 but in 88' my goalkeeper just pass the ball to enemy and we tied then we scored for 3-2... RED Card and in finally we losing 3-4 ;D after another Goalkeeper mistake;) Youth intake I say good intake some boys with good potential. Marek Wojciak (YP22a) Oskar Ruszkowski (YP22b) Mateusz Wisniewski (YP22c) Dariusz Jastrzebski (YP22d) Rafal Zwolinski (YP22e) Season League Position Achievments 2017/18 PFD 11th Survived 2018/19 PFD 5th 2019/20 PFD 9th 2020/21 PFD 2nd Promotion 2021/22 LE 8th Survived
  8. @vikeologist if you have time you can just role and role to make them playable
  9. @vikeologist im managing team from Warsaw the bigest city in Poland and foreign staff and anything else dosent help so far to get them;P I just noticed in all clubs in Poland (mainly from Lotto Ekstraklasa highest league) there are like 2-3 foreign regens placed randomly in every 2 seasons and that players are mostly the same nationality ( 2 germans 2 slovakian 2 czech 2 latvia) in 5 seasons I belive there was max 10 regens from other countries in whole Poland In fm15 for example in my regular game save I belive after 15 seasons or something around I managed to get such lvl of club that allows me get 1 foreign player every year but most of them were like dual nationality and from random place on earth even Papau or some wierd Vanatu But I guess youth reserch and repuration is most important for this stuff
  10. This is just impossible one unhappy player made whole team morale down and they intentionaly losing every game great
  11. @XaW Quite depresing and its 1 aprill;(
  12. SI trools with 580m donation ;(
  13. Yeah Belgium with their wierd second nationality fun GZ @XaW Goood LUCK!
  14. Polonia Warszawa 2020/2021 League - Squad - Transfers - Finances Finally we got promotion after really hard season... first half we were on the top with 6 points in the lead but after season break... almost only ties and even loses with bottom league teams. Last match we played with Gornik Zabrze so that was match to be or not to be promoted and SUPRISE we tied again ... 1-1 but we take that we got PROMOTION! This promotion taste better becouse our Polonia u18 also won the league in region. Olesinski (YP18a) our bigest talent from academy want to leave so badly but unlucky no one wants to pay me for him 1ml so I can upgrede our youth fields... so I will stay with unhappy player to end of the contract:P Finances are very bad but we got like 1ml tv money from Ekstraklasa and over 800k for new clubs there so we managed to get 100k on plus xD Well not good anyway but start is impressive ;P I want try aswell in this challenge work with foreign intakes in club so definitly my next steps will move to reach some informations from that direction. Youth intake I say good intake some boys with good potential. Dawid Grzyb (YP21a) - Mby future partner for Radomski (YP18d). Sebastian Kopcinski (YP21b) - Right Winger nice? Tomasz Konaszewski (YP21c) - Double in this season I take it. Marcin Nowicki (YP21d) - Finally a striker hope he will be good Season League Position Achievments 2017/18 PFD 11th Survived 2018/19 PFD 5th 2019/20 PFD 9th 2020/21 PFD 2nd Promotion
  15. @XaW Again good job XaW Janosik 44 goals are just amazing:P I checked at my save Real won in my game last time in season 2011/12 only Barca and Atletico since then but Real got some second places