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  1. This chairman man.... Smolka for 275K (350k) to Blekitni (team in my league owned by Belgium milioners with tons of cash ;/ its like my league PSG)
  2. Polonia Warszawa 2025/2026 League - Squad - Transfers - Finances Finally season im happy at the end. Basicly in this season we losing Nowotka (coz he was unhappy and wanto change club so I sold him to keep morale up) and Mierzejewski ( LOL one season few matches and he wanted go to Lotto Ekstraklasa ok bro... couldnt keep him chairman accepted offert). In the other hand finances are ok chairman keep donating club and I hope facilities wont brake any more :D. Its my 9th season in Polonia and next one will be me 10!! thats amazing but that would be great if we can somehow get promotion in that season. For @vikeologist I decided to make small overview of my team. Grzegorz Kesek (YP23a) - Solid goalkepper hope he will stay with us not like Sajdak traitor... Tomasz Dukalski - Second goalkepper nothing worth mention. Mateusz Szymanek - I took him from u18 after Nowotka leaves and he plays better than him xD And his improving im wonder if he can look decent Dawid Grzyb (YP21a) - Well solid player with good phisical skills unlucky he cant reach some technical ones I think he is too weak for higher league but whatever Pawel Radomski (YP18d) - sub DC good technical bad mental and phisical damm if I only could combine Grzyb and Radomski in one:D Daniel Choros - one of last 3 players that arent regens still the best in team. Marek Choros - I need some DL so I took 2 players from u18 well decent season with second one Piotr Krukowski - Nothing special i think even Marek is littlebit better but thi phisical crush everyone Fabian Kmiecik - Decent sub Damian Smolka (YP18c) - Still in the club great heart of the team Damian Zmuda (YP18b) - Playing as a sub on DM not improved so well with Smolka but still they are best Piotr Bednarski - this dude is mystery for me idk how he get to my team but thanks good sub sometimes he plays in first squad Piotr Wojciak (YP22a) - our main DM I hoped that he will improve better but whatever Grzegorz Koncki (YP23c) - one of 1000000000 right wingers in my team nothing worth mention Marcin Kluska - Veteran of my club great universal player Aleksander Tomaszewski - now he is only for tutoring before he was great CM Bartosz Szczepanski (YP24a) - Our best player got captain in age of 17 after Olesinski (YP18a) our greates intake Dariusz Jastrzebski (YP22e) - IDK what to do with this guy hes not improving like I want only sub so far Marcin Nowicki (YP21d) - This dude should play in NFL when I see him in position to shot 99% its over the bar xD Marek Karas - sub only coz high finishing Youth intake Cegielka and Warzycha are probably best players in intake. I have problem with intakes im geting a lot of players that are unambitious:(? WTF Mateusz Cegielka (YP26a) Damian Karasek (YP26b) Tomasz Lipinski (YP26c) Jakub Stec (YP26d) Konrad Warzycha (YP26e) Season League Position Achievments 2017/18 PFD 11th Survived 2018/19 PFD 5th 2019/20 PFD 9th 2020/21 PFD 2nd Promotion 2021/22 LE 8th Survived 2022/23 LE 15th Relegated 2023/24 PFD 13th Survived 2024/25 PFD 13th Survived 2025/26 PFD 8th
  3. @vikeologist im in next season and after intake. Season is much better but Mierzejewski after few matches decided that he want to play in better team and he left for 150K (chariman agreed) Im trying to change Patryk in playmaker but will be see. Well I have few good players but its like he cant improve or they stoped in middle ;P. Best thing for me is to jsut keep going and pray for new chairman with a lot of money that will let me improve facilities. I will do in next update a summary of first squad so you will see how things are going. I think I need to work with my HOYD im must miss something imporitet why i dont get such good players
  4. Polonia Warszawa 2024/2025 League - Squad - Transfers - Finances What I can say im still truggling in the league... my training fields went down and league is moving on without me (damm transfers). In Transfers screen I've got 1 transfer in this is a guy from intake that I accidently removed from candidates after offering contract... I guess its fine and intake SS is a prove. Well thinking about changing team or country its starting be very boring siting in one place without improve. Youth intake Mierzejewski look like pontetial star. Pawel Mierzejewski (YP25a) Patryk Olczak (YP25b) Season League Position Achievments 2017/18 PFD 11th Survived 2018/19 PFD 5th 2019/20 PFD 9th 2020/21 PFD 2nd Promotion 2021/22 LE 8th Survived 2022/23 LE 15th Relegated 2023/24 PFD 13th Survived 2024/25 PFD 13th Survived
  5. @XaW 53k and 15% is more than sad ;(
  6. @XaW Are you seriously with this Barut in first season xD?
  7. Im done with this game and I dont wana play it anymore ****ing stupid every game I have 20-5 shots and round 60% posesion and im losing with everything my strikers scored 4 goals in 30 matches this is joke delate tilted ffs
  8. Since season 2 I belive I used this HOYD for HOYD (cheers for by buddies in Iceland challenge Im scouting that region) with more working with youngstars (best I can get for my team...) I didn't watch for prefer formation though and style (I was mad that im geting allways the winger's I've never get a decent striker or DL or DR ). Intake I've got just right now from him. As you can see again im geting winger... but this guy have bigest determination of all player's I've got so far also decent DC joining team. It's to early to get any conclusions but as you said tactic prefering by hoyd might have something with intake. Anyway Bjarki is cheep and will have another chance to get intake before we find someone new. PS. I just canceled contract for my DC making screenshots.... Its still ok if he get contract from me coz he will be in transfers list in to the club?
  9. Well new tactic works great so far in 10 matches we lost only 4 goals we have 20 points and we are leader of the league, team spirit is great too! Can we keep that to the end?:D Im only mad for first match with Olimpia it was 21-4 in shots and we still lost grr....
  10. Polonia Warszawa 2023/2024 League - Squad - Transfers - Finances As I expected we were trying to survive. Two key players left The Traitors Rafal Olesinski (YP18a) went to Watford for 650K and got only 3 caps then get on loan to USA where he play 6... Well we got money anyway but he is not playing at all there. Next one Jacek Sajdak (YP19b) 250K to Gornik Leczna playing only in second team. I can say 2 fallen star's from Polonia unlucky for them and for me. There was a small problem in middle of the season becouse I went on holidays to skip season break and my senior club loan me a player I couldn't make him back to them so I put him in second team and he never played as you can see. I think that our team have more staff then actually player's but even witch such big staff from around the world we don't have a lot of great talent's and foreign one's. Our Facilities are much better since we start our journey I hope that allow us to back in next 3 season's to Lotto Ekstraklasa but first need to find out new tactic and fix team spirit. Youth intake Forgot screenshot 1 player was only tagged. Bartosz Szczepanski (YP24a) PS. Question to @XaW who in your team bring new players Youth Manager or HOYD? And you prefer more skilled working with youngstars and determination or judging potential and ability? What are your observation about this zone of club? Season League Position Achievments 2017/18 PFD 11th Survived 2018/19 PFD 5th 2019/20 PFD 9th 2020/21 PFD 2nd Promotion 2021/22 LE 8th Survived 2022/23 LE 15th Relegated 2022/23 PFD 13th Survived
  11. Im positive that my players cant be so bad to lose with so **** teams in that case my tactic are garbage and I cant complete this challenge anywhere so I thinking of giving up I lost fun playing my save totaly... In Poland is like to play club from National League in England and straight vs league 1 league 2 teams and try to get into Championship
  12. @XaW Such money for my club are just impossible from transfers so far
  13. @Virtual Male I had so far 2 great players from 6 intakes I have (few with good phisical stats but nothing more) also I have like i think 4 decent mby 5 players that can turn in to good league players so if I will able to keep them I can back to the game
  14. Polonia Warszawa 2022/2023 League - Squad - Transfers - Finances Relegation time... It's nothing I can say right now im disappointed we had great last season but now we are backing down... I would say most impact that make us die in league was offer from NAC Breda for Sauczek(200k couldnt do anything he wanted it in hes contract) that was our only striker and we just start losing after that. We lost with cup with Legia but in good style so im happy about that but anyway ONLY good thing that we reach in this season is youth facilities upgreat so I hope I will generate better talents! And ofc new main sponsor contract is great. There is no way we are able to back in next season on top we have no playmaker, striker and DR and DL. We losing Olesinski to Watford for 650k and Sajdak for 250K to Gornik Leczna so 2 best players so next season will be exciting xD Youth intake 3 new boys inc. Kesek will be great talent after losing Sajdak... Grzegorz Kesek (YP23a) Grzegorz Koncki (YP23b) Dawid Jarzebowski (YP23c) Season League Position Achievments 2017/18 PFD 11th Survived 2018/19 PFD 5th 2019/20 PFD 9th 2020/21 PFD 2nd Promotion 2021/22 LE 8th Survived 2022/23 LE 15th Relegated
  15. @Virtual Male You can go everywhere in Europe if you manage unplayable team before and you go with the rules of this topic