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  1. Not good my top prospect on the aim... Wtih my -2 ml in bank I bet my board will accept any low money for this dude PS. Worth to mention its first time in 13 seasons that foreign club is interested in my player.
  2. Garbarnia Kraków - Intake 2033/34 Witch such preview with first time "golden generation" information I knew that this will be good. Best intake in FM21 ever! Looking for more hehe!
  3. Garbarnia Kraków - 2032/33 Squad - League - Finances - Transfers To be fair I came to this season unmotivated, with new tactic and hope that intake will change something in my life. Game said big no and after poor intake we changed HOYD like I said in intake update. In this season we sold some unhappy players that want move to "bigger" teams. Bigest lose is Zakrzewski 08c (Jagiellonia just got relegated LOL) but I think we sold him for good money like for team in Fortuna 1 Liga with some % in the future. Second lose was Danel 08b which was moved from second team and I actually saw hi
  4. Garbarnia Kraków - Intake 2032/33 Another disappointment lost my nerves to HOYD Afther that preview I checked for new HOYD. There were 4 people that potentialy could join our team but only one had perfect personality professional. He have 1 less in potential and current ability judgment but I hope this is change for better then balanced one. I looked for far better intake... For sure in next season. We broke barrier of over 100 intake players from Kraków
  5. Always sign whole pack event if they wont Play all You may earn some money. At start when your Staff is bad the stars might be not true.
  6. Garbarnia Kraków - 2031/32 Squad - League - Finances - Transfers To be honest I've got 0 fun to play this save anymore. 0 good intake, 0 improvment after 11 seasons... I made 8 shots in 3 last matches and even with 10 games lost in row I had to win last match vs ŁKS to stay in Ekstraklasa. But of course I lost because my team is or absolutly crap or I'm just a crap manager. In Polish cup always in first 2 round I'm getting all the time clubs from top 5 even when other teams are playing with teams from unplayable leagues till semis.... this time that was Legia. U18 won league again 3
  7. Srsly Idk how you get such players I cant generate something like that since I started this challenge few FMs back
  8. Garbarnia Kraków - Intake 2031/32 Srsly I hoped for more than this preview. After all could be better but its not the worst! Random half Algerian and some defensive players but with low ability quality AND CHERRY on the TOP! After 11 seasons! 15 Finishing!
  9. What do you think guys. I just get my scouting for whole world. Do you think sending scouts to any of country will give any profits in intakes? Is there any country where scout must be in?
  10. Garbarnia Kraków - 2030/31 Squad - League - Finances - Transfers Very hard seson after 7 matches we had 4th place with 15 points. After that we start lost everything gathering. Only 2 points in next 13 matches... and we joined relegation group In winter break I made a lot of friendlies with low teams to get morale up and we managed to win some game. Surprisingly we won with Legia, Górnik but we lost with all teams at the bottom... We fight to survive to last round and we lost last match wit Miedź 2-6 but 1 point diffrence gives us a survival. Again after promotion we are not playing
  11. Garbarnia Kraków - Intake 2030/31 Very promising prieview must say And after all very bad One Forward with over 10 finishing please....
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