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  1. Tbf, he might be right on Matt Stenson. His Twitter handle has 1994 in it. I never thought to check it was wrong when I inherited him.
  2. This seems to be working now, thanks @NeilUK
  3. Thanks @NeilUK I'll have a look and run some tests on both of those. I'd left the Glazers in as I wanted it to be realistic and just given them all retirement dates of a couple of years, but wasn't aware of the effect of confidence. Appreciate the reply, thank you.
  4. I've tried to add Jim Ratcliffe to Manchester Untied, but no matter what I try, the owner changes in October 2024. I've tried stopping outside takeovers, but that just removes him for an internal promotion. I'm guessing it's hardcoded, which is annoying, but does anyone have a way to stop this happening? Thanks in advance.
  5. HI @scout_ Liam Castle I've added the suspension but as it started after the start of the season, I assume that's why it's not in game. Dispaine was meant to be released, but I might have made a mistake there. Jamie Ward will be released as soon as I can get back in. Club never announced it. Apparently he went on holiday and never came back. Although way things are looking, I might be releasing everyone!
  6. As it says in the title, this is a working file to Step 8, featuring expanded FA Cup, Trophy and Vase, correct prize monies, and most (not quite all) Senior Cups, with histories as accurate as I could get them. There are one or two slight tweaks to real life to make it playable. Some teams from lower down the order will appear that wouldn't normally in the competition, but I wanted to give them a bit more depth. I've added the league cups for Northern, Southern and Isthmian leagues, even though it doesn't look like they're being run this year in real life. In Senior Cups, teams in Prem and Championship will send their U18s, and U21s for Leagues One and Two. This will change with promotion and relegation. Final thing to note, I released Ronaldo from United, mainly to see what would happen. Do let me know if you find any game breaking bugs. I've simmed it for nine years and it seems to be okay. Every now and then you get the odd allocation that you wouldn't want to see, but it's nigh on impossible to stop that happening it seems. Bruceys Non League & Senior Cups.fmf
  7. @lionel messinot sure if you're going for realism or not particularly fussed, but it appears that the Southern League aren't doing a league cup this year. Just wanted to point it out in case it saves you doing it! Looking forward to this,
  8. Obviously press conferences are something that hasn't changed greatly in a number of years, so was wondering if it would be possible for players to select a number of topics that they wish to bring up in their conferences as opposed to just answering questions. For example, before entering the press conference you could be given a number of options, including - Opponents Tactical Style, Opposition Players, Your Players, Opponent Form, Rival Clubs, League Gossip, Transfer News and so on. Within each of those would be further sub-options, so for example under tactical, you could choose to Praise, Question, Analyse, Criticise, the idea being that if you're going into a game with a team that have a certain setup or style, your picking up on it may allow you to unsettle the opponents into changing tactically if their manager has a low mind games rating etc. Opposition players could have similar options. You could discuss their recent form, any preferred moves that they have. You could praise them, or undermine them. If they're a recent signing you could question how quickly they will fit into the tactical plan, you could even question whether or not they're suited to the style of play of the manager. With your own players, you could talk about the recent form of players that have either been underperforming, if you want to give them a lift or explain an absence (obviously that could have negative impacts) and if they're in a rich run of form, you could talk about how instrumental they've been of late. Rival clubs you could comment on their upcoming fixtures if you want to put pressure on them, or you could try and target a team and talk about them on a weekly basis in an effort to build a feud and drive the dynamic rivalry rating between the two clubs. Whilst this is not too disimilar to what happens in game already, allowing the player to set the narrative creates more immersion and allows them to drive the game in the direction they want. Transfers would be an opportunity for you to talk about new faces in the league, maybe in an effort to put pressure on your board to free up more transfer funds when a rival has signed someone and you want to keep pace. This would be a more public facing way of making a board request, or diverting pressure from yourself if your team are struggling, but of course would run the risk of antagonising your board and damaging that relationship. Conversely, you could praise your board for not spending silly money if another team has just broken a transfer record. I know these are outline ideas, but I think the basic notion of giving the player the opportunity to control the narrative prior to press conferences would give that added layer of immersion and make them feel more relevant and less of a chore.
  9. Would love to see a few more kit templates available in game, especially for us ARs. My team's new a way kit is based on this... Obviously we've no template that has that many diagonal stripes/sashes, so it's a bit hard to accurately represent that in game. it's not exactly a rare kit design either, so would be a really useful addition to the templates. Thanks
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