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  1. Really bad kit clash between Peterhead and Raith. Let me know if you need a save or not, I wouldn't think you would for this.
  2. Yup, just uploaded it for you. Couple of weeks prior, not sure if it's early enough for you, but hope it helps. It's called Player unhappy not offered171120Peterhead Earliest Savve.fm
  3. Summary: Got a player who wants out, so I promise to do all I can to sell him. I offer him to clubs and no-one makes an offer. I make another attempt, lowering the asking price, but again no-one comes in. Description of Issue: The player requests a meeting to moan that I didn't sell him. I get that the player would be frustrated, that's fine, but in my options in talking to him, I don't have any option to say that I did make an attempt to sell him, (twice!) and no-one wanted him. I just get options saying that I didn't offer him out, which isn't the case. Steps to Reproduce: Fil
  4. Really impressed. Looks great, plays great, and the immersion is already far better, especially in regards to transfers and press conferences. They might be small changes, but that shift has brought the player into the room so to speak. Only done one game in match engine, but I've been really impressed by what I've seen. Couple of cute little passes between defenders, players working to retain the ball in the centre of the pitch, it just feels like a football game.
  5. Neil Brock has been off the forum for quite some time. Probably in a meeting or something...
  6. The rapture has been and gone, and all the worthy have been taken. You're just in the leftovers like the rest of us.
  7. I think that's the inherent drawback in it. The SciSports link up wouldn't be able to provide you with data across the size of db FM has and there would be an inevitable misalignment between statistical analysis and what the researchers put in. At the level I research, there's no way I can use those sort of stats to make my analysis and therefore what I'm putting in wouldn't tally with what's coming out, solely because we'd be looking at the game in different ways. You'd literally need to reinvent the way players are assessed by the team to achieve that and have it ready to go prior to the gam
  8. I think the biggest issue with doing it this way, for me, would come at the start of the game when there wouldn't be such stats available (unless of course they were arbitrarily made up.) How at that point would you be able to ascertain a starting XI without knowing something about the players? Yes, obviously in the game there would still be some way to report this, but it wouldn't be based on any sort of factual context.
  9. I do feel some sympathy with SI in implementing VAR. I don’t think anyone watching the EPL last year for example, had any idea of how VAR would play out in reality, certainly not at the start of the season, and definitely not before the season began which is when SI would have been doing their work for the upcoming season. It’s still a very new, very raw and unrefined product in real life. Replicating that as it is now, in a game that’s meant to be playable over multiple seasons must be a real PITA.
  10. Looks like press conferences and player interactions have had a long overdue overhaul and there's some new stats going on as well (Hello xGs!) For a first tease, there seems to be plenty to mull over. Can't wait to see more.
  11. It’s the FM editor equivalent of the lost city of El Dorado
  12. Yeah I've managed to get them back now, so we're all good there. I reckon if we can open the player names database up it might offer a whole new level of editing when it comes to creating nations. Maybe.
  13. there's a person name ui, which in theory would allow you to tinker with the ethnicity, which is what I want to dig down into. Sadly, all I've managed to do so far is manage to break the display on my nations columns, so that now when I search nations, I can't see anything and I can't get it back to normal, even with unistalling/reinstalling, which is annoying as hell.
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