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  1. Do you really see what I mean? You can show it in one place and you can't show it in another place. Isn't that a bug? The news system has been adjusted this year. If it is because of the license ,then why can photos be displayed in the news system?
  2. Hi, I found a bug. I used face packs, including staff. The photo cannot be shown in his profile, but it can be seen in the news.
  3. This feature is in the game, if you mean to set range of attributes.
  4. My experience is 10 men is not a disadvantage for a human managed team. The normal way for me is change my 4-3-2-1 to 4-2-2-1. From the highlight, I will find my player movement is more efficient, because they have more space.
  5. I hope it is possilbe to invole some gamers to join the test of FMM beofre it offically release. I believe only 10~20 gamers test 5 days can help a lot to find the bugs.
  6. I am appreciated your reply, Mrac. And I am also appreciated the efort you and your team made to FMM2017 which bring us a lot wonderful new features. I beleive these new feature bring you lot of challenge. I checked the change list in and_changes.txt, there are 172 items mentioned. I tried to divid them into two categories with my understand, "Improvement" and "Bug fix". The number of "Improvement" is about 48, and 124 for "Bug Fix" (7 in v8.01, 15 in v8.02, 3 in v8.03, 50 in v8.1, 49 in v8.2). I am working in a engineering company, I know that, quality, schedule and cost are always the challenge of a project. But what is the standard for SI to release a game? I agree "compatibility" is important. But I hope this is not the only big thing QA considered. I don't know what is your internal evaluation of the FMM2017? Are you satisfied with it? What is the lesson learnt from it? What is the improvement plan? Finally, I want to say the beedback from some gamers I know. When the new update / version of FMM release, the gamer will not update / purchase it at once. They will ask "Is there any new bug?" "Are old bugs are fixed?" Only they get postive answer, then they will update / purchase it. Bug is a tag of FMM now.
  7. I met same issue, not only for FMM2017, but also for FMM2016... If you do sub and switch position at one "time break", this bug always come to me.
  8. From my feeling, after update of v8.2, the result are more random, less logic. It is more difficult to take effective measre to counter AI tactics in current version (v8.2) than before.
  9. 1. Release date Based on my experience, I know FMM winter transfer update will release one or two weeks after PC version release. I was supprised to get the forecast date for FMM2017 winter transfer release ( Friday, Mar.10). Because I know SI can not controll the release date. APP store / Google play will release the update. But this is not a big deal. 2. Many fixes in update I can not tell you real feeling when I saw the change list of winter update. I am happy to see so many issues are fixed by SI. And I am sad I bought a game still with some many issues after 3 hotfixes. If FMM2017 is a free game, I will say nothing. But exactly, FMM is not a cheap game. But I do think we, gamer (the customers) are not respected by SI, the developer of FMM. The released FMM2017 is a disaster from a QA point of view. 3. Obvious bug in winter update I saw SI admited there is a bug about loan system. This system is adjusted in this update, BUT, this update make thing worse. So, I want challenge SI that how they test the game before release? And even SI admited this bug, they do not release hotfix ASAP. And saying they will update when more bugs are be found. (not same sentence, but this is my understanding, maybe I am wrong.) Do not use the excuse like resource, schedule,.... this is internal problem SI need resolve, not customers. I am wondering the attitude SI to their customers. Do you think you are doing your bussiness in correct way? I agree, currently, FMM is the best one in mobile football manager game in market, but this is not the reason you can ignore the feedback your customers. Final words, exactly, I love this game. I bought it from 2014 and bought two copies from APP sotre for my IPAD and Google play for my android phone. I hope I will see less and less bug in this game, even less new features.
  10. he does not believe the club can match his demands Please check the wage and sign on fee. If you can not offer required sign on fee, this tips will also be displayed.
  11. To tap the text at right-top part of the screen of re-train page to end the retrain.
  12. In the past version, you will receive a lot offer from all kind of clubs. But after update (can't remember which hotfix), I have not received any more.
  13. And please check the reputation of your club. Maybe the reputation of your club is not as high as you think.
  14. when you receive "doesn't believe club can meet his demand", please check your wage budget and transfer budget. Maybe you are lack of wage budget, maybe you are lack of sign on fee! Please adjust budget in financial page, and try to leave more for sign on fee budget.
  15. Real name for official version. Fake name for cracked verdion.
  16. You can check by playing him with other roles. For example, CM. In my experience, the high work rate (hiding attribute) will increase the condition consumption.
  17. FMM Amazon versions are only supported on kindle fires (Amazon own devices).
  18. BBM in FMM2017 does not need more stamina. Their consumption is acceptable.
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