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  1. And more, you need select defender to stay back instead of middle fielder. If you select middle fielder, they will move up instead of run back when the ball being kciked.
  2. As per previous explanation from SI, Motivational coach will 1. Maintain team morale higher 2. Improve young player personality.
  3. First season will be tough. To built team relationship and find suitable tactics. I think you will feel better in next season.
  4. Here are the player report and player attributes comparation in game. For me, chart is not necessary, because the attributes are not so much compare to pc version. It is easy to evaluate players.
  5. @passenger58 @Marc Vaughan Thank you for your replies. I got it.
  6. Maybe FIFA or PES will be better for you. And I am wondering whether PC version of FM could do so detail setting.
  7. Hi SI team and mates, This is not new but I want to know what is the meaning of "Extended Squad Movement" in starting configuration of settings? R7
  8. There is no "Octagon" chart in FMM2021. But there is player comparation function in game. And your assistant manager or scout will provide player report which will indicate strong point and weak point of player.
  9. After you fixed the squad, you can not replace injured players.
  10. Hi mate, My APM and BBM are working well at MC position. High rating with high stats (goal and assistant ). But my DM at DMC position has trouble in rating, always. This is a historical issue.
  11. Hi SI team and mates here, I really like the set-piece function in FMM2021. This make me an idea to try GK goal challenge. In previous version, I tried to set GK to play penalty kicks and free kicks. But GK will also play long distance free kicks, this cause me lot of conceded. This time, I can set GK to just play short distance freekick which is in front of box. I made a GK with 20 Freekicking by hex editor to test. He really plays well in freekick and PK, 6 goals in 27 matches. But the his goals could not show in any page. what a pity! I hope SI team will provide the
  12. I really agree with you. My current Leicester city save , 4 defenders + 1 DM at DMC and set all of them "man marking", They perform well. I lost 5 in 28 premier league games now.
  13. In Chinese forum, one mate mentioned the question about how to set "Change Side Tactics" in FMM2021. I have to tell him, it is not possible in FMM. But it will be great if we will have this switch in attacking page of tactics soon. If this is possible in FMM, please let me know how to do it. In my imagine, this tactics will work as below. 1. When my team keep possession at right side of field, my left winger will try to keep in flank , instead of moving close to box. 2. My DLP or BPD will try to find my left winger by long pass. PS: I really like thi
  14. And you also can change the role of player to impact the game.
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