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  1. The manager like a player is not allowed to talk to another club without the boards permission so of course they will know.
  2. Could be a bug though which may need reporting. If all settings where set for you to handle all transfer negotiating at all levels at your club then surely this should be the case. As you say after rejecting the first 3 new ones coming in allowed you to accept them
  3. start unemployed and see which jobs you get offered. I like ocming in to a club in trouble saving them at first and then building it up
  4. start unemployed and see which jobs you get offered
  5. No offense but look at your own club in real life whoever you support. If you lose 12 matches in a row, not been sacked of course they are going to criticize you. In real life all fans think they know how to manage better why do you think FM sells millions of copies each year lol We play this and win cups with teams such as accrington and stanley and think that it should be that easy in real life ha ha.
  6. I would like SI to introduce what liverpool have done in real life with Suarez contract where they don't start paying him the higher wage til the new season. Unless that is already an option and I have missed this??
  7. Is only PSG offering a contract? No other club or did he just choose PSG?
  8. Can't you suggest player to sack agent? or is that just for your own players?
  9. was getting invites for interviews within my second season as blackburn manager. first season I finished in the play offs and 2nd season I was constantly top 3 for the first half and was getting offers from those who got relegated from premier league like west ham or aston villa
  10. OK I took over Charlton when they were in the relegation zone after they were tipped to finish 8th. We survived and even won the JPT. End of season comes team meeting arrives. I think play offs is reasonable since we showed promotion form (I won 10 of my last 12 games) but I bet it will be a mixed feeling round the group. But doesnt matter anyway as 5 players contracts are up and I wont be renewing them lol edit: I went with top half finish and 8 of them had a positive reaction (1 player though is leaving as I am not renewing their contract) all the rest didnt react in anway
  11. thinking about it as well usually those being linked to vacant jobs are those out of work normally as well, I am linked with loads when I am in between jobs. That's true for RL all those out of work usually are the ones who linked to every job out there.
  12. I have never been linked in the press to other jobs but I have been head hunted and offered an interview by clubs.
  13. I have had a few come back after the holiday and say I am right about my ambitions for the season (as in they first thought I was being too ambitious) However at the end of the season surely you would have a word with the board first about the ambitions and make sure that they will back you financially otherwise what you say to the players wouldn't matter. No point saying you will get in to the champions league if the board won't give you enough money to do that.
  14. I took over charlton 21/12/2015 who are in league 1. They were in the relegation zone and I was asked that they should gain a respectable league position. I have now won 6 of my last 8 league games drawing the other 2. I am in the final of johnson paint trophy but I will not be judged on this competition as the board don't see it as a worthwhile competition. However build up to the final I am under pressure and a bad result may seal my fate. Also board confidence says i should be performing slightly better as well. Don't know what more I can do. We are out of the relegation zone now. Surely winning 6 out of 8 and drawing the other 2 is fantastic form in my book do think this is a bug or am I missing something? just as an update. I do have a save for the above situation. However I went on to win the Johnstone Paint trophy. I then draw against Portsmouth who are 2nd in the league and then lose heavily 3-0 to Doncaster who are in the play offs. That game ended my unbeaten run of 11 games of which 8 were wins. However the board wanted to have a meeting to discuss this defeat. I just mentioned that they were too strong on the night. However I should of been able to say I hadn't lost in 11 games won 8 games out of those 11, won at wembly which everyone including the board were happy about. 1 loss in a 12 games should not provoke this reaction. Before I arrived they were lanquished in the relegation zone. I must be missing something somewhere.
  15. Arsenal tonight against Villa. They were 2-0 up and started to drop off a lot and allow a little pressure and were making silly sloppy passes, one sloppy pass allowed Villa to score a goal on about 72 minutes. They could of easily got another had benteke got a better header once. It can happen in real life and arsenal had to "park the bus" even though they could easily play them off the park normally.
  16. I'm unemployed and declared my interest in Leicester job where Di Matteo is struggling. They come back saying they dismissed my interest and had full and absolute belief in his ability. Then on the same day they sack him lol!!!! I have an interview a few days later ha ha lol
  17. I'm glad you changed from push defensive higher to drop deeper. It didn't make sense to me to push higher on counter with direct passing. Glad also you removed the AF for CF as well, I find that AF on his own doesn't always work for some reason but a CF does.
  18. I use a 3 defense with complete wing back system. In regards to teams using wingers and full back backs attacking---I use the two outer defenders as cover and they have to have pace and they will move out wide to help my complete wing back out and so is never against 2 on his own. I use a regista now in a DM role who will drop back and help defend as well.
  19. Just finished my first whole season as a newcastle manager 2017/18 season. We won the capital one cup, finished 5th and got to latter stages of FA cup. I played 99% of my games using a 3-3-1-2-1 formation, with two 4231 formations as my back up. However despite playing nearly all my pre season games with my first tactic and a whole season with it as well it was still competent while the other two formations which I hardly used are both fluid. Do not understand why though?
  20. the squad status thing makes a little sense. For example a player will command a higher fee if he is considered by you a "prospect" or a "first team or key player" than say a "back up player". A team will see that as you not really needing that player and so think they can get away with offering lower fees.
  21. oh by the way....sorry for the spamming.....all those who played in the fa cup final all their morales suddenly gone up now!!!
  22. Get in!!!! I went and won 3-2 after extra time. Scored right at the death. Not bad for a team missing 6 players through injury and suspension or cup tied. Had to put in 2 under 19s on the bench just to make up the numbers!!! Excellent!! First FA cup in Brighton's history!
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