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  1. The manager like a player is not allowed to talk to another club without the boards permission so of course they will know.
  2. Could be a bug though which may need reporting. If all settings where set for you to handle all transfer negotiating at all levels at your club then surely this should be the case. As you say after rejecting the first 3 new ones coming in allowed you to accept them
  3. start unemployed and see which jobs you get offered. I like ocming in to a club in trouble saving them at first and then building it up
  4. start unemployed and see which jobs you get offered
  5. No offense but look at your own club in real life whoever you support. If you lose 12 matches in a row, not been sacked of course they are going to criticize you. In real life all fans think they know how to manage better why do you think FM sells millions of copies each year lol We play this and win cups with teams such as accrington and stanley and think that it should be that easy in real life ha ha.
  6. I would like SI to introduce what liverpool have done in real life with Suarez contract where they don't start paying him the higher wage til the new season. Unless that is already an option and I have missed this??
  7. Is only PSG offering a contract? No other club or did he just choose PSG?
  8. Can't you suggest player to sack agent? or is that just for your own players?
  9. was getting invites for interviews within my second season as blackburn manager. first season I finished in the play offs and 2nd season I was constantly top 3 for the first half and was getting offers from those who got relegated from premier league like west ham or aston villa
  10. OK I took over Charlton when they were in the relegation zone after they were tipped to finish 8th. We survived and even won the JPT. End of season comes team meeting arrives. I think play offs is reasonable since we showed promotion form (I won 10 of my last 12 games) but I bet it will be a mixed feeling round the group. But doesnt matter anyway as 5 players contracts are up and I wont be renewing them lol edit: I went with top half finish and 8 of them had a positive reaction (1 player though is leaving as I am not renewing their contract) all the rest didnt react in anway
  11. thinking about it as well usually those being linked to vacant jobs are those out of work normally as well, I am linked with loads when I am in between jobs. That's true for RL all those out of work usually are the ones who linked to every job out there.
  12. I have never been linked in the press to other jobs but I have been head hunted and offered an interview by clubs.
  13. I have had a few come back after the holiday and say I am right about my ambitions for the season (as in they first thought I was being too ambitious) However at the end of the season surely you would have a word with the board first about the ambitions and make sure that they will back you financially otherwise what you say to the players wouldn't matter. No point saying you will get in to the champions league if the board won't give you enough money to do that.
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