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  1. sell a player as soon as you can and work bellow the budget. things will improve over time.
  2. hey, i've noticed that the hotfix changed my graphics settings to the highest possible. so i've changed it back to how i use it, tested 1 game and it didn't crash. edit: it crashed again
  3. did the test, same thing happened after the match ended and I've hit the "continue" button. uploaded the save file to SI Cloud service, named "save del souza - Teste.fm"
  4. same keeps happening to me, and it only started after the hotfix was up FM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.04 13.43.40).dmp FM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.04 15.23.17).dmp FM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.04 16.25.47).dmp FM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.04 19.33.57).dmp FM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.04 21.05.00).dmp FM 2020 v20.2.0.1323779 (2019.12.04 21.37.10).dmp
  5. i know that, and i was fine with my offense against teams sitting back. my main problem was in transition with space, my AMs had space to play it to my forwards, but rather chose to open it up to the full-backs or run with the ball and attempt a shot. i didn't understad why, but i'm confident that your tips will help me understand it
  6. Well, i do 😥 Both my CAMs are playing well, but they are not atempting an acceptable n° of killer balls into the box. I tested some changes last night, noticed some changes in behavior of a lot of players, may test more later today
  7. I tried using him as a trequartista, but he was having more attempts at goal and getting in the way of my if, which is not what i want. I also have an amazing DLP that does wonders in build up play from the back, i'm not too keen on sacrificing his freedom as he gives me more creative passes from the back when space opens up. I just wanna make my CAM shoot less and risk more passes into the box (i actually managed to do it 4 seasons ago by playing him as a AP(a) on cm in another tactic, but i just can't remember how i did it (my mistake in not saving the freaking tactic - he finished the season with 10 goals and 15 assists, more than half of them from open play)
  8. 1. I was trying to encourage more direct passes to the wings when i face gegenpressing oposition, it usually works as my gk can pass it pretty well. 2. As the game says, to make passing in the middle a pain in the ass and to force opposition to the flanks, because my CBs are tall and quick
  9. most of their key passes are to full backs overlaping on the wings, but rarely into the box to any of my forwards runing in: those killer balls are usually atempted by my wingers when they run through the middle
  10. could you also help me? both my AM score once in a while, but they rarely set assists from open play: they shoot a lot of long shots and play fewer through balls despite having the PPM. i play with AF, IF(s) and W(a), with a BWM(s) and DLP(d) behind the CAM.
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