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  1. Never mind my ramblings. I should rather be commending you for sharing your work with the community. I might give this a go. KUTGW mate.
  2. VB, have you abandoned this awesome project? Would be great to get this compatible with the latest patch as it is a tremendous db. Also there are some minor problems that need to be fixed, such as all clubs not having active reserve teams for example.
  3. Ello there. Long time player of the FM/CM series here and I have always been intrigued by custom leagues, especially these kind of World Super Leagues. Had a blast playing Kenco's old verison, thanks a lot for that mate. Anyway. I have been trying out Boskovich World League, well he is credited with creating it but seems someone else updated his work on the version i was trying. Unfortunately it is not compatible with the new patch. I was going to start up a game with your db but no dice. When starting a new game I can't even select the English league as it says there are only 9 teams in the premier league. I also find it very odd how few database changes there have been made, only around 630 in that xml file. In the other Superleague i mentioned before there had been made around 4000 changes. Did you upload the correct version?
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