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  1. Leyton Orient, 2031 - been with the club since the start of the game. Been in the Premier League for 4 years. Had a new-gen Striker on loan from Manchester City for the entire time I've been in the Premier League. His contract is coming to an end and obviously in the mid-season transfer window I can't offer him a contract because of the rule that stops it. However Italian clubs have been sniffing around him, and he's signed a pre-contract agreement with Bologna. What I've found infuriating is that I offered Man City 20 Million for him ... which they rejected and wanted close to 60 Millio
  2. Hey! Just a quick question really - I've read a bit sons being generated. I didn't really care but I noticed this morning on my manager profile that my son started his career at Leyton Orient (the club I'm managing in the Championship) - I can't find him in the search though? Is it normal? FM20 - patched up to date. Cheers!
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